Monday, January 27, 2014


Sore as stink today, which I like, though mostly glutes and adductors.  Grow, quads!

Lots of appointments today, so unlikely I'll make it in until tomorrow.

Hope all are well.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

trainin 1.25.2014

Got out early and got to it.  It was nice and quiet in the gym.

Started with Assault and Athletic Greens, did dynamic work.

Hamstring curls, 2 warm-up sets and 2x15 hard
Leg press, worked up to a 10RM
Hack squat, worked up to an 8RM with 3/4 ROM -- no lock outs
Lunge, 1 leg at a time, 2xfailure with a lot of weight; reps were about 10 each time
SLDL, 2x10


Got an interview on Wednesday and a busy week ahead.  Hope all are well.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

training 1.21.2014

Cloudy and cooler today. 

Started with the usual mix.  Warmed up with the bar and got to it.

1-arm barbell rows, 2 warm-up sets x6 and 3x8 at work weight.  There is probably a better name for this exercise to describe what I do, but suffice it to say I use a landmine and face away from the corner.

Reeves DL, 4x6; love these

Chest-supported rows from various angles, mostly x10, lots and lots of sets: hit rhomboids, upper and lower traps, and lats until cooked

Wide grip pulldown, 3x8: used a cable station and pathetically little weight

DB pullover, 3x10: from full extension to just above forehead height, keeping tension constantly

Good morning, 3xfailure

Gironda swings, 3x8 for polish

Home.  Have a nice day.

Friday, January 17, 2014

training 1.17.2014

Gorgeous, warm day here.

Assault + AG, dynamic shoulder work.  Shoulder hurt anyway during training, but it might have been worse.

Bench press, 2 w-u sets, 3x8 with 1s flex at the top, wide grip
Incline press, 6RM, beat last time, had about 3 wheels on the bar, so I'm pleased

Pec dec, 4xfailure
Dip machine, big ROM, 4xfailure (was supposed to do 2xfail, but read it wrong and did 4 sets)

Reverse pec dec, 20/15/12/10 with hard flex each rep
Pendlay row, 3x15 with wide grip
DB side laterals, just used 25# DBs because my right shoulder didn't like me a lot; strangely, laterals did not aggravate it, but I didn't want to push my luck

Called it.  I'll be glad when the New Years resolution crowd thins, because it was packed with stupid today, and stupid of all ages.  Saw lots of middle aged guys doing partials with bizarre things for a ROM of about an inch (several, I do not kid); saw two women sit on a machine and chat for 30 minutes without doing a single set between them.  After 30 minutes, without anyone saying anything to them and never having lifted a weight, they moved on to another machine. 

Anyway, I survived and it's not my job to pass judgment on everyone else.  I just do it for entertainment, I guess.

Hope you have a nice weekend.  Don't care much about Peyton v. Brady, but I'd like to see the Seahawks trounce the Niners.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

training 1.14.2014

It's warm and clear here.  A Santa Ana blowing through has made the days very warm while the rest of the country struggles.  I still want out of here.

Assault + Athletic Greens, a lot of dynamic work, and some bar work to warm up.

Hammie curls on a machine: 2 warm-up sets of 10, 2x10 at work weight + a drop set of 10/8/25 partials

Squats, 2 warm-up sets, another 6RM

Hack, 2x6 warm-up, one big drop set: 10/10/8/20 with heels together and feet lower than the previous 28 reps

Lunges with a lot of weight outside, 2x12

DB SLDL, 3x8 heavy

Quad curls, Mountain Dog style, 3x10   these were brutal

Went home.  Sore today.

Monday, January 13, 2014

training 1.12.2014

I did a bunch of arms and abs stuff -- enough that I'm already sore this morning.  I like that.

I don't think I'll bore you with the details, so consider that a gift for Monday.  I'm due for a leg day today, but I may wait until tomorrow.

Took my wife with me yesterday, and of course it was the busiest I've ever seen it.  But it was still fine, and I got to spend the time with her.  She's quite the stud, I must admit, and can outlift most guys there.  She gets a lot of stares, which doesn't bother me a bit.

I hope everyone has a great day. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

training 1.10.2014

It's Friday in the only warm part of the country.  Everywhere else it's frozen on Wednesday.

Monster Ultra Red prior -- I shouldn't, but they're delicious.  It's essentially the Zero Ultra with a little punch flavor; you can still taste the grapefruit citrus flavor, but there's a little more.  I like it.

Assault + Athletic Greens, dynamic work, and Prowler pushes for 40 yards x 8 before resistance training.  Man, I was sucking wind hard enough to reverse weather.  Wow.  I never did really recover, and sucked wind through the whole session.  I wonder if it had anything to do with the caffeine, but I probably should have taken a hit of albuterol beforehand.  Might still.  Even simple DB work had me wondering if I would faint.

1-arm barbell row, 2 sets to warm up, 4x10
Hi-row to low, 3x15 with a bunch, squeeze at the bottom (and suck wind)
Chest-supported row, 3x10 with a whole lot, careful to keep shoulders from gliding forward (and wind sucking)
DB snatches with heavy DBs, 3x10 (and, well, you know)
Straight-arm lat pulldown with hold using the cable business, 3x10
DB shrugs, light DBs with 3s hold at the top, 3x10

Wandered out. 

I seem to be leaning out a little, which is the idea.  Tired of jiggling, even a little, and the hill sprints and prowler flu will do me good.  I need to be in better GPP shape anyway.

We're still dealing with the preliminary discovery phase of the latest disaster.  I'll report when I know more, in case anyone besides Milda and Bob actually care.

Hope all are well.  Hang tough and work hard, please.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

training 1.8.2014

Gorgeous day.

No chalk or liquid grip today, which sucked.  Felt naked.  Used elbow sleeves and wrist support.  Hungry and sore like a beaten dog from the other day, one of which is good.  Right shoulder was not happy today, which was not good.

Flat DB press, 3 sets to w-u, worked up to an 8RM @ around 150#.  Right shoulder wasn't happy but wasn't ugly yet.

Machine fly, 2xfailure @ about 20 reps + drop sets until fried.

Incline bench, worked up to a 6RM.  This was only a couple of wheels after the pec dec deep fat frying.

TRX pushups instead of banded bench, went nowhere because I was so cooked.  I mean I looked pathetic, flopping around.  Took my lumps and moved on.

DB side laterals, 1x15 to w-u, 4x8 with 25# DBs.  Felt okay at this point, though tiring quickly.

Wide overhead press, right shoulder hurt sharply, like icepick sharp.  Decided not to proceed.
Machine rear delt, 15/12/10/8
DB rear delt destroyer set, 60/30/10.  Honestly, by the last ten I was doing them with no weight and holding at the top for a couple of seconds.  These were just brutal today.

Walked out with tail between legs.

More some other time.

Monday, January 6, 2014

training 1.6.2014

First training in a gym in a while.  Add to it that I went to a new gym for me (same commercial chain, new location) and you'd be right to think I was a little tentative.  I hate to arrive with all the stupid, but this one is so big, parking was a bigger consideration.  It all worked out fine, and I was giddy as a school boy in the nice equipment and top grade facilities.  If there's enough room, the serious people and space dilute the stupid, so balance is restored.  At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Assault and AG, dynamic warm-up, some weight warm up, and to it.  Same routine as a couple of weeks ago, just to get back into the swing of it.

Ham curls, 2 warm-up sets, 5x10   had a little extra, because I've never used the machine I was on.  I must admit it was pretty cool.

Squats in a real rack, and there were several, and I didn't have to down anyone with stink-eye.  Sweet.  Worked up to a 6RM, which was 4 wheels and change.

Hack squats, work up to 10RM, which was 2 wheels and change.  Weird machine, had me starting in a terrible mechanical disadvantage, so the first few degrees were brutally hard and the rest was relatively easy.  I'll figure it out.  It was still plenty hard.

DB lunges, 3x10 heavy
GHR, 4x8 plus bands

Did 5x40 yards sled pulls with all the weight the thing would hold.  I think I sucked in enough wind for Milda to feel it down South.  It's about time, as I have some holiday lard to burn.  I have to say, I loved these, despite thinking I might die.

All in all, this session produced the happiest feelings I've had in a while.  I felt good, though pretty cooked.

Off to clean up and eat.  I still don't have a job, am looking (somewhat frantically) for some contract work, am going to rewrite my resume this week to simplify it for certain things (I think it looks unfocused).  We've got about two months before I'm going to stand on the street corner with a cardboard sign.

And we got some terrible news last week, though I don't have permission to share yet.  I will soon, I guess.  Just more to worry about, despite the honest fact that I remain faithful and optimistic that everything will work out.

Hang tough, all.  A storm is coming in 2014.