Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bench day

Got started late -- just lazy. Still fighting lethargy. One of my employees tested positive today for swine flu, so I wonder if maybe I haven't been fighting it for a while. Whatever the case, I finally got moving.

AtLarge Results before and Biotest Surge Workout Fuel during. Probably chocolate milk after.

Lots of chalk, ATP elbow sleeves, and neo wrist wraps. I did a fair amount of warmup prior to getting into it.

180 kilos x 5 easy
200 kilos x 3 still pretty easy -- great setup this time
230 kilos x 1 kind of heavy

bench: 130 kilos x 5 x 10 a breeze
db rows: 30 kilos or so x 5 x 12 too easy -- need to go up

I used a 4" PVC pipe behind my back to measure my arch and force pushing into my lats. No problem there.

There was something unfortunate going on between my ears today, as that 506 pounder was bad from the minute I lifted off. I got the lift, but I should have gotten three reps at least. I took it off thinking I was going to drop it, which just isn't good. Oh well. Next time.

Weather was lovely, I felt good -- just not a perfect day.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Deadlift day

Not terribly hot today -- beautiful morning. Lots of fog when I got started, but it had burned off by completion.

Big deadlift day today. Not sure why, but I seem to be regressing on my DL a little bit. Not at all sure why, though it's probably between my ears. Squat is climbing, but DL gets tougher by the workout. I seem to be stuck just short of 700 pounds (682), which is frustrating. Last DL max workout I pulled four reps at 310 kilos, but today managed only one. Whatever.

To the weight:

Warmed up carefully, starting with thorough dynamic work -- foam rolling, lacrosse ball, the works. I downed some AtLarge Results and Surge WF during. Wore Metal Viking briefs for the whole workout.

265 kilos x 5 not bad
275 kilos x 3 pretty easy
310 kilos x 1 life-sucking bastard kind of hard. Saw stars and scared the neighbors yelling it up. nuts.

170 kilo DL x 5 x 8
110 kilo Good morning on SSB real slow

Used my Spud Inc. DL belt throughout. Love that belt. Lots of grunt -- got a hideous headache now. Need food, Advil, and an ice pack on my head.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Military press

A Santa Ana has blown into San Diego today -- the temp rose literally 20 degrees in an hour at one point. The wind is blowing a steady 15-20 mph from the east, and it's a seriously hot wind. It reached 90 on the beach today, so inland was blistering.

Thankfully, my home gym was just fine. Thank Heaven for my fan.

Today was a military press day. I didn't have a lot of time or patience for warm-ups, so like an idiot I cut them a little shorter than I might have otherwise. I wore APT Convict elbow sleeves -- I love those things. No wrist wraps today for some reason. Just didn't feel like it.

110kg x 5 went up scary easy
120kg x 3 still very easy
130kg x 12 rep PR -- a breeze

Military 80kg x 5 x 10
Chins 5 x fail
Krocs 5 x 15 reps w/ 100#

Felt super strong today for some reason. Shoulders were great, right bicep bothered me a bit, but all else was super. Just a great day. Went in with horrible lethargy, so I thought it would suck. Sometimes it's good to be wrong.

AtLarge Results before and Biotest Surge Workout Fuel during.

Great day.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Squat day

Hot day and started with a headache. Another Santa Ana is blowing through San Diego and has the temp way up for this time of year. Doesn't help my head on a hard weight day like this.

So much for complaining.

Used AtLarge Results (love that stuff) before and Surge Workout Fuel during. I'm a lot more skeptical of Biotest than I used to be, but I still think the SWF works well. Can't wait to try Anaconda when it finally comes out. Now I need aspirin. Also slathered Biofreeze on my low-back before getting dressed.

Wore wrestling shoes and Metal Ace briefs. Love those briefs. Love them, even more than the full suit. I bought them rather loose, but I've gained enough now that it takes me at least 350 pounds to hit depth in them. Anything less and I finish high.

Anyway, to it:

Usual warm-up, including dynamic work. Hips were a little crampy before I even started, but I decided not to dwell on it.

300 kilos x 3 super easy
320 kg x 3 still easy
340 kg x 3 walkout was a bitch, but the weight came up easy and fast

190kg x 5 x 10 reps super-setted with lunges (SSB w/ 200# on it).

200 pounds on the lunges was too much, but I struggled through them. I did them in the back yard in the sun (wearing black) and thought I'd pass out. Uffda. Hips still a little crampy, but not too bad. Think I was just pushing out a lot against the Ace briefs.

Did some curls for vanity and called it a day. Now to lunch...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

DL Day

It was supposed to be deadlift day, but I hadn't been in the gym in several days and felt guilty. So I combined DL and bench day, flogged myself fairly well, and Spiked up to make through the rest of the day.

I've been sleeping very badly this week -- not at all sure why. As a result, or in combination with other things, I've been about as lethargic as I can be and still be upright. Next week is a tough work week, so I need to get over this in a hurry.

Anyway, to the iron:

Warm-ups included foam-rolling and what not, AtLarge Results, Metal Viking briefs, APT Convict elbow sleeves, and wrist wrap security blankets.

260 kilos x 3 Heavy as stink -- thought I'd bust something, saw stars, etc.
275 kilos x 3 Worse
290 kilos x 3 Oddly, not as bad, though still bad

190 kilos x 3 easy, beezy, Japaneezy
200 kilos x 3 lemon squeezy
220 kilos x 3 tough as hell. Huh? No idea why. This was a bitch.

130 kilos x 5 x 10 changed grips a few times, and all were easy

Penlay rows from a deficit with 70 kilos on the bar. These were hideously tough today for some reason (I've done twice the weight pretty easily).

I'm a slug. I think I need to back off the DL weight precipitously and take it a bit easier for a little while. I can flog with the bench and squat in the meantime.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Overhead day

Suffering bad lethargy -- think it's day-off-itis, because there are no other good reasons.

Coached my boy's baseball game yesterday alone, which took it out of me. Try coaching ten-year-old boys by yourself: making line-up cards on the fly, watching everybody screw up and trying to be helpful, dealing with batting orders, etc. It was tough. Plus I baked in the sun and had to go play nice at a stupid cookout afterward. Thankfully, all the people we love to hate were already gone by the time we got there and we had a nice time until it was totally dark. Nice night, really.

Anyway, to it:

Seated military press:
110kg x 3 easy, beezy
120kg x 3 still oddly easy
130kg x 3 had tons left in the tank. Not sure why.
80kg x 5 x 10 reps No sweat at all. Got a good swole on.

Supersetted the 80 kilo sets with chins (5 x 12) and YTWs (10# x 20 each direction). The shoulder work is humbling, no way around it.

Feel great. No headache, not as hot around here, doing great. Just sleepy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Squat day

Feels like it's been forever -- I knew it would hurt. It's hot as stink here, at least by San Diego standards, largely because the humidity is high. In other words, it's like every day in Atlanta/Nashville/Richmond in the summertime. Still, it's hot to me.

AtLarge Results before and Biotest SWF during. Wore Metal Viking briefs with nothing on the knees. I was in a bit of a hurry because I owe the wifey a date night and had to get done.

So to it:

280 kilos x 5 easy
300 kilos x 5 oddly hard
320 kilos x 5 really, really hard -- saw stars, thought I'd bleed, etc. Nuts.

180 kilos x 5 x 10 reps supersetted with

Reverse lunges with 60 kilos on a SSB.

Still sweating, headache, feel pretty fabulous for my date.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bench day

Warm day and in a hurry to get to my boy's baseball practice (I'm an assistant coach), so I didn't warm up properly. Some day that's going to cause me a world of hurt, but not today.

Still, everything felt heavier than it should have at the start.

To it:

180 kg x 5
190 kg x 5
200 kg x 5

120 kg x 5 sets x 10 supersetted with

Reverse rows with chains around my neck like bandoleers. Ole'.

Struggled with some lethargy, but it went well. Nothing hurt, shoulders felt great, weight went up ok, and a good pump was had by all. Then went and sweat like a pig chasing ten year olds around a ball field.

One kid told Coach, "No" when told to do something twice. I had a moment I thought I might see a child killed. I was shocked. I later told mine he'd live a longer life if he never did that. I still can't get over it. I had to pull the kid aside and point out that Coach owed him no playing time and he might just ride the bench for the rest of his natural life. Not sure if he really got it.