Tuesday, July 30, 2013

training 7.30.2013

Week 3, day 1 -- max upper

Gorgeous day today.  Breezy and very warm.

Ndure, lots of dynamic work, a fair amount of bar work, and wrist support.  MGPM during.

Low incline press, 2x8RM + back-off set: got better as it got heavier; very happy with outcome

 - neutral chins, 4xAMRAP
 - JM Press, 3x8 (supposed to be floor press, but elbows and shoulders suggested a substitute)

 - Face pulls, 3x10
 - Cross-body hammer curl, 3x10 (left hand was really tough for some reason)

DB shrugs, 2x12

Signed a contract for a house last night and all went smoothly.  Contract work (the try/buy thing) is continuing apace and going well, I think. 

Had a second phone screen with the really big healthcare company today -- this time with the hiring manager (Sr. VP of the division).  She only had 15 minutes, so it could have gone poorly, but instead it was outstanding.  Nailed it, and she told me on the spot to expect to come in for the full wringer when I get back from Wyoming.

So, off to my first vacation in probably 7 years, and maybe the first ever alone with my wife for more than a weekend.  Amazing.  Can't wait to show her this place.  Off with a contract job, a potentially complicating interview, and a place to live.  Whew.  Now to pay down some recent debt and get things done.

Oh, and my accountant tells me I'm actually getting a big refund from our 2012 taxes.  Unbelievable.  Something bad about to happen?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

training 7.27.2013

Week 2, day 4 -- lower reps

Ndure, dynamic work, no support aside from chalk.

Not feeling terribly inspired today.  Still humid, overcast.  Got a good sweat on quickly.

Box jump, 4x3: still using a 24" box to land on, starting sitting on a 5 gallon bucket turned upside-down; time to start jacking up the landing box

Superset, 60s between:
 - Barbell hip thrust, 3x12 with a lot of weight   been taking one of my squat suits and doubling it over in my lap to lessen bar cut on my hips; works pretty well, actually
 - L-sits, 3x20s

Superset, 60s:
 - clean grip high-pull, 3x8, hands out at the collars    need more weight on these
 - 1-leg box squat, 2x10

My arms are short, I've decided.  Watching folks about my size set up a clean grip, it's apparent that my arms are short.  That and the fact that my tailor didn't believe me when I told him I had a neck as big as mine but needed arms as short as I do.  Nothing I can do about that.

Farmers walk, 2x20s, 90s between, lots and lots of weight.  Thinking about doing these with stones, though I understand wanted bilateral work.  We'll see.

Got some back spasm just inside my right scap from yesterday, but it didn't bother me in the weight room.  Didn't help my sleep last night, but should be okay after some more work with a lacrosse ball.

This time next week I will be at 13000 feet in Wyoming.  Can't wait.

Friday, July 26, 2013

training 7.26.2013

Week 2, day 3 -- upper reps

Cool, overcast day.  Humid and a little rainy, but cool.

Ndure, MGPM during, lots of dynamic shoulder and elbow work, elbow sleeves and Spud velcro wrist support.

Superset, 60s between:
 - DB military, 3x10 very heavy with fat DBs
 - Neutral grip chins, 3xAMRAP, weighted (15/15/8)

Superset, 60s:
 - Dips, 3x10
 - 45 degree lateral raises, 3x12

Dips usually cause me AC joint trouble, but not today.  No telling why.  Right elbow crunched a lot, but they went okay.  I have always liked dips and can do them with a lot of weight around neck and waist, but the AC trouble has generally kept me away from them.

Superset, 45s:
 - 60 degree DB curl, heavy fat DBs, 3x12
 - Band triceps pushdown, 3x15, average band with 2s pause-hold at full extension

Felt good, though I'm dragging a bit.  Need to eat -- didn't eat much yesterday, which is costing me today, I think.

Got the house, as I mentioned yesterday, so I have a little less than a month to get my act together, get us moved, and get this old place cleaned up and put together.  What fun.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

training 7.25.2013

Week 2, day 2 -- max lower

Hot, humid for around here.  I like it.

Ndure, Monster green tea rehab (not bad), dynamic and bar work until sweating hard.  Fan on.

GHR, 2x10 +weight, 60s between

Trap bar DL, 8RM and a back-off set: not unhappy with it, though an 8RM leaves a lot of weight on the tree; so be it

 - Lunge with the loaded SSB in Zercher hold, 3x12
 - Dragon flags, 3x8  -- these are really tough for me, I have to admit

Meadows rows with barbell loaded, 3x10 each arm

Was s'posed to do this session yesterday, but didn't have it in me.  Hung out with the boy and one of his buddies instead.  Will get back on schedule tomorrow, sore or not.

We got a house.  What a relief.  Now for the job...

Thanks for checking in, guys.

Monday, July 22, 2013

training 7.22.2013

Week 2, day 1 -- max upper

Hot, humid.  Ndure, lots of dynamic work, lots of bar work to warm up.  Elbow sleeves and Spud velcro wrist support.

Military press, 2x8RM, back off the 2nd set: didn't set the world on fire, but felt good and no shoulder trouble.

Superset, 60s rest between each:
 - Chins, wide grip, weighted, 3xAMRAP: 18, 16, 6 reps
 - DB floor press, 3x10: went too light, but felt fine too

Superset, 60s:
 - Face pulls, 3x12: felt great, big scap hold at finish
 - Cross-body hammer curl, 2x10

Sweating like a pig and quite stressed out.  So be it.  Got a lot to do and little time to do it, which means I'm pretty much like everyone else.

Preso tomorrow, working on closing the housing question, follow-up call with the hiring manager for the big corpo job.  We'll see.

Hang tough, all.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

training 7.21.2013

Week 1, day 4 -- lower repetition

Hot, humid for around here.  Sweating hard.

Ndure, dynamic work, no support gear.

Box jump, 3x5 from sit, 60s between

 - Hip thrust, barbell with a lot of weight, 2x12
 - L-sits, 2x20s

 - Clean grip high-pull, grips out at the collar, no straps, lots of weight, to just under the clavicles
 - Single-leg box squat, 2x10

Farmer's walks, 2x20

With only 60s between sets, this one burns through fast.  Took under an hour even with warm-up sets.

Off to look at a house at 4:00 -- I'm hopeful.

The try/buy contract job has begun, at least into the testing stage.  I have to make a preso on Tuesday morning that will likely determine if I make it to the next test.  In the meantime, the phone screen I had a couple of Fridays ago went well enough that I've gotten a call-back for a phone screen with the hiring manager, scheduled for the 29th.  So things are progressing on a couple of fronts.  Not fast enough for comfort, but progressing.

Hang tough.  Thanks.

Friday, July 19, 2013

training 7.19.2013

Week 1, day 3 -- upper rep work

TN Ndure + a little Craze, a whole lot of dynamic work, and a little bar work.  Wrist compression was my only support.

 - DB military, 2x a bunch, 60s
 - Chins, wide grip, 2xAMRAP, 60s

 - JM Press, 2x a lot, 60s: about 100# or so; supposed to be dips, but they kill my AC joint, so no
 - 45-degree lateral raises, 2x12 each hand: these still hurt, so I kept the weight low and did extra reps

 - 60-degree seated DB curls, 2x12, 45s
 - Band pushdown, 2x15, 45s: did a lot more than 15 each set with Average bands until my triceps were done

Got a serious pump today -- look halfway studly for a few minutes.

No real traction on a new place to live yet.  I have a 4-hour meeting this afternoon to start a try-before-you-buy contract with a small local company, all of which is billable.  So at least the job has a little light at the end of the tunnel, if only a little.

Hang tough, people.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

training 7.17.2013

Week 1, day 2 -- max lower

Warm, humid day today.  Dynamic work, bar work, B-Ala/creatine, MGPM during.  No support gear.

GHR, 2x10, 90s between
Squat, Olympic/narrow, work up to 8RM and do another back-off set: hit 110kg on the bar and dropped 10kg for the last set.

DB Lunge walking, 2x12, 60s between superset with
Dragon flags, 2x8, 60s between

1-arm DB row with very heavy fat DBs

Sweating like a pig. 

Still hunting a job, though some things are developing that may be promising.  In other news, our landlord (yes, we rent -- long story) needs her house back for her ill father, so we're moving.  Wish we were moving to the other side of the country, but it isn't to be.  Now to find a place that will accept dogs.  I have 60 days.

My middle name is now Stress.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

training 7.16.2013

week 1, day 1 -- max effort upper

Hot day and lots going on.

B-Ala/creatine, Monster, water during.  A little dynamic work and a fair amount of bar work.

2-board press, 8RM + back-off set, 90s between: worked up to my most recent 2-board 85% effort and gutted out 8 reps

 - chins, wide, 3xAMRAP
 - DB floor press, 2x8    these hurt my right shoulder

 - Face pulls
 - Cross-body hammer curl

Love the face pulls. I need to find something to replace the DB floor press, because nothing I do seems to ameliorate the trouble with my shoulders.

Got a call this afternoon that might produce work, which I seriously need to happen.  No word from last week's phone screen, but I don't expect to hear anything for a while.  Big companies take forever.

Got a vacation in Wyoming that I can't afford but badly need in two weeks. 

Hang tough, all.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

training 7.13.2013

Warm, humid, overcast day.

B-ala/creatine mix before, MG's Powdered Muscle during.  Love that stuff.

Dynamic work to warm up.  Dripping almost immediately.

Box jumps to 24" box from seated, 3x3, 60s between each set

Barbell hip thrusts with 110kg on the bar, 2x12, superset with
Abs 2x20 on GHR; these were supposed to be L-sits for 20 seconds, but I couldn't do even one

Clean-grip high pull, 3x8, about 50kg on the bar, 60s, superset with
Single-leg box squats, 2x10, 60s between

Sucking wind badly by this point.

Farmers carry, 2" fat handles with  150# or so on each hand, 90s between, 2x30s

Thought I might vomit after the first farmers, even as brief as they were.  This whole session was humbling and eye opening.  But, all this and the hill sprints I'm doing are because I'm tired of the extra lubs of jiggle I'm carrying around my middle.  We'll see what happens.

Now to get to work on being able to l-sit.  Nuts.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, July 12, 2013

training 7.12.2013

Warm day today. 

B-Ala/creatine mix, no support gear at all, dynamic work and bar work to warm up.

Did an old DC-style, rest-paused workout to fill in.  I put in 25 weeks of Cube and made solid gains all around despite getting sick and passing another (several) kidney stones.  I feel like mixing it up, and I have a new 90-day program set out to start Monday.  So I did something different for today and will continue it until Monday.

Ten-count breathing between sets, three sets, numbers/numbers/numbers are reps completed of the prescribed movement.

Biceps curls, 20 reps with moderate weight (15kg) on regular DBs: 20/20/20
Hammer curls for forearms, 15 reps with same weight: 15/7/7
Extreme stretches for 45s hold

Calves, 2x12, full stretch at the bottom held for 20s each rep -- these are brutal
Hams, 15 reps on the GHR with weight: 15/15/12 -- had a hard time getting off the machine
Squat, 20 reps Olympic, 110kg on the bar: 20/20/18

Extreme stretches for 45s on the hams and quads

I sold my motorcycle.  That's the end of an era.  Makes me a little sad.  I still have all my racing kit, several helmets I can't sell, several sets of leathers, pictures, trophies, etc.  And yet, I won't be doing anything more along those lines, at least not until I buy another one, which is likely to be a long time.  Won't be a cruiser, no matter what (famous last words).

My telephone screen this morning went very well, I think.  I felt great about it, though it's the first of many long steps.  We'll see.  Still no word from the other two I thought would produce contract gigs.

Got a letter from the EDD; my former employer told them I quit because I was unhappy with my wages, which is patently untrue.  As a result, they disqualified me and want me to return the $450 they paid me already, plus penalties.  Where I was incredibly pissed last time, now I'm just saddened by it.  At this point, I really just want that chapter to end.  An appeal is possible, and I will have to consider the consequences of the appeal and it's possible failure.  We'll see.  Here's hoping I land a job soon and don't have to worry about it.

Life goes on.  Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

training 7.10.2013

Cube, week 8, day 2 -- bench for reps

Overcast and humid today.

B-Ala/creatine, dynamic work, a little bar work.  Was sweating pretty hard pretty quickly.

Competition bench, 5x1 @90%: this was really, really hard.  I used 90% of my 1-board from the other day and it simply kicked my butt.  Not sure why, but it wasn't flowing today.

1-arm landmine shoulder press, 4x15: in lieu of military press, mostly because I was a little concerned about my shoulders after the comp bench.  They aren't happy.

Chins, wide, 4x20: some with added weight, some not

JM press x100

I'm quitting carbs that aren't within 3 hours of training.  It's meant that the last couple of days have been underfeeds with virtually no carbs that weren't peri- or immediately post-workout.  I suspect that might have something to do with why my comp bench was so difficult.  I'm a little afraid muscling it up did ugly things to my shoulders, because neither one is very happy with me right now.

Got a phone screen Friday with a major company for a high-end exec job.  I'm hopeful.  I will spend tomorrow working on answers and reviewing experience.

Also, despite overwhelming evidence that Zimmerman should never have been brought to trial, plenty of idiots nationwide are calling for rioting over the impending, obvious verdict.  Overwhelming evidence.  If you don't see it that way, feel free to contact me for a chat to review the facts -- not supposition about motives, but facts.  Several people should go to jail over this misuse of the criminal justice system, but none of them are named Zimmerman.  Point being, watch yourself, because unpleasantness is certain to ensue.

Thanks for checking.  Hold fast, all.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

training 7.9.2913

Cube, week 8, day 1 -- deads for speed

B-Ala/creatine mix, dynamic work, loose briefs, shin sleeves, Spud DL belt

Hot day today, so lots of sweating early.  I missed yesterday dealing with things, so today was makeup.

DL, 8x1 @65%: this was too easy
DL from 4" block, 2x8 @75%: this was decidedly not easy
Paused DL, 3x6 @40%, 3-count: this also was too easy, even after the 4"
Shrugs, 2x20, used the same bar as my paused DL -- very, very tough; probably should have dropped weight a little
Lat pulldown, 4x15: just got them done.

Not even listing weights today because I'm lazy.  Talk with the EDD yesterday was like being deposed -- very sterile, just the facts.  With any luck, it won't matter by the time they make a judgment -- maybe I'll just have a job.  I hope.

Got a callback from a very large company about a big-time position, but it's in Cerritos.  That's okay, I will gladly commute for the right position.  It's just a train ride to Anaheim.  Just a screen interview for now, but it's nice to hear from someone.

No word yet from my two local leads.  I have hope for them too.  In the meantime, I sold the motorcycle and have listed the Blazer.  Anyone wants a 1975 Blazer K5, I'll send you the listing to take a look at.  The thing is awesome, and I hate to sell it, but I'd feel better if I did.

Enough chat.  Have a great day, guys.

Friday, July 5, 2013

training 7.5.2013

Cube, week 7, day 3 -- squat for speed

Hot day here today, made hotter by my attitude.

B-Ala/creatine, dynamic work, foam rolling, bar work to get sweating.  Turned on the fan after I was dripping.  Loose briefs for squats and reverse band, raw for the rest.

Squat, 6x3 @80%: these were pretty easy, at 80% of 6/21 max

Reverse band squat, 1x2 @95% of same max: again, pretty easy

Olympic squats, paused, low as possible, 5x5

Zercher squats, 3x20 with as much as I could load and still get 20 (will update with weight used)

Light GMs, 3x12

Stiff-leg DB DL, 3x15

Got a letter from the EDD asking me why I quit my job, which tells me my former boss lied to them.  I can't tell you how much this pisses me off, for several reasons.  Made it hard to train, I am so angry (and therefore distracted), which is also why this post is lacking some essentials.  I'll come back to them.

Have a nice weekend.  I'll be sifting through old emails if you need me.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

training 7.3.2013

Cube, week 7, day 2 -- bench max

B-Ala/creatine mix, dynamic band work, weight work until a good sweat was on.  Then turned on the fan.  Hot day (for here), though gorgeous.

1-board, work up: crested 250kg, think it might have been a 1-bd PR -- I will check later.  Felt great, and quickly worked up past my recent 1-rep maxes.  No shoulder pain.

Close-grip, 3x3 @80%: this really hurt my right shoulder.  Something about narrow grip just kills.  I got three sets by really working to keep my elbow in close.  Not happy about it after the 1-bd.

Chins + weight, 3x15: added several big wheels -- wide grip chin strength is as good as ever

JM Press, 4x15, 50kg on a curl bar: went fine, though was paranoid about my shoulder -- grip is narrow here, but not as pronated due to the curling bar.

DB Military: skipped them due to the shoulder

Shrugs, 4x15, used the curling bar and supersetted these with the JM presses.  Paused at the top.


I'll go back in tomorrow and do some shoulder and ab work.

Off to eat.  Later.

Monday, July 1, 2013

training 7.1.2013

Cube, week 7, day 1 -- DL for reps

B-Ala/creatine mix and a Monster Ultra 0, briefs, Spud DL belt.

DL, 5x3 @80%: did 80% of my 2" block max from a week or so ago, and it was actually pretty easy.  Pulled sumo.  Feel really, really good about this.

4" block pull, snatch grip with straps, 2x15 @65%: tried 65% of the 2" max and knew I'd fail if going for 15; I got maybe 8 out and decided to back it down a little.  Dropped to 65% of my floor max and felt great, actually -- I wonder if I hadn't blown my setup earlier, actually.  It was still tough, though.

Olympic squats, 3x12 with a lot of weight on the bar.  Left knee barked a lot, likely from an early alignment problem; I may have fixed the alignment, but the knee was already unhappy.  Soldiered through.

GHR, 4x10, no added weight.  Love these.  Hips and glutes have always been strong, and it's feeling good to bring up my hammies.

Back raises, 30 degrees, x30, no added weight.  Getting tired by now, so just used them as a polisher.

Feel really good about today in general.  My loose briefs are not so loose anymore, so I'm going to have to dig out a bigger pair.  I have one pair that is even larger, though I think they are single-ply, which is fine.  I like the support -- more a security blanket than anything else.

Took the boys out for pizza and ate too much, which makes me happy.  Now I need a nap.

Later.  Thanks for checking in.