Wednesday, May 28, 2014

got some work in

Or something like it.

I have another kidney stone, roughly 15 months after passing the last one.  This one is about 1cm by 5mm -- rather large.  I have a ureteroscopy procedure tomorrow to blast it via laser lithotripsy, but I'd rather not have that procedure if I can help it.

So I ran hills, about 60 yards on a steep incline (at least 10% grade, likely a lot steeper) on a local power line grade.  Gravel, sunshine, tunes, and sweating out opiates.

A standard KUB makes it appear this is the only stone I'm packing, so maybe this will be it for a while.  Next week, after getting the #*!($! stent removed, I will start a 24 hour urinalysis to change whatever needs to change.  I hate stents, and I feel for those who have to endure them chronically.  Really, really feel for them.

Been weeks since I was in the gym, between my wife's cancer treatments and my stone.  There may be some hope on the employment horizon, but I have little time to devote to worrying about it.  Next week's problems, I guess.

Prayers to Bob.  Hoping for you, brother.