Sunday, March 27, 2011

Military press, 3 rep, smolov day 4

Can't remember which smolov week I'm in except that it's a deload week. Part of making it deload is mental, because I'm not training often enough to be in need of deload -- it's more about managing my own expectations of self.

Been raining -- as I type it's gorgeous again. Video today was all in low-light mode and worthless, so I didn't post it. Didn't check while videoing.

Started with Results and MGPM, which is back-ordered and I'm now out. I'll go back to the TeamSkip mix with malto added until the MGPM comes in. No biggie. Just like the convenience of the MGPM.

Wore wrist wraps for the military and knee sleeves and relatively tight Ace briefs for squatting. Used my Elite leather belt for the squats.

Military Press
180kg x 3 reps not bad
190kg x 3 reps felt a little heavy
200kg x 3 reps felt heavier -- go figure

No where near max and didn't rep out, but felt heavy. No shoulder or elbow pain, and no threat of not making the lifts. But felt heavy. We'll see.

330kg x 10 sets of 3 reps

Love the tighter briefs. Metal Ace briefs are the business as far as I'm concerned. I haven't tried the Titan super-duper briefs, but I also don't feel a need to. Love my Aces. Tightened the belt a lot this time -- one hole tighter than usual. For whatever reason, I usually like more room to press my belly against the belt, but didn't today. The extra back support was welcome, and my setup felt better.

My right knee was a little unhappy with warm ups, but was fine for the lifts. The weight felt heavy in the torso and low-back, but sat firmly on my back and felt stable all the way through. Kept hips back and chin up, pointed toes out a little more than usual, and sat back. Felt great. Honestly, felt more effort in torso stability than in quads or hips, which makes me very happy. I feel rubbery in the quads now, but felt plenty strong then. Very happy with the way this went and with the extra weight today.

Yes, I know that without video it didn't happen. I'm going to go up on my weight this next Smolov cycle and will get the video up. I am debating going geared the whole cycle for bench and squat, so I might keep the weights up and stroke my inner gear whore. Jo would be proud.

Great day. Off to throw baseballs later and hoping VCU finishes off Kansas. We'll see.

Have a great afternoon, all.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bench day, 5 rep + smolov day 3

Training was yesterday, actually. Just getting around to posting.

Working before work has merits and costs. I may be more likely to get it done, but I tend to get in the minimum due to time worries. I just feel like I need to get on to the office, so I do less accessory work. I also wait less time between sets, so there are ancillary benefits as well.

Started with Results and MGPM. Did a fair amount of dynamic work for the squatting, but none for the benching. Foam rolled, did some bar work to warm up and had the heater blasting. Started in a sweatshirt, too, so I had a good sweat on before long.

Used loose briefs and knee sleeves squatting. Nothing for benching.

145kg x 5
155kg x 5
160kg x 5

All easy, honestly. No strain, full ROM. Felt fine. Stayed with 5 reps rather than repping out.

Same weight as last time, 7 sets of 5 reps

Setup was fine. Only fixated on the feet one set when my soles were wet from venturing outside the rumpus room. Chalked them and moved on. Back stayed good. All in all, treating this week like a deload week, I guess.

I thought my customary long lay-off would cost me, but it didn't. Felt strong and solid. Left quad hurt during the early lifts, which is unusual, but went away later. No lasting effect.

It was a good day, and better to be calmed before heading to the office. Long day yesterday, between meetings with the County HHSA and a Board Meeting and all the drama surrounding both. Hoping for a quiet day today. Baseball game for the boy tonight, which I look forward to.

Ever hopeful. Thoughts are with you, Bob and Milda both.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deadlift day, 5 rep + smolov day 2 week 1

Actually trained a couple of days ago, but haven't had the chance to post.

After a packed weekend, full of lots of baseball (2 practices, 2 games, LL opening day stuff, etc.) and a balloon ride, I needed some sweat time.

Started with Results and MGPM. Did a bit of dynamic work and a fair amount of bar work to warm up. Wore loose briefs, knee sleeves, and a belt for the heavies.

200kg x 5 no problem
220kg x 5
240kg x 5

Big jumps, but it was ok.

Seated SSB Good mornings
Wenning's SYTYCS video on Elite gave me ideas. Did a bunch of these with 22kg plates for sets of 20. Five sets.

265kg x 5 sets of 7 reps

Not bad. Worked on foot placement and solid stance. No pain, no trouble, weight came up easily. Still, my setup needs work.

Taking the train to LA today to make a presentation. I should view it as a day off, but all I think of is the things I am not getting done. Hope it's useful to someone.

Have a great day, folks. Thanks for the encouragement of late.