Sunday, September 30, 2012

accessory work 9.30.2012

Hot day here -- very still.

1 scoop of craze, B-Ala/creatine mix, and got to it.

Hang snatch
Narrow grip incline -- hands way inside the ring
Curls for vanity

Did the incline DC style and then repped out with lots of chains.

Did the rest high-rep and did lots.  Sweating like a pig, but I need it.

Hang tough and keep plugging.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

training 9.29.2012

Warm day today.  Spent the entire morning helping with my wife's company picnic, so was schlepping in the wind and sun all morning.

Did a bunch of dynamic work to warm-up.  Used 1 scoop Craze and B-Ala/creatine mix.  Didn't feel it at all after a carb-fest for lunch.  In fact, wanted a nap.  Had to move or go sluggo, so I moved.

2" deficit DL x2@9 + -5%: 270kg; used the trap bar, so pulled conventional (I almost never do) and felt surprisingly good.  Might have had some more.  Did a bunch of fatigue sets.

3-count bench x2@9 + -5%: 240kg.  These were tough, and the work set was a solid 10.  First rep was a grind and the second was all I had.  First time doing 3ct bench, and I like it.  My triceps are cooked, though.

Good mornings x5@9: didn't do them.  Low-back is still a little tender, so I will do them tomorrow with a bunch of assistance work while torturing the boy.  He's sore as snot today.

Found a local guy selling fitness equipment for great prices.  Went by his warehouse to check out his stuff, and it's more than solid -- it's a great deal.  Essentially it's unbranded kit, all top notch.  Bought some bars and monster chains.  Will definitely go back for more.  He has several things I want/border on need, including an econo-Prowler knock-off that's build like a tank.  Check it out.

Time to eat.  Bodyweight is holding steady, but I'm getting stronger.  Can't tell if I'm jiggling less, but probably am.

Thoughts and prayers are out to you, Bob.  We're with you, brother, in spirit if not body.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

training 9.27.2012

Can't believe October is here.  This is nuts.

Started with B-Ala/creatine.  Used knee and elbow sleeves.

Comp bench x3@8.5 + -5%: 235kg.  Maybe had more, but was fine with it.

Squat off pins (Anderson style) +chains x2@9: 320kg.  Felt heavy, but came up very fast.  Took these in big jumps, so didn't have a whole lot of time under tension before reaching work sets.

Push press x5@9 + -5%: Moved a lot of weight.  It's tough for me to do PPs without overextending my lower back.  Not a big fan.

Did some incline presses and vanity curls between push press sets.

Back was sore going in -- tender low after the heavy GMs a couple of days ago.  Surprised things went so well.  Moving an awful lot of weight on the squats, thinking backing off might be smart.  But it keeps going up.

Work is wearing me down -- need the training to maintain mental health.  Might just have to move east and start a company with the Helltown boy.

Hold fast.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

training 9.25.2012

No time to chat, I'm afraid.

Dynamic work, B-Ala/creatine, elbow sleeves.

Deadlift x3@8.5 + -5%: 265kg; might have had more but was distracted

Bench +chain x3@8.5 + -5%: 205kg plus a bunch of chains.  Last work set was a legit 9.

Good morning x4@9 + -5%: a lot.  In fact, I was surprised by how much I moved, given how tired my lower back was.

Was helping my stepson through his training, so I was a little distracted.

Have a great day.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

training 9.23.2012

Did a bunch of assistance work yesterday and am tired after three days straight.  My triceps were entirely cooked over the last two days, so I didn't expect a whole lot from benching today.

Started with dynamic work, B-Ala/creatine, and a bunch of caffeine.  Used loose briefs for the heaviest squats, belt (I always wear a belt once the weight passes 550# -- call it a mental block), and knee and elbow sleeves (bench).

Squat x3@8.5 + -5%: 315kg.  Not much progress here.  This was more like a 9 on the final rep, I think.  Seriously thought I was going to pass out for a moment.

2-count bench +chain x2@9 + -5%: 210kg plus all my chain.  Felt pretty good -- this is progress.  Go figure.

Elbow-out exts x5@9 + -5%: a bunch.  I think I like narrow-grip bench better.  I need a plate-loaded cable pulldown for triceps pushdowns.

Hope all have a great week.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

training 9.22.2012

Warm morning.  Still pretty humid, and bit overcast with very high clouds.  Makes it pretty hazy.

B-Ala/creatine and a scoop of Craze to start.  I might shift back to Spike for a while -- maybe until I down my Spike stash -- just to desensitize to Craze a bit.  Yesterday's scoops really jazzed me up, which was great, but I realize that it was likely just from having been off for five days.

Today is accessory/neglected work day.  Dynamic work to warm up shoulders.

Thrusters x8: started with the stones and moved to a loaded bar.  Closed with 2 sets of 8 with 178kg on a curling bar.  Freakin' hurt.  Might have to put a foamy around the bar or risk getting serious sand in my shorts.  Not sure how folks get up this high in weight without whining.  Guess I already have sand in my shorts.  Puss-boy.

Rows x12: did 5 sets with a whole lot of weight, superset with
Incline x15: also did 5 sets with a whole lot of weight; last set, repped out with 165lbs

Triceps were screaming at this point.  Every set of the rows, the last rep was ground-out, but I never felt them in my traps like I was feeling the incline in my triceps.  Had index finger on the ring for incline and outside the ring for the rows.

Hang snatch: very little weight at this point, just trying to smoothly get the weight overhead for sets of 8 or 10.  Something like that.  At this point, my triceps were so cooked I was seriously humping the weight to get it up.

I did some ATG squats, no weight, with scapular abduction.  Wanted to work in Zerchers or front squats.  I'll do them tomorrow.

Sucked wind hard again today.  Thinking of buying a prowler-like sled; local guy has them, which would save me a mint in shipping.  Also need a trap bar, another 1500# oly bar, and about $1000 of other stuff.  Doesn't everyone?  If wishes were horses...

Have a safe weekend.

Friday, September 21, 2012

training 9.21.2012

Been out all week in Minneapolis (which was gorgeous) and caught a cold, which I'm still fighting.

I had no idea St. Paul was such a nice little town.  I liked it.  Made me nostalgic for the Southeast, with the autumnal snap to the air and trees with actual leaves (instead of fronds).  It was nice.

Still pretty warm here and a lot more humid than usual.

Dynamic warm-up for both squat and shoulders.  B-Ala+creatine mix + a fair amount of Craze.

Pin squat +chain x4@8.5: 315kg incl. chains, estimated.  True RPE=8.  I had more, but was seeing stars pretty badly, so moved on.  This felt like a big jump, even though the numbers don't reflect it.  I felt very strong.

2-count bench +chain x4@8.5: 200kg not incl chain.  Again, felt like a big jump.  True RPE=9.

Snatch grip SLDL x8@9: Did a bunch and did Zercher squats with the weight between sets.  Even did a couple of sets of hanging snatches with the lower weights.

Was sucking wind badly today, but felt great.  Maybe I should catch colds and travel more often.  Or not.

Finished my CPR course last weekend and am now officially certified as a CFT.  Given what I saw and learned to get the CFT, I'd say that makes me dangerous.  It also explains why so many personal trainers are hacks.  At least I can fall back on something if everything else fell apart.

The boy is already deadlifting 125% of bodyweight with good form, which pleases me.  He needs some serious flexibility work and a lot of work on squatting form.  But he's coming along, and he's working hard.  I'm proud of him.

Have a great Friday, all.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

training 9.16.2012

Started with B-Ala/creatine mix and a scoop of Craze.  Dynamic work, wrist compression.  No support gear.

Rope/chain drags with 250# for 30 feet, did a bunch

Front squats, very narrow stance, all the way to ankles.  Stopped short of locking out by a couple of inches, maintained tension, did sets of 10 with a couple hundred pounds.  These are always humbling.

Hang snatch to overhead, one wheel on the bar, sets of 8 to work traps.

Still very warm here, though nothing like yesterday.

Heading to St. Paul, Minn tomorrow for the week.  Hope everyone has a nice week.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

training 09.15.2012

Very hot today.  97 in Solana Beach -- I live a mile from an ocean that only spends a couple of days a year over 70 degrees.  It's hot for around here.

Started with Craze + B-Ala/creatine mix.  Had a 4 hour CPR training this morning, so not enough calories prior to lifting.

DL x3@9 + -5%: 270kg.  Heavy, but managed same as a few days ago.

SSB squat x3@9 + -5%: 200kg.  Pitched forward on last two reps; maybe have had another 5kg, but wasn't going to risk hurting myself.

Lunges x5@9 + -5%: Got it done.  Will do hip thrusters tomorrow with some rows and shoulder work.

I'm 7 or 8 days into ketosis.  Haven't had more than 30g carbs in over a week.  Still suffering a bit from difficulty thinking, but feel okay.  Just no pop in the hot rumpus room today.  My warm-ups were very crisp, and I thought it would be a better day.  About 70 minutes in the room.

Have to travel this week to St. Paul to deliver a talk.  Hope I'm thinking more clearly by then, or it'll be an awkward trip.  Have to meet with the Feds on Tuesday and need to impress them, so... I can start eating carbs this week late in the day, but I won't be able to train at all, more than likely.

Hope all have a safe weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

training 9.13.2012

Been dragging badly for several days, but feel better today.  Been carb-free for a week and adjusted quickly, I guess.

No craze, no dynamic work, no fun.  Just B-Ala/creatine and a little caffeine.

Pin press -5cm x3@9 + -5%: 260kg, felt great.  Go figure.
Pin press full ROM x3@9 +-5%: 200kg, same as last time
Incline, ring finger on ring, x6@9 +-5%: more than last time.  Felt good, but shoulders are cooked afterward.

Still making small progress.  I'm happy with that -- the gas has to run out eventually, but I like the idea of seeing how far down the road we get.

Passed my CFT exam.  All that remains is a CPR card, which I will get Saturday.  At least one thing is now off the plate.

Hope you are all doing well.  Bob, you're always in our thoughts.  Thanks for all your encouragement with this cert.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

training 9.11.2012

In with no Craze; used B-Ala/creatine mix and a little caffeine.

Squat x3@9 + -5%: 300kg and crapped.  Felt heavy before I passed 550.

2ct DL x3@9 + -5%: 220kg and took an even bigger crap.

Snatch SLDL + -5%: think I hit 175kg.

Nothing working today.  Just a bad day.  Didn't make most recent 4x weights.  Been on less than 30g carbs for several days, so maybe that's the deal.

Just not there today.

Almost finished with my final for the CFT cert.  Had to write two programs for case studies; it took hours.  I heard Eric Cressey once say he cranks them out at 15 minutes per -- that's stunning.  Maybe he's taking 15 minutes per week, in which case I can believe it.  It is incredibly involved, when taking in toto.  I can't even imagine how they will grade it, what they are looking for.  It's worth the bulk of the grade, too, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyway, CPR training is this weekend.  Once I get the exam turned in and complete the CPR course, I'm done.

Hope you are all well.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

training 9.9.2012

Used B-Ala/creatine mix and 2 scoops of Craze more than an hour before start.  By training time, it was urgent.  If you don't know what I mean, go buy some and find out.  It's something like a panic attack without any unpleasantness.  Not sure how else to say it, and I'm pretty sure that won't become their marketing slogan.

No dynamic work today; just got to it.

Comp bench x3@9 + -5%: 240kg plus one; RPE=9.5

Bench +chain x3@9 + -5%: 200kg plus all the chains, plus one; rpe legit 9

DB extensions x6@9 + -5%: bunch of weight.  These felt good for some reason.

Threw on my loose shirt and did some extra; closed with repping out narrow-grip with 100kg.  Triceps are toast.

I think yesterday's shoulder and upper back work hurt today's performance a bit.  It took 40 minutes to get through the comp benching.  Lots and lots of sets today, when all is said and done.  The extensions alone were something on the order of ten sets to get up to work weight.  Probably need to fix that.

Got some crap video of 2-ct DL I took yesterday with a Canon point/shoot to illustrate my technique.  Will post to UT and link here.

For my Cali contingent, Amazon starts charging sales tax for California residents on 9/15, so you might want to buy before then.

On the CFT front, I've finished all my units and quizzes -- all that remains is the final.  I will get to it this afternoon and hope to be done with everything but the CPR card today.  CPR is next Saturday.

Have a good week, all.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Accessory work

Just making a note of having done accessory work today.  Not sore anywhere, everything seems to be okay.  Left knee is a little unhappy still -- sharp pain like something is floating around in there, but nothing bad.  Just grabs when I slightly hyper-extend it.

Did a lot of rows.  Some reverse band, some straight, some low.  Did a bunch of shoulder work too, mostly direct lateral/medial work.

Took a really bad video of my paused DL for Mike since he's giving me grief.  Had to use a Canon point/shoot and will have to tweak the edit a little so it'll be usable.  My legs look like toothpicks, which they pretty much are.  Strong toothpicks.

Alone this weekend.  Wasted some time watching football today, though not much.  Am more than halfway through the units for the CFT and will finish the units, quizzes, and am hopeful to put down the final exam tomorrow.  Not sure what that holds, because they only reveal it after you have finished 66% of the quizzes.  I'm still a little short, but hope to get there by bedtime.

Watched Headhunters last night, a Norwegian/German film that is well worth watching.

Work hard, all.  Later.

Friday, September 7, 2012

training 9.7.2012

Hot, humid, and I was very hungry going in.  No dynamic work, wore knee sleeves -- knees have been giving me grief all day.  Getting old.

Used B-Ala/creatine mix and a bunch of DS Craze.  Definitely alert, if nothing else.

DL x4@9 + -9%: 270kg plus one; felt really good

SSB squat x4@9 + -9%: 205kg plus one; felt really not so good

Lunges x6@9 + -9%: a bunch; knees don't like lunges right now, so going to do some hip thrusts under a bar tomorrow.

DL @9 was more than I've pulled any day but max day.  Feel good about that, despite SSB ugliness today.  Getting closer to work sets being over that magic 600# barrier.

Watched clock today; it was 45 minutes before I hit work sets on the DL.  That puts me in the room way too long -- after 75 minutes, free test starts to drop.  Us old guys can't afford that.  With the weight I move, I have to decide whether I can handle less warm up and bigger jumps.  Also, it means the final movement suffers because I'm pretty well gassed by that point.  At least the second and third movements require less warm up.

Maybe along those lines, I'm just flat worn down.  I will have to travel for business in two weeks, so I will have a forced deload for four days or so.  Might actually do me some good.

The boy is doing great work.  Really proud of him.  I'm all alone this weekend, so I will pound through the CFT material.  With any luck, I will finish all the quizzes and final by Sunday night.  I hope.  33 units total and I've finished 6, so I think I can do it.  CPR exam is next weekend.  Not sure if I have case studies and essays to do or not, as I haven't seen mention of them yet.  We'll see.  I will know better by Sunday night whether I think I will make the deadline imposed by the school district.

Next step is to make sure the boy can handle the movements to compete.  Suddenly three months seems like no time at all.  It's taken me 20 years to get merely decent.

Thanks for checking in.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

training 9.6.2012

Still very warm and humid here.  Typical gorgeous day, if hot.

Started with B-Ala/creatine mix. No dynamic work.  Wore wrist support for most of it.

Pin press full ROM - 5cm + -9%: 255kg plus one

Pin press full ROM + -9%: 200kg plus one

Incline, ring finger on ring + -9%: 150kg, failed on 155kg and the fatigue set

Hadn't intended to even try 255, but was distracted when I put the last plates on and didn't notice their size.  Wondered why it hurt so bad, and it was all of a 10.

After the full ROM pin presses, threw on a bench shirt and worked on touching.  Couldn't get it off by myself without Mike's videos.  I suspect this had a lot to do with incline sucking.

Triceps are cooked.  Going to add more rowing and shoulder work on assistance/neglected days.

Took my wife to see The Fixx last night at Anthology.  If you live here or ever visit, go see someone there.  Have dinner (at least drinks and dessert) and enjoy yourself.  Great place to see music.

Anyway, the entire crowd was within five years of us -- all around 50, I'd say -- to see a band of 50-something play music we haven't heard in 30 years.  It was awesome, and so were they.  They were honestly fantastic.  If you get a chance, go see them.

On my own this weekend, so it'll be devoted to getting certified.  Nose down, only breaks to eat and train.  Hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow, and thanks for checking in.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

training 9.4.2012

Not a good day.  Dragging, hot, been sweating all day.  Sorry to whine.

Started with B-Ala/creatine and dynamic work.

Squat x4@9 + -9%: 315kg, but felt awful.  Depth was good, though.  Plus one.  Every bit a 9.

2count DL x4@9 + -9%: 230kg plus one; miserable

SLDL x8@9 + -9%: bunch of weight until I couldn't do any more.

Done.  Off to eat and collapse.  For those that follow both log locations, sorry this is so weak.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Additional blogging point

Blogger is doing some really odd things -- I can't even make entries like I used to, but had to find workarounds instead.  I hate that.  If I get too fed up or can't figure out what changed, I may move to WordPress.  If so, obviously the blog will move.  If you have thoughts, advice, or even invective and sarcasm, post a comment.

training 9.3.2012

Gorgeous holiday Monday.  Started with Craze (1+1 during), B-Ala/creat mix, dynamic shoulder warm-up.  Elbow sleeves for comp bench, Spud wrist support throughout.  Nothing but coffee otherwise.

Comp bench x4@9 + -9%: 235kg plus one @10%; main was more like 9.5.  A real grind.

Bench + chain x4@9 + -9%: 270kg plus one reverse band with ave band (chains are all used with stepson's dragging); a true RPE=9; band = -25# at top and -100# at top, more or less

Triceps extensions x8@9 + -9%: not a lot of weight -- pretty toasty by this point.  Tough to type at the moment, actually.

Great day today, really.  Upbeat, no rush, felt good, moved a lot of weight.  I'm living around 500# for bench now, which is solid.  At least I'm not intimidated by it any more.  The only problem I see is that there is so little difference between my pull and my press that they are almost indistinguishable.  We'll fix that, somehow.  Need for that GHR to hurry up and get in. 

My gains in bench are small and gradual, but I feel I am gaining -- making progress.  That's all that matters.  Will there ever be a day where we are satisfied?  I hope not.  But plateaus come -- how will I react?  There are genetic limits.  Maybe I'll play the ace card then, as Dave Tate would put it.  In the meantime, plain jane to see what I can do on my own.

Bodyweight remains steady, which is odd.  My legs and back are as big as they've ever been, from what I can tell (might be fooling myself), and I feel fat.  Just a little bloat on right now.  Not as militant about CBL as I need to be; wish I had someone I could talk with about it.  Brian Carroll would be awesome -- maybe I'll offer to pay him if he'll answer some questions about how he eats.  Smelly is too busy, from what I can tell, but looking absolutely ripped right now.  Besides, his writing is practically impossible to follow.  But CBL clearly works if you do it right. 

Apparently I am not, and I recognize that it's my own fault.  Most of it has to do with my easy boredom with the sameness of food -- I need lots of variety or I will never get enough calories down.  So I panic over caloric deficit and make it up in bad ways. 

The boy's first day was yesterday, and he's sore today.  He did great -- I'm proud of him.  He has more dragging in his immediate future, along with lunges, step-ups, and push-ups.  I suspect his triceps and glutes will be sore enough tomorrow to keep him mindful of what he's done.  I loved that when I was his age -- we'll see how he reacts.  He's happy to be a little sore today.  Just wish I had his hGH levels.

Sorry for the length.  Thanks for checking in.  Have a great holiday today.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

training 9.1.2012

Cannot believe it's already September.

Working early today -- in around 8:30.  Warm, gorgeous, humid day in Sandy Eggo.  Light breeze.  Had the fan on hard in the rumpus room.

Started after coffee with Craze (1 scoop before and another during) + B-Ala/creatine mix.  Knee sleeves, no dynamic work.  Modicum of warm-up sets.

2ct DL x3@9 + -5%: 255kg plus one.  Felt fantastic.  RPE was closer to 8.5, whereas usual 9 is closer to 10.

SSB squat x3@9 + -5%: 210kg plus one.  Slight improvement over last.  Low back was getting tired.

Lunges x5@9 + -5%: Did Zerchers instead to take it easy on my left knee, which hates lunges.  Need some form work, I guess, or to do these outside around the yard where direction and slop are less important.

Did a bunch of Kroc rows afterward, just because I need the rowing work and because I felt like it.  Liked the Zerchers.  Might throw in step-ups too, but I suck wind on those like nobody's business.  Maybe hip thrusters, which I love (even though they kill me).

Feel good about the deadlifting, frankly.  Gives me hope I may be able to break 2000 total before I die.  I think I set that as a goal when I turned 40, and I might actually make it.  The trick, as ever, is to do it in a meet; performance anxiety and meet pressure sucks the life out of me.  I am a gym queen, I guess, hoping to someday be a reformed gym queen.  We'll see.  If I can get certified within 23 days, I may compete with the boy in December.  Maybe dealing with supporting him will take the pressure off me, but I doubt it.  We'll see.  Plus, I need to get back into the gear and see what I can do supported in multi-ply.  Squatting in a suit feels so odd now, I'm not sure I could hit anything remotely close to my raw max.  Sitting back, avoiding pitching forward, just getting my butt down to deadlift in a suit -- it'll take some time.  I'm stretching out my loosest bench shirt to see what I can do there.  Any advice is welcome.

Take of yourselves, guys.  Milda, keep rowing, girl.  Bob, keep fighting; amassing information to send you, but not sure any of it is useful.  Will wait until convinced.