Wednesday, March 26, 2014

training 3.26.2014

Leg day.  Did some stuff, and now I'm tired.  Will surely be sore.

Not sure anyone is reading anymore, so I may not continue or may change the format.

Wife won't need chemo, which is a huge relief, blessing, and answer to prayer.

Hold fast.

Monday, March 17, 2014

training 3.17.2014

Gorgeous day today.  Downright hot yesterday.

Dynamic warm-up, Assault, knee sleeves later.

Romanian DL with a trap bar, heavy, 4x6-8.  Back didn't like it -- been having a fair amount of positional spasm lately -- but I don't care.

Hamstring curls, 3x15 heavy
Hack squat, 10RM + drop set of 10 with narrow stance and knees out
Quad curls, 3x8 with 2s flex at the top
Standing calf, 3xa whole freaking lot

I was sore for days after my last calf workout, so I guess I need to get these sticks up.

Wobbled out.

Not sure about chemo yet, no stone yet, lots going on.  Hope you're doing well.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

training 3.13.2014

Managed to work it in this morning, which has been a bit difficult lately.

No warm-up today for several reasons.  I am certain it cost me reps on the first few sets.

 - incline 1 1/4 DB press, 4x10 -- just what you think, in that down/up quarter/down/up full = 1 rep
 - incline squeeze press, 4x10-12; neutral hand position, squeeze the bells together over the chest hard and press

The squeeze presses are very tough if you do them right -- squeeze the bells together as hard as you can.  Triceps were already gassing early because of the lack of warm-up, so this was primarily a chest exercise for me today.

Machine chest press, 30/20/15; all the chest machines had squatters on them (which is a lot), so I used a cable station with the same scheme.  Very tough.  Went to exhaustion every set.

 - leaning lateral, 3x8-10, thumbs up
 - 1-arm lateral, 3x10-12
 - 1-arm cable lateral,  3x12-15

Machine military, 30/20/15
Rope pullover, 4x8-10, 10s between sets
Rope pushdown, 30/20/15, 1s hold at the bottom

This was just a brutally hard day, even without major movements or muscle groups.  I'm fried.  Love that.

Boy made the JV baseball team; still no job; wife will live, but we still don't know about chemo; Bob still needs prayers; and Milda, well Milda is fabulous, as usual, and a great friend.  I can feel another kidney stone moving around; here's hoping it's a small one that just passes on through, as it were.

Life's tough all over -- hang tough and count your blessings.

Monday, March 10, 2014

training 3.10.2014

Gorgeous day -- starting to feel like spring/summer around here.  Downright warm, nearing 80 some days.

I've trained a couple of times since my last entry, but didn't get around to writing about it.  I haven't been as consistent as I should have been, mainly due to medical appointments for the wife, so I haven't felt duty-bound to write about it.  I'll be back in the saddle soon, if not immediately.

By the way, if you haven't trued Supreme Essentials Decadent Blend, you should.  Awesome in shakes. 

Basic warm-up, Athletic Greens and Assault to start, elbow sleeves.

 - Stiff-arm pulldown, 4x12
 - neutral-grip pulldown, 4x12

DB rows, 4x8 with a heavy standard DB
High-row with rope attachment, 3x12, 1-second squeeze at the top of every rep
Reverse pec-dec, 2x50.  Go ahead and cry.
1-arm DB Zottmann curls on preacher bench, 4x8 with 1s squeeze and slow tempo
 - cable reverse drag-curl, 3x8, Gironda style
 - hammer curl, 3x12

That last superset, I just did both with the rope on a cable and kept hand positions strict.  Pretty serious stuff.

In fact, the whole session was serious.  This was a good one.

Still too fat, though saying so makes my boy laugh.

If you're the praying type, do so for Strongman Bob.  He's got a load to carry.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

training 3.2.2014

Been raining here for three days.  Very unusual for around here.  Like pretty much everything else, it makes me want to move back to the Southeast.

Starting a new diet routine (that's not so new) and new training regimen (that'll incorporate a lot of the same old stuff).

Forgot tunes today, which is deadly.  My brain might have rotted.  I somehow managed to escape with some semblance of sanity retained, assuming it was ever there.

Trap bar DL, 4x6; worked up to a reasonably heavy weight and did four sets.  It was somewhere over 4 wheels, though not a lot over 4.

GM (3x10) superset with 45-degree extensions (3xfailure), really focusing on glutes.  These really took it out of me, as long as it's been since I did a heavy posterior chain day.

Pull-throughs, 3x20; more glute firing.

Calves, standing (3x30, 2s stretch) and seated (3x12, 1s at full flex).

Stumbled out.  Worked for around an hour, and it was early morning.  Felt pretty good.  Started with my usual on top of a bunch of coffee, so I was doing okay at the polishers. 

Gonna start a youtube channel and make videos for various things.  I'll post info here for anyone that is interested.

Wife is doing great.  We talk with the Medical Oncologist this week and will get info about ongoing treatment. 

Thanks for checking in.