Friday, September 7, 2012

training 9.7.2012

Hot, humid, and I was very hungry going in.  No dynamic work, wore knee sleeves -- knees have been giving me grief all day.  Getting old.

Used B-Ala/creatine mix and a bunch of DS Craze.  Definitely alert, if nothing else.

DL x4@9 + -9%: 270kg plus one; felt really good

SSB squat x4@9 + -9%: 205kg plus one; felt really not so good

Lunges x6@9 + -9%: a bunch; knees don't like lunges right now, so going to do some hip thrusts under a bar tomorrow.

DL @9 was more than I've pulled any day but max day.  Feel good about that, despite SSB ugliness today.  Getting closer to work sets being over that magic 600# barrier.

Watched clock today; it was 45 minutes before I hit work sets on the DL.  That puts me in the room way too long -- after 75 minutes, free test starts to drop.  Us old guys can't afford that.  With the weight I move, I have to decide whether I can handle less warm up and bigger jumps.  Also, it means the final movement suffers because I'm pretty well gassed by that point.  At least the second and third movements require less warm up.

Maybe along those lines, I'm just flat worn down.  I will have to travel for business in two weeks, so I will have a forced deload for four days or so.  Might actually do me some good.

The boy is doing great work.  Really proud of him.  I'm all alone this weekend, so I will pound through the CFT material.  With any luck, I will finish all the quizzes and final by Sunday night.  I hope.  33 units total and I've finished 6, so I think I can do it.  CPR exam is next weekend.  Not sure if I have case studies and essays to do or not, as I haven't seen mention of them yet.  We'll see.  I will know better by Sunday night whether I think I will make the deadline imposed by the school district.

Next step is to make sure the boy can handle the movements to compete.  Suddenly three months seems like no time at all.  It's taken me 20 years to get merely decent.

Thanks for checking in.

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