Tuesday, December 31, 2013

training 12.31.2013

Did work, though mostly vanity upper body stuff.  Still sore from the 28th.  I'm pretty fried from today, too, and expect to be very sore by Friday.

Hope everyone has a safe NYEve/Day.  Take care of yourselves.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

training 12.28.2013

Gorgeous day.

Had to give up the boy until the 2nd and my wife left town with pals until the 1st, so I'm on my own.  Not very happy about that, to be honest.

Moved equipment into the back yard and worked there.  Didn't feel like going to the Cavalcade of Stupid (not to be confused with the Cavalcade of Tacky, aka Ikea).  The dogs were amused watching me schlep stuff back and forth, particularly the weight one plate at a time.

1-arm barbell row: 3 warm-up sets, 4x10
Meadows rows, 3x15 heavy heavy -- was gasping
Chest-supported row, 3x10 with a big stretch at the bottom
DB pullover, 3x10
DB shrug, 3x10 with 3s flex
Hypers with bands, 3xfailure

Hammer curls, 4x10
EZ curls, 4x6 with 3s negative
Reverse EZ curl, 3x8, 1s flex
Standing DB curl with supinated grip, 3x8

Guess I should shave.  The last week has been an absolute carb-fest, so I will cold turkey in the next few days and go back to meat and veggies strictly.  Kinda looking forward to it, though cinnamon rolls and gingerbread cake has gone down mighty easily.

Bob, glad you're back.  Milda, glad you haven't lost your mind yet.  Or have you?

Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

training 12.18.2013

Low on motivation, but needed it between the ears.  Assault + Athletic Greens and got to it.

Dynamic shoulder work, elbow sleeves, neoprene wrist support.

DB press, flat, 2 warm-up sets, worked up to an 8RM.  Ran the rack.

Incline barbell press, work up to a 6rm -- feeling really strong right now for some reason.

Banded bench, 4x5 with a 1s rest/pause on the chest.

Machine fly, 2xfailure -- sets of 17 and 10 (aimed for 20 each, same weight for both)

Ultra-wide overhead press, 4x10: almost nothing on the bar, hands out at the collars, touch sternum.  These are really tough.

Machine rear delt, 15/12/10/8 with the same weight each.  Maybe a little too easy this time.

Destroyer set, rear delts with DBs: 60/30/10; no matter what the weight, that set of 60 reps is just brutal.  Shoulders are jelly by the end of these, and the last ten could be soup cans for all the weight I use.

Abs, x50 on the cable; too easy this time, but I was done

Time to plan the Christmas menu, though my lovely wife hasn't told me how many I'm cooking for yet.  I can only fit about 6 or 8 in this house, so I guess it's self-limiting.  Sweet.

Baked a bunch of malted chocolate chip cookies yesterday, which could have entirely ruined my diet for the next day or so.  Wife gave them all away in a cookie exchange today, so I was spared.  Funny, I don't feel spared; I feel a little cheated.  They were awesome.


Monday, December 16, 2013

training 12.16.2013

Christmas is in a week and two days.  If you're not winding down, you're about to spend a lot on shipping.

Lots of dynamic work, Assault + AG, and a resort of exercise order due to campers and wannabes.

Hammie curls, 5x10 -- grind them out

Squats, 6rm, Bulgarian split squats x5 between each set.  Sucked wind like a fat boy.  Lucky I didn't faint, actually.

Hack squat -- no way to do these today, so subbed quad curls heavy 3x8 at the end.

Heavy DB lunges, 3x10 with straps and really heavy DBs.  Got lots of looks with these for some reason, mostly by jealous old men.  Well, the old men part is true; the jealousy is the only reason I can imagine old men looking at me, since they usually spend every available minute they aren't doing micro-partials hitting on the attending college girls.  For the record, I'm old enough to be the cuties' dad, so these hacks are old enough to be their grandfathers.  That's plain wrong.

And I do mean micro-partials, frequently using machines in ways they were never designed to be used with a total ROM of about two degrees.  I am not kidding.  Maybe an inch of total movement, often in ways that guarantee injury at some point.  I'm sure they'll be shocked and earnestly tell their orthopod that they 'work out' all the time.

SLDL, 4x8 heavy

DB snatch, 3x10 just because. 

Going to double up each week on legs (read: quads), shoulders, and maybe some back.  Just a few extra sets here and there.

Have a nice Christmas, and everyone think nice thoughts for Milda, who just moved into an even smaller house.  One sympathizes, having done same recently.  Love you, hon.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

training 12.12.2013

12 shopping days until Christmas.  Wow.

Gorgeous, crisp day today.  Going to be near 80 on Sunday and Monday.

Assault + Athletic Greens to start.  No albuterol, nothing else.  Lots of warm-up work.

Machine press, pyramid up and 4x8 hard with hard flex at the top.  Couple of plates shy of the full deck now, and 8 was RPE=9 at least.

Incline barbell bench, work up to a 6rm, continuous tension -- much stronger on this today

Banded bench, 5x6 with 1s rest/pause at the bottom; constant tension, explosive press, flex at the top; used onyx pro monsters doubled, maybe 125# added at the top, maybe more

Dips, 2xfailure, deep, not quite locked out

Rear delt machine, 35/30/25/20; these are just brutal, 60s rest between

DB rear laterals, 3x20, heavy with some swing

Rainbow press, 3x10, fairly light -- getting pretty fried by now

DB side laterals, 3x10: only used 25s, I was so cooked.  Felt great, though.

Getting there.  Good to be back after being down for a few days.  Think I needed the break.

Nothing substantive on the job front.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I'm under the weather, not dead, and will return soon.  Hope you are well.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

training 12.4.2013

Gorgeous, cool day.  A little windy, and a few clouds rolling by.  Despite a temp near 70, this is the kind of day that San Diegans walk around in shorts, flip-flops, and sweaters.  Drives me nuts.

Assault + Athletic Greens, dynamic shoulder work, and a little Albuterol.

Warm up sets are not reflected, as is usual.  Don't think anyone cares about that stuff.

DB press with slight elevation (plates under bench feet at the foot of the bench, so decline orientation), 4x8, working up to failing to get on the last set; almost ran the rack, which makes me happy; kept the negatives slow and always kept lats activated to protect my right shoulder.

 - stretch pushups, 4xfailure
 - DB rear delt, 4x20

These were really tough.  I used the rear delt DBs for the extra ROM on the stretch pushups and elevated feet on the bench.  Really felt them in the chest this time.

Bench + bands, 5x5 with 1s rest/pause and squeeze at the top: pro 13/16 elitefts onyx monsters plus a lot of weight.  Felt great, though my chest was getting fried by now.

DB swing laterals, 3x25 with pathetic weights; getting tired, shoulders super-pumped, just cooked.

Dips, weighted, 2xfailure + band over/backs between sets: got 12 and 9 reps and was seriously done.

Machine rear delts, 25/20/15/10, 60s between + band over/backs; wow.

Abs x 50 with cable overhead

Called it.

Monday, December 2, 2013

training 12.2.2013

Assault + Athletic Greens, a little dynamic warm-up, a little Albuterol

SLDL, 4x10 + weight each set; went until I couldn't get 10, which was very heavy (4 wheels) and my hamstrings were screaming

Ham curls, 3x15 straight

Leg press, sets of 10 until I fail to get 10, narrow stance: put a crap-ton of weight on these.  Felt good, though it was a good thing I was sitting down

Squats, 3x6 with 3s negative, narrow stance, added weight every set: sucked wind hard on these, but got super-deep.  Felt good.  Almost passed out on the last set.  3 work sets, but lots of sets here.

Hack squats, narrow stance, 4x10, rest-pause first two sets and add weight every set: I was surprised I had anything left for these, but did okay.

Stumbled out of the gym.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

training 11.30.2013

Trained 3 days ago, so this will be abbreviated.

Gym was full of campers.  Did the best I could to be nice.

Flat DB press, 12/10/8/6 reps, adding weight each set, to 3/4 lock; right shoulder a little fussy, mostly from kick-ups

Incline barbell press, 5x5, 3/4 lock; got pretty heavy on this one; out of order due to a camper -- think I did it third, though protocol called for second

Bench, 3x15, no lock; out of order due to camper, but got heavy here too -- coming along

Pec minor dips, 2x failure with added weight -- harder than I thought, easy on my shoulder and AC joint, so I like them

Machine rear delt, 4x15; weight is coming up

45-degree side laterals, 4x15; light weight
Rainbow press, 3x10
Meadows Destroyer set: 60/30/10 reps with 50% drops each -- absolutely brutal