Saturday, September 8, 2012

Accessory work

Just making a note of having done accessory work today.  Not sore anywhere, everything seems to be okay.  Left knee is a little unhappy still -- sharp pain like something is floating around in there, but nothing bad.  Just grabs when I slightly hyper-extend it.

Did a lot of rows.  Some reverse band, some straight, some low.  Did a bunch of shoulder work too, mostly direct lateral/medial work.

Took a really bad video of my paused DL for Mike since he's giving me grief.  Had to use a Canon point/shoot and will have to tweak the edit a little so it'll be usable.  My legs look like toothpicks, which they pretty much are.  Strong toothpicks.

Alone this weekend.  Wasted some time watching football today, though not much.  Am more than halfway through the units for the CFT and will finish the units, quizzes, and am hopeful to put down the final exam tomorrow.  Not sure what that holds, because they only reveal it after you have finished 66% of the quizzes.  I'm still a little short, but hope to get there by bedtime.

Watched Headhunters last night, a Norwegian/German film that is well worth watching.

Work hard, all.  Later.

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