Thursday, August 30, 2012

training 8.30.2012

Lifting at lunch again.  Good day for it, as it is fairly quiet and my CEO boss is busy yelling at my COO.  Perfect.

Started with one scoop of Craze (desperately wanted two) and the B-Ala/creatine mix.  Enough stim to wake the dead.

Wrist support today only.

Pin press -5cm x3@9 + -5%: 255kg plus one.  Essentially a one-board, the secret is getting it moving in the first place.  Tight lats, pull the hands apart, the sucker moves.  I think this is a PR for a one-board pin press.

Pin press to chest x3@9 + -5%: 200kg plus one.  Very tough, and very little progress.  A bit tired from the first, I think.

Incline x6@9 + -5%: ten pounds less than last time.  Pretty cooked.  Dropped to 70% and repped out after my fatigue set.

I feel okay about today.  Had some technical difficulties in the rumpus room, which upsets the apple cart a little.  Nothing I can't handle, but rhythm was chucked.  This effected incline more than the other two, as it was at the last set of the pin press that stuff started to break.  Wish I had the disposable income to sell some of my training stuff and start over -- there are a couple of things I would do differently.  Admittedly, like most, I've done the best I could over years of accumulating what I needed until I could quit commercial gyms for good.  Here's hoping I never have to go back.

The saga of training the boy continues.  The school district said I have to be certified in a way that says someone thinks I am competent to train my stepson.  I have a choice of throwing him into independent study of golf, making him take the same PE as all the other kids, or getting certified.  I think I'll get certified.  I have 30 days, so I'm going to pound it out as fast as I possibly can.  At least then I can do this with the boy (the primary desire), accumulate a marketable certification (distant secondary), and can be proud of myself for having done something worthwhile (a much closer secondary).

In the meantime, I will continue to try to do things I can be proud of, or that make those around me proud to be around me.  No, it's not all about me -- I do these things for me, so I can feel good about myself, much the same reason I strive week after week, year after year, against gravity.  I will bet you know what I'm talking about.  Whether we say it is for mental health, for maintaining mobility, for looking good naked, whatever, I suspect our reasons are very similar.

Thanks for checking in.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

training 8.28.2012

Needed more sweat today.  Started with B-Ala/creatine, had Craze around noon but didn't lift until 4:30.  Dynamic work, knee sleeves.

Squat x3@9 + -5%: 315kg plus one set.  Both were legit 9s.

2-count DL x3@9 + -5%: 240kg plus one.  Tired after squats.

Pendlays x6@9 + -5%: bunch of weight.  Tired and hot -- form likely sucked.

Did a bunch of Dimel DLs and Kroc rows after.  Felt the Dimels in my glutes in a big way.

I like the Dimels and will include more of them and Zercher squats going forward.  Given my knee issues with lunges, I may switch to Zerchers on lunge days.  We'll see.

Sorry for all the angst lately, guys.  Thanks for sticking in.

Monday, August 27, 2012

training 8.27.2012

Started with B-Ala/creatine.  No Craze -- too late in the afternoon or I'm up all night.  Used wrist support.

2-count bench x3@9 + -5%: 215kg plus one fatigue set

bench +90mm x3@9 + -5%: 185kg plus one.  Last rep of the 185 kilo set was a 10 -- ground it out

Floor press x6@9 + -5%: same weight as last time -- arms were rubbery by this point.  One fatigue set.

Worked all weekend on an RFP response that I submitted today.  Had two others last week, and have a preso to the world in St. Paul in three weeks.  Haven't even started the slides, they are due next week.  I need some time off, but it isn't going to happen anytime soon.  Sorry to whine.

Thanks for checking in.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

training 8.25.2012

Deftones/Royal is fantastic.  Great lifting music, assuming you like that kind of thing.

Training in the morning after a very stressful week.  Just have to get through Monday and should be okay.  Grey, cool morning.  Started with B-Ala + Craze.  A little dynamic work for squatting, none for bench (=bad idea).  Only support gear was wrist.

Pin press -5cm x4@9 + -0%: got 250kg -- felt great (last rep was ground out =10)

Pin press full ROM x4@9 + -0%: got 195kg, 15kg more than last time; last rep was a total grind (=10)

JM press x8@9 + -0%: did a bunch, totally fried my triceps.

2ct DL x4@9 + -0%: 250kg, same as three days ago; felt fine

SSB Squat x4@9 + -0%: 220kg, a bit more than last time.

SSB Squat x6@9 + -0%: 180kg, feeling pretty toasty by this point

Yes, I combined two days.  I kept the time between sets to a minimum to try to keep the training under an hour.  I think it was about 75', but hard to tell at this point.  Not sure when I went in.

I did my SSB squats a little differently this time.  I put a 10" stone on the floor, kept my feet a little narrower, pushed my knees out hard, and squatted to the stone.  All were very deep -- pretty much as far down as I can go.  This was a lot harder on my glutes than anything else -- felt like a lunge day.  Didn't ever get to the point of feeling my back, as I usually do.  I really don't like the SSB, which to me means I need it.  Glad Mike has me doing this.

My stepson asked me to coach him this semester on an Independent Phys Ed program.  It looks like the school is going to let him do it, and they require he enter a comp.  I think we're going to do Solvang in December, which will be tough for him -- he has a ton to learn before then, a lot of muscle to put on, and he'll be competing in the 13-15 category as a low-end, prepubescent 13-year-old.  But he'll be competing, hopefully get bitten by the bug, and next time we can do one together as a team.  I think that would be cool.  This time, I'll be his support crew and take care of him.  It'll be great.  In the meantime, if anyone has ideas for training a newbie kid, I'm open to hearing them.  Send me articles, opinion, sarcasm, whatever.

Got dinner tonight with a bunch of people that, for the most part, I don't like.  Last night I was at a party with a bunch of people I don't know, which was a lot more fun.  At least I will get fed well tonight, and there are a couple of women that will be there that I find delightful.  So maybe I can tolerate the rest.  Just one thing: last night one of the moms noted that my wife looks like Heidi Klum, and it turns out she's right.  My wife is freakin' hot.  Better looking than Heidi in my book, but with a considerably smaller bank account.  Can't have everything.

Hope everyone has a great day.  Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

training 8.22.2012

Training at lunch today -- pressed for time, leaving off the Pendlay finish (8@9) until later. 

Warm day, humid.  Started with dynamic work, B-Ala/creatine, Craze, Ndure, and very little bar work -- made big jumps to working weight.  Still a little tired from maxing Sunday.

Squat x4@9 + -0%: 300kg, felt heavy, didn't have any more.  Once again, it wasn't quads that gassed.

2-count DL x4@9 + -0%: 250kg, felt great.  More like 8.5, may have had another jump.

Watched Mike's paused DLs and discovered I've been doing them differently -- I never put the bar down.  I drop back to start and stop just short of the floor and come back up.  I don't reset on the floor, mainly because the temptation exists to just leave it there.  I think I'll stick with my way unless told otherwise.  I do tap the floor maybe 50% of the time, but I take it up a degree and do the pause.

I have to find a comp for my 13-yo stepson to compete in before Christmas.  If anyone knows any PL or strongman comps on the left coast (or wherever, for that matter) that will take a kid, please let me know via comment, PM, or email.  Thanks.

Not bad today.  I needed it -- been feeling a strange anxiety the last couple of days.  I think maybe some deliverables are catching up to my subconscious and dragging me around the yard, if you know what I mean.  I needed the sweat.  Wish I had a prowler to push around the block, frankly.

More later.  Back to the office to sweat -- so sexy.

Monday, August 20, 2012

training 8.20.2012

Mid-back is sore from yesterday, and all is generally a little run down.  Max day is stressful on an old man.

Started with B-Ala/creatine mix.  No Craze -- I want to sleep later.  There's caffeine enough in the other cocktail.

Bar work to warm up.  Only used wrist support.

2count bench x4@9 + -0%: 210kg, which was more than last time (3@8.5)

Bench +bands x4@9 + -0%: reached 185kg with a couple of 12" strong bands from the 2-hole.  No idea how much this adds at the top, but its a whole freakin' lot

Floor press x8@9 + -0%: reached 10kg more than last time (x7@9).  Feel good about this.

No pain, though back was barking every time I set up.  Just sore.  No big deal.

My wife and I are evaluating her competitions and how to proceed.  My stepson has asked me to coach him through an independent PE strength and conditioning program this semester, too.  In order to satisfy the school district's requirements, he will have to compete in a weightlifting comp of some sort -- likely either a crossfit thing or, if I can find one, a powerlifting meet that will take kids.  So maybe he and the old step-man will compete together this year.  Should be fun.  I suppose I've taken long enough off.

I tried on my bench shirt yesterday while I could still move and couldn't get it all the way on.  No way it was going on.  My arms are just way too big at the armpit to seat the thing the last inch.  I picked up my old faithful denim and couldn't get the arms past my forearms.  Guess I got bigger.  Time to invest in another shirt.  I can't say I'm happy about learning a whole new shirt, so maybe I will get another one made like the last one and just have adjustments made.  I could always get a single and double-ply... hmmm...

Time to bust out the squat suit, too, and get used to sitting back into those straps.  Whole thing sounds like a goat rodeo -- I'm sure the first few times will be funny to watch.  Maybe I'll video that and just make fun of myself before everyone else gets a shot.

Anyway, thanks for checking in.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

training 8.19.2012

Hot day, a bit intimidated going in due to max day.  Not as much sleep as usual last night -- wife had a figure comp yesterday (a 2nd and a 3rd), so we got in late.

Started with Craze, B-Ala/creatine, dynamic shoulder work.  Wore loose briefs knowing what I was going to squat.  Wore Spud velcro wrist support and knee sleeves.  Used a belt for squats and deads.

Squat 1rm: hit 340kg and felt good.  335 felt bad, but assumed it was setup.  I was right.  Did not fail, so may have had 342.5.  Wanted to leave something.  Depth may have been short on 340 -- if I'm questioning it, it probably was too high.

Bench 1rm: hit 250kg.  I took way too many sets to get here and was tired.  This was my fault.  Not happy.

DL 1rm: hit 285kg.  This is more than I've ever pulled while working with Mike, so I feel pretty good about it.  DL is still my weak spot -- I have a long way to go to scare anyone here.  Not sure why.  I failed my first attempt at 285 halfway up due to pitching forward; it pissed me off so bad that I went straight back to the bar and completed 285.  Might have had 287, but I'm not sure. 

Need DL socks -- I left a lot of blood on the bar today.  Glad it's my bar.  1925# total in my own gym, and should have had more on the bench.

I'm a little surprised things went so well today, as this last week was stressful.  This coming week will be too, so it wouldn't surprise me if my numbers sagged a little.

Video camera is dead.  Wife has approved a GoPro 2 if I sell something, so hitting eBay with stuff this evening.  Hope to escape internet joke/troll status soon and post some vid.

Thanks for checking.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

training 8.16.2012

Still pretty warm here, though not as outright hot.  Still, it's been pretty hot this week around here and work has been tough, so stress is high.  Needed the work today.

Started with B-Ala/creatine mix + half scoop Craze.  Too late for a full scoop, unfortunately -- I like sleeping too much.  Last night was a rough night.

No dynamic work, fan on full, no support.

Bench + chain x3@8.5 + -0%: 195kg -- felt very strong.  Got one fatigue set.

Lunge x5@9 + -0: Everything was complaining -- hips, knees, low back.  Got about 200# and just did sets until I reached RPE=9.

Incline, pinky on ring x6@9 + -0%: hit 165kg and one fatigue set.

Right shoulder wasn't happy at the higher incline weight, but didn't hurt enough to stop.  I think that's just the way it is out of the hole.

I used to rock lunges -- not right now.  Will have to fix that.  Must be a form problem.

Gotta go.  Have a nice evening.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

training 8.14.2012

Not much time today and hot.  Started with the usual elixirs, no support gear, no dynamic work.

Squat + chain x3@8.5 + -0%: reached 310kg + maybe 150# of chain, one fatigue set; likely RPE=9

2count bench X3@8.5 + -0%: reached 210kg, maybe more than 8.5; one fatigue

Ran out of time -- will DL this afternoon or tomorrow.

More later.  Off to return to work to sweat.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

training 8.12.2012

Hace calor en la rumpus room.  I suspect the temp in there is near 100.  Sweating hard, fan running harder.  Yeah, I know that's not that hot for many of you, but it's hot for this beach community.

Started with DS Craze, B-Ala/creatine, and not much else.  No support gear except velcro wrist wraps for pressing.  Only used one scoop of Craze, and this made a huge difference in felt effect -- it's also possible that yesterday took a bit of my edge off all around.

DL + all the chain I have x4@9 + -5%: reached 275kg + chains, got one fatigue set

1.5 board x4@9 + -5%: used a 2-bd (couldn't find the 1.5) still with light touch and reached 250kg.  Felt fantastic.  Triceps are not my benching problem; clearly what is limiting me is the bottom half of full ROM.  Consider that I was stapled by 100# less a few days ago, though admittedly on a day I was fighting a stomach bug.

Pendlays x7@9 + -5%: 110kg and didn't push it too hard.  Low back is a little sore, so focused on upper back and kept it sensible.  Did a bunch of sets.

A little tired and sore from yesterday, but felt good otherwise.  Once warmed up, it went well.  Honestly, now that I'm over the gut bug, I can't remember the last time I felt this good.  How much of it is the pre-workout pick-me-up, I can't say.  We'll see how I sleep tonight.

Hope all have a good week.

minor update with unimportant info

A little bit sore today, which is a) extraordinarily unlike me, and b) something I quite like.  Going into the room shortly -- already downed B-Ala/creatine and Craze, which is something like crack.  Believe me, I'm going to buy a lot of this stuff even if I have to freeze it.  Anything this good is sure to be banned.

Also, there is a lot of episodic, very low frequency rumbling in Sandy Eggo today.  It sounds like bombers are taking off from Miramar, though we never hear the goings-on at Miramar.  We usually hear Pendleton before Miramar, just because we're just about mid-way between them and what Pendleton does is usually louder.  Odd stuff, and the military always denies anything is up when strange things like this happen (case in point, an earthquake-like rumble a few months ago they blamed on a phenomenon that defies physics ;I'll see if I can find the newspaper article).  Something is amiss.

Incidentally, one feature of the Craze that I failed to mention is that it gives me considerable dry-mouth.  I can't tell you how much water I drank yesterday after training.

More to come.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

training 8.11.2012

Very warm morning for SD.  Eager to get in the rumpus room today, and sweating hard before entering.

Struggled with stomach problems for the past couple of days.  Way under caloric needs, badly nauseated yesterday, wasn't sure what today would hold.

Started with DS Craze (one scoop -- first time), dynamic shoulder work; wore Spud wrist wraps and EFS elbow sleeves for the bench; wore my loosest briefs and EFS knee sleeves for squatting.  Wore a belt for the heaviest squats.  Wore no support for incline.

Comp bench x2@8.5 + -5%: 220kg plus two fatigue sets.  Felt light, though last was likely RPE=9.  This is an all-weight American record for my age group (raw), which blows me away.  I'm a garage queen -- means nothing until on a stage.

Squat + chain x4@9 + -5%: used reverse bands b/c I wanted to, hit 380kg (-30 @top, -150@hole), might have had more.  Felt great, though felt some instability at heavier weights.  Need to do some suitcase carries or something.  Maybe I'll pull out Never Gymless or Bull Strength and do some core work.  Hate that term, 'core'.  Got one fatigue set.

Incline x7@9 (pinky/ring) + -5%: hit 150kg plus two fatigue sets; shoulders not happy, but not bad.  Had the hands closer to ring between pinky and ring finger, as this tends to be easier on my shoulders.  Not sure why this bothers my shoulders, because I can rock military and push press well over 400# without too much trouble.

Very happy to feel like I've made a little progress.  The squat is bangin', though the instability in my torso is troublesome.  Anything goes bad, it'll be really, really super-bad.

Absolutely love the Craze.  Felt mildly euphoric the entire time.  Made mad notes all during -- feel a little like I imagine a tweaker feels, frankly.  Wish I could feel this all the time.  Took one scoop 30 minutes before  and took another half scoop as I was winding out the bench -- wanted another hit while squatting, particularly because the edge was coming off and I knew the squatting would be tough.

Anyway, enough chat.  Great day in the gym, and looking forward to doing some extra work.  Really liked the Craze -- check it out.  Also, go rent Jiro Dreams of Sushi; the hard worker in us will love it, and it's particularly up your alley if you are at all a foodie.  Plus, the photography is beautiful.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Stay safe.  Thanks for checking in, and leave me a comment every once in a while, even if just to troll a bit.  I use Ghostery, so I have no idea if anyone is even paying attention.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

training 8.9.2012

Hot here today -- hottest day of the year, which is still not saying much.  Still, sweating like a pig.

Struggling with some ugly GI issues, but desperately needed to train.  Everything turned out okay, though I'm still cramping badly.

Started with B-Ala/creatine, wrist wraps when benching.

DL x2@8.5 + -5%: reached 240kg and didn't think I could go up any farther.  Less than last time, unfortunately.

Bench + chain x2@8.5 + -5%: reached 180kg, more than last time.  Go figure.  Had all the chain I've got on there.  My arms are fried.

Lunges x5@9 + -5%: lots of weight, sets of five, glute cramps galore.

Felt weak for the DLs, which at the time I wrote off to the gastro trouble.  Stomach bugs suck, period.  But it didn't play out that way when benching, where I felt studly.

Wife has a figure comp next week, so no food fun for me around her.  All that really means is that I won't be going out, but just have to cook for myself.  I'm entirely okay with that, and she has no problem with sitting next to me while I pound down a quart of ice cream.

Aside from the gut, I'm feeling great right now.  Just need to eat more, which translates to spending time cooking and freezing.  I love cooking for other people, but it kinda sucks cooking boring stuff for myself.  I have enough clean recipes to crush a horse, so the fault is entirely mine.

I need to get more serious on lunges, and I should get a sled to drag around the 'hood.

More next time.  Thanks for checking in.

Monday, August 6, 2012

training 8.6.2012

Worked yesterday -- did lots of rowing motions, assistance work, etc.

Today warmed up with the bar.  Hot day for SD, so getting a sweat on was easy.  Also been dragging badly the past several days; might be fighting something.

Ran out of B-Ala/creatine mix -- more on its way.  Going to return to using Results after workouts and going to try Driven Sports Craze (pre w-o) before it gets banned.  I like experimenting, even for fractional, incremental results.  What can I say?

Nothing but wrist support today.

Squat x2@8.5 + -5%: hit 265kg.  Didn't feel heavy, but was all I had today.

2count bench x4@9 + -5%: hit 175kg.  Felt pretty solid, despite the low weight moved.  Tried 185 and stapled myself.

Floor press x7@9 + -5%: hit 150kg.  Hurt.

Shout to Bob for doing the ORSM.  You're an inspiration, brother, but quit hurting yourself.  Gain some weight, too -- bacon+honey+peanut butter sandwiches are the bomb-diggity.  I sometimes sub Nutella for the raw honey, and that's pretty awesome too.

Hope all have a lovely evening.  Watch some of the Olympics, will ya?  The +75 kg weightlifting women were a little scary, but the 75s were fantastic.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

training 8.4.2012

Draggin' in a big way.  No idea why, but likely due to caloric deficit.

Started with B-Ala/creatine, used TrueNutrition MGPM during.  Warm-up was bar/weight only.

Comp bench x2@8 + -5%: reached 220kg, did several fatigue sets at -0%

Pin squat + chain x2@8.5 + -5%: reached 250kg on the bar (was a 9), did 2 fatigue sets at 0%

JM Press x5@9 + -5%: got to 100kg and stopped.  Kept strict form, no pain in any joints.  Did a fair number of sets.

Likely to do a bunch of make-up work tomorrow, including a lot of rowing/pulling.

The heavier classes of Olympic weightlifting were incredibly good comps, both men and women -- highly recommend watching them.  Let me know if you need help finding them.

When I tore my vastus lateralis,  the orthopod was astounded at how high my attachments are.  He said he'd never seen anything like it.  Net effect for me is that I eternally look like I have chicken legs.  For goodness sake, I've hit geared squats over 800# and look like I have frat-boy sticks.  Worse, my briefs are getting super-tight way up at the openings from big hips, hams, abductors and adductors.  But I have no teardrop -- my quads low are pathetic.  I'm open to any suggestions.  Lots of partial hack squats out of the hole?  I'll do anything to at least feel a little balanced.

Gorgeous day here.  Closed a solid deal this week worth several million.  At least now I can pay a few bills, once that check comes in.  I need a few more if baby's going to get a new pair of shoes (translate: a house, a new used car, anything more than getting out of debt), but getting entirely out of debt would be peachy.  For all of us struggling in this economy, I feel it right there with you.  Hang tough, all.

Have a great day.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

training 8.2.2012

Generally tired today.  Stressful business travel yesterday coupled with too little food = tired.

Hot day today.  Humidity is only 68%, but that's a lot for around here.  What a wuss.

A little dynamic work, B-Ala/creatine, and got to it.

Deadlift  x2@8 + -5%: reached 265kg and crapped out; one fatigue set

Bench + chains x2@8 + -5%: hit 200kg plus chains and that was it; backed off about 8% and did lots and lots of fatigue sets

SSB Squat x4@9 + -5%: stopped at 200kg on the SSB and did high-rep (15 reps) box squats until I reached the desired RPE for 4.  No fatigue set.

Today was tough -- momentum and motivation were lacking.  I'll be back.

Strongman Bob and I are gonna try Jack3d (the old stuff with DMAA for me) -- anyone try it?  Weigh in.  Edit: you can't get the jack3d with DMAA, no matter how sly you are.  Maybe I'll try Driven Sports Craze...  I still like my Results most of all, but don't really want carbs prior to workout.