Saturday, January 30, 2010

Deadlift day

Max day for DL. Not feeling it going in, despite a good week. I just know it's gonna kill, so enthusiasm wasn't too high.

Started with Results and SWF, copious dynamic work (straight from the Diesel video this week) and bar work. Wore Metal Viking briefs, no sleeves and no wraps.


245 kg x 5 not too bad
275 kg x 3 tough off the floor
310 kg x 1 got 4 reps, which is a rep PR by one rep, but they were ugly

200 kg x 5 reps x 8 sets

super'd with

Goodmornings with 175 kg on the SSB -- did sets of five reps

I stopped at 3 sets of assistance work because I have to coach the boys this afternoon and will be squatting for two hours. My low back is pretty toasty already, so I decided to take it easy on the afterwork.

Time to drop the weight back and go from a deficit. Once the weight is a few inches up, it's easy for me -- it's getting it moving that's killing me.

Anyway, on with the day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


After a delicious rep PR yesterday and on such a beautiful day, I went into my home gym expecting big things today. My wife is coming back home today from a business trip, work has me incredibly pissed off, and I'm stronger than ever -- a recipe for a perfect day.

Started with Results and SWF and wore Convict sleeves. Warmed up carefully with the bar.

Military w/ fat bar:

120 kg x 5 easy
135 kg x 3 easier
155 kg x 1 got 12 reps, a new rep PR

110 kilos x 5 sets of 10 reps

in superset with

fat bar chins x 5 sets x 8 reps still slacking here until more confidence in my bicep tendon is won
posterior deltoid fly x 5 sets x 10 reps with a lot on skinny DBs

Finally, I did the extra squat work I missed yesterday. I still had a pretty vicious back pump going, but it wasn't structural or debilitating so I pushed through it. I did 215 kg x sets of 15.

Another rep PR, which has me stoked again. Awesome. Not sure why this isn't translating into bench gains, but I'll take gains no matter where they come from. Who am I to complain? My shoulders are tired, my quads are achy, and I'm feeling pretty fantastic. Elbows, shoulders, and bicep were all just fine. Lovin' life.

Great day, all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Squat day

Finally got time to squat. My wife's out of town in San Fran and I've been Mister Mom for the last several days, which along with four straight days of baseball just killed any chance to get under the bar. But I got there.

Started with dynamic warm-up and bar work. Wore Metal Ace briefs, no sleeves, eventually the leather belt. Started with AtLarge Results and Biotest Surge Workout Fuel, which I also downed during.

I went into the room with a little trepidation today -- not sure what to expect. All the weight on the bar seemed to move around today, too, which made the walkouts an adventure. Not sure why. On top of all that whining, I've gained a little weight (finally) and my briefs were a little tighter than usual, which threatened to push me out of my usual groove. So be it.


A lot x 3 -- my usual starter, it went up super-easy but the walkout was a bitch
10% more x 3 still pretty easy
10% more x 3 hit 10 clean reps -- a 5-rep PR

215 kilos x 5 x 10 off a parallel box

super'd with

SLDL from a deficit with 100 kilos on the bar

Honestly, I was incredibly pumped (both physically and mentally) from the rep PR and lit into the assistance work. I was going to just try to rip off 50 reps off the box on the squat and enjoy soreness tomorrow, but I always start with the odd superset first. So I did SLDLs first and started a spasm in my low-back. Brilliant. I did a couple of sets with squats and was so uncomfortable that I started to worry about dumping the weight.

So I wimped after a couple of sets and called it a night. I'm still chuffed about the PR, so I don't feel too down about it. I'll just fill them in tomorrow.

The rep-PR was only 20 kilos below my all-time bar weight PR. That puppy is going down this quarter. If I hit that PR, I'm entering a comp as closely on its heels as possible.

Now to deal with my usual headache. Have a great night.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bench day

Gorgeous day here, though it's still incredibly wet. We've gotten a year's worth of rain (for SoCal) in the last ten days. You'll be reading about mud slides in LAlaland next week, I'm sure. And fires this summer.

I love bench days even though I'm not making much progress here. At least it means squat's next.

Started with Results. If any of you bought the most recent batch and are having solubility problems, warm the water to 120 or so and mix it; ice it and you're there. No sense in tossing the whole bucket.

Warmed up under the bar carefully. Used the Convict sleeves, too, and cranked the heater in the room.

Bench with the fat bar:

195 kilos x 3 not bad
210 kilos x 3 still not too bad
220 kilos x 3 felt tough today, so I stopped at 3 with more in the tank

130 kilos x 5 sets of 10

super'd with

fat DB rows with 65 kg x 5 sets of 10

The assistance work left me winded as I moved swiftly between sets. The heavy lifts felt heavy, which I can't figure except that this was a very stressful week and I am almost certainly nominally dehydrated. Not good.

Got all set up for fat db floor presses but weenied out. I will mix them in with another day.

Taking the little man to see Avatar in IMAX 3D today. I may be more excited than he is. I'll report.

Everyone have a great day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Deadlift day

It's been raining cats and dogs in SoCal now for days. The ground is saturated and flooding rampant. Next comes mud slides, though thankfully I don't live near where they'd be a problem. We did have tornadoes and lightning in the area, both of which are very unusual.

In the meantime my gym has water on the floor. I about clocked myself today slipping in a puddle, but thankfully none of it's near my iron yet. Wouldn't do to lose a couple thou pounds to rust, would it?

Started today with Results and wore my loose Viking briefs for security, er, hip support. I warmed up with the bar, which was stupid, admittedly.


260 kilos x 3 not bad
275 kilos x 3 felt tough for some reason
290 kilos x 3 not too bad

170 kilos x 5 sets of 8 reps

Super'd with a bunch of stuff that doesn't bear mentioning.

The 170 seems so easy after the other sets. Frankly, I think I'm sticking at the floor, so I'm going to back off the weight and start deadlifting from a deficit next time. I think. Assuming I remember. Once the weight is moving, it moves pretty easily.

Anyway, not a bad day and I think I have a hint for how to get back to progressing. So I'm happy about it.

Have a great day, all.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Military press

It's a rainy day here, which is great but unusual. For a day off, it's a great time to see a movie or nap or something. But to the gym I must go, and I couldn't wait.

Military day. I'm creeping upward with my mil, still doing them seated until I quit advancing. Still using the fat bar because I groove on it.

Started with Results and used SWF during. Dragging a little at the start, but that's more about circumstances than anything else. Been a tiring weekend in several ways.

Used Convict elbow sleeves -- love those things. Wore long sleeves for more warmth and cranked the heater to work up a quick sweat.

Warmed up slowly with weight. It's dangerous to forgo dynamic warm-up, but sometimes I get lazy or impatient and skip it. That's usually right before I get hurt.

Seated Military with the fat bar:

130 kg x 3 easy
135 kg x 3 still easy, though it's hardly a difference in weight
145 kg x 3 got 10 reps. Thought I was a stud until I noticed I did better by 5 kg last time I had a 3-rep day. Oh well. Felt good. Got two more reps than the last time I did 145 kilos for 3.

110 kg x 5 sets of 10 reps

superset with

Posterior deltoid work with skinny DBs 5 x 8 with a lot
Chins sets of 8 reps

First time back with chins since hurting my bicep tendon, so I took it fairly easy to get a feel for it. Everything was great, but I was glad to cut back a little. The posterior work was harder than expected, which I liked -- pushed through and the last set was excellent.

Shoulders are feeling strong and solid. Mike Robertson deserves credit for a lot of help and wisdom.

Have a great rainy MLK day.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Squat day

I've got to be on the other side of the county in a couple of hours, so I admit I felt a little rushed today. Still, I tried to take my time and do it right. I'm still sore from bench day two days ago -- I'd like some of that in these bird legs after today.

Had to start early this morning, so I skipped the Results since it was just after breakfast and I was still pretty full. Might be a mistake, but there it is. Used my Ace briefs and worked up to the leather belt.

It was a little chilly for SD this morning, so I started with the heater on. Lots of warm-up today, both dynamic and weighted.


315 kg x 5 easy
335 kg x 5 not bad, though walkout was tough and I dropped a 5 kilo plate off one side on the re-rack. Felt a twinge mid-back on the left side, which didn't make me happy.
360 kg x 5 not bad at all. Stopped at 5 reps just because I was distracted by grooving on the tunes from my iPod and forgot to keep going.

220 kg x 5 sets of 10 reps

superset with

SLDL from a deficit with a lot on the bar x 5

I wanted to work on my hams and therefore went with the SLDLs.

I stopped the accessory work at three sets because I started to feel my mid-back problem. Rather than push through it, I wimped to avoid more problems. Maybe a mistake, maybe not -- we'll see.

Anyway, all in all a good day. I pushed hard, have the usual splitting headache, and don't feel guilty about cutting it short.

Now to go yell at 10 year old boys all day (last game today starts at 7:15 tonight. Nuts.)

Have a great day.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bench day

Beautiful day today. I was dragging a bit going in, but had hustled home early to get under the weight. Looking forward to benching even though I've stagnated a bit.

I started with Results and I Spiked for some intensity. It's always a toss-up: Spike gives me an awesome rush but I always seem to puke in my Spiked workouts. I was pretty spun up by the time I got through warm-ups.

Used Convict elbow sleeves. I think my elbow/bicep tendon is ok, but I'm a huge chicken about testing it. I've tossed the baseball to the boy, but I haven't really thrown since I hurt myself. I threw him one hard curve this last weekend and it hurt badly, but I had no residual ache. Maybe I'm getting over it.

Bench with the fat bar:

185 kilos x 5 easy
195 kilos x 5 still easy
210 kilos x 5 not bad. Had a twinge in my right shoulder from getting out of proper path (too low), but no big deal. I cut it at 5 anyway rather than test it.

130 kg + a couple of orange shorty Elite bands on each side for lockout work x 5 x 10

superset with

Fat DB rows with a lot of weight x 5 x 12

I was sucking wind pretty badly the whole time. Not sure why, but I was. Didn't ralph but felt like I could the whole time, too. So it goes. I love the intensity, like I have to keep lifting.

I took the bands off for the last set of accessory benching and it felt super-odd. I'd get halfway up and thump up the rest of the way, as if there was some sort of stop halfway. Not sure how to express it -- when I got to where the bands would be pulling down hard, I raced up. Weird. Got the tricep work I wanted, though.

Elbow felt fine, shoulder feels fine, everything was fine. What a great day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deadlift day

Dragging today. I know why, but that doesn't change the fact. Dragging. Dragged my sorry butt into the rumpus room for some weight work. Had to.

Started with Results and SWF. Wore my Viking briefs and Spud DL belt. Warmed up with dynamic and bar work.


245 kg x 5 felt a little heavy. Wuss.
260 kg x 5 tough
275 kg x 5 Got 8 reps. Didn't feel so heavy by this point, for whatever reason

160 kg x 5 set x 8 reps Sped these up, SLDL'd them down slowly

superset with

Glute bridges with a heck of a lot of weight on the bar

I need a GHR in a bad way. I feel like my hams aren't getting enough work. Don't have a way to do pull-throughs right now either.

So I was a little tired and achy. It went pretty well anyway, and I got the work done somewhat mindlessly. Good thing because my head is going to split open and spill out my sorry brain. Have to DL, though, because that opens the door for bench and squat in the next two. Yeah.

Someday these will come up.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Military press

Skipping deload this time. I have reasons.

My elbow feels much better, though I'm still very wary of it. It may a week or two before I try chins again.

No chit-chat today. Started with Results and a monster protein shake. Put Cheerios in it per Narkside and loved it, though AtLarge Maximus is the best tasting stuff on the planet all by itself. I had reasons for the extra carbs, too.

Used convict elbow sleeves and warmed up under the bar.

Military with the fat bar:

130 kg x 5 easy
140 kg x 5 easier
150 kg x 5 still easy

110 kg x 5 sets x 10 reps

superset with

posterior delt fly 5 x 8 with a lot
med ball twists x 5 x 10

Good aggression today. Worked hard and fast. Felt great, and the elbow is ok.

Didn't have time for video because I have to get to the ball field in a few minutes. Next time?

Have a great day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Squat day

It's been a tough year already and I went into the gym about as dark as the sky, which looks like it's prepping to storm. I wasn't at all sure what the lifts would hold, particularly because today was due to be a squat max day.

I love squatting. I've made more progress on my squat than any other lift over the last three years. Everything seems to be working right now, at least as far as developing my squat is concerned. I hit a monster on my last max day, so I went in expecting big things from myself. I also went in hoping the cloud over my head didn't take away from a big day.

I started with Results and SWF. Wore Ace briefs and moved into a leather belt after warm-ups. I didn't do all of my dynamic work, but did a fair amount of bar work.

Because my numbers have started looking gaudy, I'm not going to post them on squat days. I'll likely continue to post numbers for shoulders and bench -- not sure about deads yet. But until I put video up documenting the numbers, I'm leaving them off of squat reports. If there are no pictures, it didn't happen.

On that note, I found my cables and confirmed I have the right ones, so vid should come up soon.


lots of warm-up sets, jumping 10% of max on each

lift #1 x5 very easy
lift #2 x3 ok, but not bad -- this was up another 10% of expected max
lift #3 x1 got one, but a true max -- never had this much weight on my back before. Blew capillaries in my eyes, saw stars, failed miserably on the attempted second rep, but got one to good depth and up.

210 kilos x 5 x 10

superset with

glute bridges I love those glute bridges.

After failing on the second rep of max, I stripped the bar on the pins to 210kg and squatted the bar up to rack it. In so doing, I felt a sharp pain behind my left patella; this often happens if I don't warm up and has never proven problematic in the long term, but it did make any squats sharply painful. So I cut the workout short after a couple of assistance sets. It was a max day and I hit my max, so I don't feel too guilty about it.

All in all, a good day. Not great, but good. I'll get the video up.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bench day

Paranoia over my elbow weighed heavily on what was due to be a max day. I still did the heavies, but the right upper limb was always on the mind. Life is a little dark right now anyway, so it's just another rock on the pile. Just got to get it done anyway.

Started with convict sleeves, Results, and SWF. Wore a beenie because I was chilly -- sorry to all of you in real cold. At least no one saw me. Apologies to Tate.

Been using Biotest Alpha-GPC for a while...can't tell it does anything at all besides line Patterson's pockets. Maybe I'm not using it right.

To it:

Bench with the fat bar:
185 kilos x 5 easy
210 kilos x 3 ok
230 kilos x 1 got 4 reps, same as last time with the same weight

130 kilos x 5 x 10


DB Rows x 5 x 12 with a lot of weight on a fat DB

I reduced the 130kg and db row sets to 3 sets out of concern for the arm. Just didn't feel that it would be productive to push it.

So my arm aches a little -- not too bad -- and my head is fine. I feel a little guilt for not doing the whole five sets of repetitive work, but not much.

Off to ice the arm. Have a great day.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Deadlift day

Got really angry last night. Been a long time since I was that angry. In a way it cleans out the pipes, but leaves bodies in the wake. Never a good thing.

So I wasn't in a great frame of mind this morning...or maybe in the best for what I had to do.

Right arm still aches like a bastard, now from anterior deltoid to the elbow. I'm getting more concerned that the only solution is rest, and I'm not ok with that. It seems everything you do with your arms involves your biceps tendon and medial epicondyle of the elbow. Nuts.

Started with Results and SWF and a sleeve on the right arm from elbow to shoulder, pretty much. Warmed up with dynamic and bar work.


245 kilos x 5 very easy, no pain
275 kilos x 3 also very easy
310 kilos x 1 got 4 reps, but this wasn't easy. Funny how I run out of gas like that.

175 kilos x 5 x 8

supersetted with

Glute bridges 135# x 5 x 8 watching Ted and Molly do these online inspired me
Med ball ab twists x 5 x 10 these are still challenging

My arm aches and I was a slobbering mess in the gym, but it was a good day. Maybe my dead is going up. We'll see.

Got video -- will see if I can post it today.