Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bench day

Long day at work, so I got started lifting a little later than I like.

Usual warm-up sets.
Flat bench 175kgx5

Fat db rows 5x12 @ 100# Felt strong today -- go figure

Little Man and wife came home, so I cut short any additional assistance work.

My bench is stuck and it sucks. Everything else I'm making steady gains, but my bench has stagnated. I may have to kick up for a Smolov cycle or something to get it back in gear. Not sure. I'm open to ideas.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Didn't crash yesterday, but back was super-tired all day. Some discomfort. Had a couple over for dinner and he's a home-brewer, so diet got the double-whammy. Add in that my sister-in-law is in town and we celebrated, and you have more sugar and booze than I should have had -- the cheat meal had an extra oomph to it.

So I'm feeling soft this morning. Still hovering between 12% and 15% bf. Need to lean out a bit, but am making good gains in the weight room and don't want to lose strength. Classic dilemma. Maybe I'll hire Shelby Starnes, and maybe I'll just suck it up and do what needs to be done without being told. Maybe.

Not likely I'll lift today, since my back is still tender. Some soft tissue work would be wise. I need a new foam roller from EliteFTS, as mine is starting to break down a little.

My stepson has try-outs for a baseball travel team today, so there will be a lot of standing and throwing today. Hope my back holds up. Hope he does well.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Deadlift day

Had to work it in early this morning because of the weekend schedule -- it's unlikely I'll get another chance. So maybe not as studly as I'd have liked.

Warm up as usual.
Deadlift from 3" deficit:
240kg x 5 (x2)
270kg x 3
300kg x 4

200kg x 5 x 8
Not bad -- pretty easy, really. Worked on firing hips into the bar. First three sets sumo, last 5 conventional.

fat bar db clean/press 80# x 5 x lots -- felt weak for some reason

standing abs 5x15 with heavy bands, holding at the bottom for 2-count

The Little Man joined me today and I taught him DL form in between sets. Tried to keep it fun for him, doing exercises he might like. I need some medicine balls and sandbags if I'm going to keep him interested.

It was hot this morning in my home gym -- no air moving. Felt ok.

lots to do today; hope I don't crash.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So it begins...

This essentially is an accountability log and overall method for tracking progress.

I will post regular workouts when I can get to it. Editorializing on my part is expected, on yours permitted. As mentioned in the overview, all weights are in kilos unless otherwise noted. I will try to add past workouts within reason.

Thanks for looking.