Thursday, February 27, 2014

training 2.27.2014

I've been training the last week mainly for mental floss, and today did a full chest session with some upper back and legs thrown in.  I needed it.

I won't bore you with specifics for now -- maybe later if you tell me I should, assuming anyone is still reading.

Wife's cancer surgery appears to have been successful.  Won't know about chemo until the oncotyping is done, which should be tomorrow or Monday.  Next meeting with the surgeon is Monday to assess progress, but she's coming along surprisingly well.  Only took narcs the first day post-op, and only Advil since.  She's dying to get out of the house at this point.

So, I will write more when I can.  Thanks.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

training 2.12.2014

Back day yesterday, mostly upper.  I'll post the work when I feel like it.  Nothing new or special, but I hammered my upper lats and traps -- sore already this morning.

Everyone take care of your sweeties tomorrow.  Don't forget to get a card today, guys, or your name is 'mud'.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

training 2.10.214

Yesterday was a leg day and today I'm very sore.  Not hot the touch sore, but feeling it taking stairs sore.

It was mostly squats, and it was anything but the usual routine. 

I will write more later.  Hope all are well.

Friday, February 7, 2014

training 2.7.2014

Did a lot of dynamic work before training today and a bunch of sled pushes.  Been feeling fat for too long, so GPP is going to ramp up again.  Also going to return to carb backloading, which should translate this time to cutting carbs hard until I feel better about my gut.

I did a typical back day, hard, today.  I've got to get moving, so I may come back and fill in the details later.  Essentially, it was the same movements as usual, with a few things mixed in.  I haven't tested DL in forever, so maybe I should do that soon just to give you something to follow.

Been rainy and cool here for the past few days, which usually translates to snow in Utah.  Wish I could go.

Prepping for the wife's surgery, still trying to find a job/income, selling my rack tomorrow.

Hope you are all well.  Thanks for checking in, and I'll be more entertaining soon.

Monday, February 3, 2014

training 2.3.2014

Lots going on, so haven't been in the gym much.  Unfortunately, most of what's been going on has not been revenue producing.

Started the usual way today.  Wore elbow and wrist support.

Incline press, warm-up and work up to a weight that was very difficult for 12 reps, did 12/10/8/6 without dropping weight.  Really, really tough.  2 wheels and change.

Incline DB of very slight incline, worked up to a heavy 8 and did 2x8
Bench, 2x15 no lock
Stretch pushups, 2xfailure; by this point, that was 10 and 7 reps.  My triceps were gassed and chest pumped.

Side laterals, 4x8; kept the weight manageable to avoid irritating my right shoulder.  Had no issues with it.

Rear delt work, 30/25/20/15, each set close to failure; brutal

Ultra-wide grip overhead barbell press, essentially chest to forehead, 3x15; not much weight.

I feel fat.  Gonna do a lot more sprints and sled work.

Had an in-person interview last week and will find out next week what the outcome was.  Competition is very tough right now -- the economy sucks, no matter what the media is telling you.  Around here the malls are full of people, but no one is buying.

Wife's surgery is scheduled for the 21st, and the bills are starting to roll in.  She's got good insurance, but there's also a healthy deductible and one aspect of the procedure has to be paid for up-front (?!).  I understand, but I don't.  She thankfully was smart enough to get supplemental insurance (think Aflac), but that check hasn't arrived yet.  Sure will feel better when it does.

Btw, if you don't have supplemental insurance, particularly with the total havoc the ACA is causing healthcare, I really do recommend you reconsider.

Hope all are well.  Hold tough and finish strong.