Thursday, December 31, 2009

Military press

One of my dogs got me up at 2:00 last night to pee. She's the rescued racing greyhound and is a real princess, so she won't go out until she's gonna pop. The little stinker. Anyway, I took her out and felt fine; when I got up at 5:30, my SI joint was screaming. Not sure what I did between 2:00 and 5:30, but it was bad.

So between my aching elbow and my SI joint, I'm still whining. I also cut the chins from today's workout -- my arm already wants to fall off.

So back to the microlactin in force today, and I may add circumin and definitely Advil. Vike may be called for before I'm done.

So I started with SWF and AtLarge Results, APT Convict elbow sleeves, and Metal wrist wraps. I warmed up methodically under the bar and the elbow felt ok.


120 kilos x 5 easy. No real elbow pain while lifting, but I feel it when tension dissipates. Weird.
135 kilos x 3 Still easy lifting, though now I feel the elbow under tension.
155 kilos x 1 Got 10 reps, which is a PR for weight and reps, I think. I'll have to check.

90 kilos x 5 x 10 Very easy, though elbow is barking loudly by this point. I need to raise this weight once the elbow calms down.

No superset.

I need to find a way to take it easy on the elbow for a while and heal it up. This stinks. Golf yesterday exacerbated it pretty badly, I know, so maybe just regular movement will be ok. We'll see. In the meantime, I ache.

Sorry about the bitching.

Off to dynamic work for the SI joint -- at least if it moves I'll feel relief -- and try to keep the right arm from falling off.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Squat day

Got a house full of boys playing on my X360, so took the chance to get in some gym time. Beautiful warm day today, feeling good (except for my crapped-up elbow), and ready for heavy work.

Started with Ace briefs. Couldn't find any of the pairs of compression shorts I usually wear under my briefs, so I had to go with a cotton pair. I hate that. Just got me off kilter right off the bat. Whine, bitch, moan. What a baby. Everyone else is hurt and I'm pissing over my shorts.

Started over with Results, SWF, dynamic work, and a lot of warm-up sets. Kickin' tunes and on to the weight.


330 kilos x 3 pretty good, despite shorts up my crack
360 kilos x 3 went up fine, depth was ok -- not great, but ok
380 kilos x 3 got five reps. Not bad. No sense for depth besides clanking on the safety pins, which should be right at parallel. I'll have to film to verify, because the monster 8 I got at 380 a couple of weeks ago is seriously in question until I can verify depth.

220 kilos plus a bunch of chains 5 x 8 depth still just ok

superset with

med ball ab twists 5 x 10

My head isn't too bad for some reason today. Maybe I didn't push hard enough. Who knows. BP low? Whatever. Weight went up pretty easily, hormones seem to be stable in a good place, and things are still progressing. Thankfully it didn't occur to me that the 380 was the same weight I grunted up for eight reps three weeks ago; I might have gacked on it otherwise, particularly as fragile as my mood was over my shorts. Again, can't say anything about depth, but it seemed low. We'll see.

Think I found my video camera cable, so I should be youtubing very soon. Hope so.

Great day.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bench day

My bench sucks. I'm not happy with it. It's not moving the way I'd like, and I'm patiently trying a few things to make it move. Not much more I can do, I guess.

Yesterday I threw a baseball well over 80 and likely closer to 85 or 90 on an outfield play to the plate; I'm a stronger hurler now than I was in college. But I didn't warm up enough for a guy of my age and my elbow felt it. Still sore today, so I was a bit kinder in the gym than I would have been, particularly given my distaste for my bench total.

Started with Results and SWF, elbow sleeves, Metal wrist wraps, and warm-ups with the bar.

200 kilos x 3
210 kilos x 3
220 kilos x 3 None were too hard, though I felt the elbow

130 kilos with a black Elite shorty band and an orange Elite shorty. No idea what that adds at the top.

5 x 10

Fat db rows with 70 kilos on the bars: 5 x 10

The rows went really well, though my right elbow while resting on my knee hurt a little. Funny how that stability move made it hurt while rowing and benching didn't.

The band work was hard on my triceps, which was the point. I kept the grip wide to keep everything in play. We'll see how it sorts out.

Might ice the elbow today. If I throw with the little man, I'll likely use the sleeve for support.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Deadlift day

Gorgeous day today. I've had parties and in-laws for weeks now, so training has been more sparse than I wanted. Kinda bums me out, honestly, so I took it out on some iron today.

Started with Results and Surge Workout Fuel. Used my Viking briefs for security and a Spud deadlift belt. Warmed up dynamic and bar fairly thoroughly before getting into the heavy stuff.


260 kilos x 3 easy
275 kilos x 3 easy
290 kilos x 3 Got 5 reps pretty easily, with anger

170 kilos x 5 x 8 with shorty black Elite bands (easy beezy)

superset with

Heavy GM with SSB and something like 110 kilos added to the bar 5 x 5 heavy, heavy
Medicine ball twists off the bench

I downed another SWF dose during. Got pretty hot in there, really, and I worked ardently. Now I have a splitting headache and need a shower and lunch.

Everybody have a great Christmas.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Military press

I had to get through the workout quickly today -- too much to do today. I had to get the workout in, though, after this week and the certain stress of next week.

So rather than skimp on each rep or set, I took no rest time between sets. Suck wind, I did.

It was a cool morning to start but warmed quickly. By the time I was done, it was downright hot. I thought briefly of Paul Stagg back East in the snow and of Strongman Bob up in Ohio and appreciated the warm air. Started with the heater, Results, SWF, elbow sleeves, and lots of chalk.

I did the usual warm-ups and took my time getting through them.


130 kilos x 3 easy
140 kilos x 3 still quite easy
150 kilos x 3 pushed up 8 reps and had one or two left

90 kilos x 5 x 10 super easy -- probably need to go up

superset with

chins to fail x 5

I alternated chins and pull-ups, all fairly wide grip. My wide grip is edge-to-edge on the rack, so as wide as I can make it. My biceps were not happy, but I went with it anyway. I didn't feel nearly as good this week on these, but struggled through them. Last set I died at seven reps, waited about ten seconds, and pulled off five more. I'll call it rest/pause.

All in all, a productive start to the day. No records set, but pretty good. Shoulders feel great -- Mike Robertson and Inside/Out should get all the credit.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Squat day

Long day, long week. Went to my gym even though it was getting dark quickly -- I had to turn on the lamp, casting a weak ochre light over the iron. With the thin rust on the bars, the whole room takes on an orange glaze. Pretty cool.

It's a cool evening, so I started with the heater to cut a quick sweat. Started with Results and SWF and wore my Ace briefs. I probably should have stuck with the Vikings, as this is a 5-rep day and the weights are not heavy enough early to reach a good depth. You could argue that I never did reach depth on that last 5/3/1 day where I hit 5 at suspected max. I was probably a couple of inches high on every rep, but without film there's no way to know.

Anyway, warmed up with the bar and turned on the fan.


320 kilos x 5
340 kilos x 5
360 kilos x 5

They all felt sluggo today -- everything was an effort, even though nothing felt heavy.

Hit 210 kilos x 5 x 10 with the shirt off. I love the feel of the bar on the back. These all went up easily, though I probably sold the last set short because my right knee hurt a little. I suspect I was flaring badly, because I felt like I was all over the place all day today.

I did some hammie curls with bands as a superset. Nothing to shout about.

No pain, everything went up, and I still have time to wine and dine my wife. Great day.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bench day

My love/hate thing with the bench continues. It's a beautiful day here after raining for several days. Nice temp, sun's out, great day.

I started with Results and SWF; I just didn't have it in me to go through the Anaconda thing. I won't give it up, but I figure a supp has to absolutely rock beyond coincidence for me to use it if it's a pain to use. The stuff's a royal pain and I haven't been on it long enough to tell if it's any better than anything else. I'll give it a full tub to find out, but today was an off day for Anaconda.

Usual warm-up under the bar. Had the heater on to start and turned the fan on shortly after I started a good sweat. Used Convict sleeves and Metal wrist wraps.


190 kilos x 5 felt tough for some reason
200 kilos x 5 not too bad
210 kilos x 5 tough, didn't try for more

Reverse band bench with lots of chains and 290 kilos (+/-) on the bar

5 sets of 5 superset with

Fat DB Kroc rows with 120# on the DB 5 sets of 12

The rvs band benches were not bad, though my triceps were barking by the end of the workout. That's what I wanted, so good. No idea how much weight in chains were there.

The Kroc rows won't earn Kroc's respect any time soon, but they're assistance work and I try to keep them tough without busting my butt over them.

I was just dragging a little today for some reason. Whatever the case, it went ok. Looking pretty thick these days, but still want to add another 20 solid pounds without (too much) lard.

Lots of Bender, Thornley, Corrosion of Conformity, Blackline, Deftones, Prong, Seether, and the like on the Shuffle. Great stuff for keeping me moving.

Wonder if I can find enough solitude for a nap this afternoon. Ha. As if.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

DL day

This has been a week and a half. I was due to DL days ago, but I had an unreal work week (which is a good thing) and had to chaperon a bunch of fifth graders on an overnight on the oldest working sailing ship in the world. Day after the overnight, I had to ad lib a presentation to hundreds from the healthcare and political community. Needless to say, I was dopey tired for most of the week and didn't get it all done until today.

For whatever reason, I went into my gym feeling good. Got a great night's sleep last night (Z-12 rocks) and was abuzz, ready to go. Not enough to eat today, but otherwise in good sorts.

Second day on Anaconda. Still not sure about this crap. Pegg swears by it, but I'm unconvinced. I'll give it to the end of the tub. Also used Metal Viking briefs and a Spud DL belt and a lot of chalk.

To it:

Dynamic warmup, lots of bar-time, etc. Got warm this time.


245 kilos x 5 super easy
260 kilos x 5 also really easy
275 kilos x 5 Hit 8 reps easy, had more. Really easy.

Put a bench down and loaded the SSB with about 100 pounds, I guess. Maybe more. I did a deep backward lunge and stepped up onto the bench. Ten reps per leg, lunge to step-up. Pretty hard on my glutes.

Loaded up the SSB with 160 kilos and did Good Mornings in sets of 5. Did a bunch. Someday I'll catch up to Ano (ok, not likely).

Left feeling good, though my head is going to split open. Things are getting better in the gym. Love this feeling.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Military press

Ok, so I pretty much skipped my deload week. Work and life got in the way of putzing in the gym (which is what deload is to me...), so I went right back to it today.

It was a cold day today for SD. I feel for all you guys in real cold, because the bars were stinkin' cold. I know, I'm whining. Turned on the heater, wore long sleeves, and got to it.

Skipped the Results and SWF today for my first day trying Anaconda. I missed the beta-alanine tingles.

Anaconda is pretty highly regarded by the Elite set, so I figured I'd give it a roll. Following the directions is important -- don't shake it. Stir. Use the flavorings and tinker with them until you find your sweet spot for taste -- to me they're really sour or way too sweet. I got berry and orange; orange was cloying and berry tasted like cranberries -- sour. Maybe I'll get used to them.

Anyway, 40 ounces is a lot, no matter how you slice it. Downing the first 20 was pretty easy, but the second was tough, particularly because they want you to down it all in 30 minutes. So I felt bloated and vomitous pretty much the whole time. Great. No supplement is any good if you can't tolerate it, no matter how effective it is. We'll have to work this out. Now I just need to yack or belch a monster.

To the weight:

120 kg x 5 easy beezy
130 kg x 5 super easy
140 kg x 5(8) used the fat bar here, which oddly made it harder -- my hands tingled in my fourth and fifth fingers up to the butt of my hand. Odd. I got 8 reps before I stopped.

90 kg x 5 x 10 superset with

chins 5 x 12 clean, wide, fat bar
choppers 3 x 8 with a 45 had a little right shoulder twinge
posterior fly 3 x 12 with whatever was on the small DBs

All in all a good day. Got a little headache afterward -- probably the Anaconda. Still have to choke down about 5 ounces. We'll see if I like what it does, or it'll be back to Results in a NY minute.

Feeling strong and tight. Got a lot to do today and feel good about it. Carry on.