Saturday, September 29, 2012

training 9.29.2012

Warm day today.  Spent the entire morning helping with my wife's company picnic, so was schlepping in the wind and sun all morning.

Did a bunch of dynamic work to warm-up.  Used 1 scoop Craze and B-Ala/creatine mix.  Didn't feel it at all after a carb-fest for lunch.  In fact, wanted a nap.  Had to move or go sluggo, so I moved.

2" deficit DL x2@9 + -5%: 270kg; used the trap bar, so pulled conventional (I almost never do) and felt surprisingly good.  Might have had some more.  Did a bunch of fatigue sets.

3-count bench x2@9 + -5%: 240kg.  These were tough, and the work set was a solid 10.  First rep was a grind and the second was all I had.  First time doing 3ct bench, and I like it.  My triceps are cooked, though.

Good mornings x5@9: didn't do them.  Low-back is still a little tender, so I will do them tomorrow with a bunch of assistance work while torturing the boy.  He's sore as snot today.

Found a local guy selling fitness equipment for great prices.  Went by his warehouse to check out his stuff, and it's more than solid -- it's a great deal.  Essentially it's unbranded kit, all top notch.  Bought some bars and monster chains.  Will definitely go back for more.  He has several things I want/border on need, including an econo-Prowler knock-off that's build like a tank.  Check it out.

Time to eat.  Bodyweight is holding steady, but I'm getting stronger.  Can't tell if I'm jiggling less, but probably am.

Thoughts and prayers are out to you, Bob.  We're with you, brother, in spirit if not body.

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