Wednesday, September 25, 2013

training 9.25.2013

Another gorgeous day here.

Ndure, Athletic Greens, fish oil, a little stretching, bar work to warm up.

GHR, 2x10 with weight
Split squats, 3x10 with heavy DBs
 - reverse lunge with heavy DBs, 2x12
 - modified dragon flag, 2x8

Kroc rows with 60kg DBs, 2x10

All in all, fairly tough for a reps session.

No word on any perm jobs, and ACA is seriously and predictably reducing the likelihood for a lot of folks.  Thinking of moving back to the Southeast -- depends on who offers me a perm job first.  Contract work is ongoing.

I've spent $1k on my dogs this month for various things.  Aural hematoma, shots, etc.  Mostly preventative stuff, outside of the cannula in the ear.  Enough to make me think about insurance for them too, though it definitely isn't cheap.  I can't take hits like this, though, and two of them are over 11 now and the other is a bull in a china shop.  Just gonna get worse.

Hope you are all well.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Gorgeous day today.

I hesitate to call this training, because it was really just an effort to move.  Nothing is really set up, I'll probably have to return to commercial gyms, and I don't know where any of my straps or support are.

Started with Ndure, Athletic Greens, and some fish oil.

Bulgarian split squats, heavy DBs, 3x12

Flat DB fly/press, heavy fat DBs, 3x30

 - clean high-pull, 3x8, moderate weight on a barbell
 - Pendlay rows, 3x8, same bar

 - cross-body hammer curl, 3x10, fat DBs from earleir
 - fat DB curl, 3x10, no pause between hammers and these

I've lost 20 pounds in the last six weeks, likely about equal parts muscle and lard.  I had already started dropping carbs to drop lard, so maybe 60/40 lard/lean.  Whatever.  Going to fix the composition as soon as I'm back in earnest, which needs to be this week.  I hate commercial gyms, so my motivation is purely coming from feeling like shite and a desperate need for mental adjustment.  I just need to work to feel good about something, because the rest of my life is made up of dust and boxes.  No, the move isn't complete for me yet.

Hope you are doing well, both of you who read semi-regularly.  Glad to get a sweat on today.  Off to the farmer's market to buy some grass-fed meats.

Thanks, guys.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Okay, so I'm losing my mind from lack of training.  Still, an update:

The garage has one spot that is big enough to accommodate a full size rack, but it is at the transition point most garages have where the slope of the floor begins.  So I will have to find a temporary but stable way to level the floor if I am to use the rack.

I'm still in a sea of boxes, and the garage is always a natural dumping ground for boxes in search of a home.  I have sold or given away over 30% of all we have, and it is not enough.  This place has more square footage than the old place, but less of the footage is devoted to storage space.  Much less.

I'm not at all sure the garage is big enough, no matter whether I come up with a clever leveling method or not.  In the meantime, I am going to get serious about dumbbell and bodyweight work to try to retain whatever shreds of sanity I might have left.

Stay tuned.