Thursday, September 4, 2014

training 9.3.2014

I'm not dead, and I am training.  For what is the question.

I will post more when I can, including weight and some other things.

Overhead barbell press, 6x1, heavy with 60s between each
Floor press, 8x1, as much as I could move off the floor, 30s between reps
Dick's press, 3x8, last to failure (about 15 reps)
MountainDog stretch pushups, 3xfailure
Zottmann curls, 3x10, last to failure
Planks, 3x30s
DL, 15x1

Hope all are well.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

training 6.28.2014

I'm weak and soft, but I'm back in it.

Wife finished her final radiation session this past week, so we celebrated.  It was nice, and she's as giddy as a schoolgirl.  What a monkey to have off your back.

No support.  No weight, for that matter.  Not really.  Gonna take some time to get back to where I was.

Every set had no more than 60 seconds rest before starting the next, even in transitions.  At least it went quickly, though I was sucking wind hard by the end.

Abs on the GHR, 2x10, 60s between sets
Front squat, 3x6, 60s, about 200# on the bar
DL, 3x6, 60s, same weight, same bar
Lunges, 3x10 per leg, 60s (no rest between legs, one side at a time), same weight
push-ups, 3x10, 60s, no weight -- trying to be nice to my right shoulder

Throwing regularly again and working out with the boy.  He's starting to grow fairly seriously now, but he has a lot of catching up to do, and he desperately wants to look bigger when he goes back to school.  If he wants to make the baseball team again this year, he has to get bigger and sport a better arm.  So we're working together.

I started a contract for 20 hours a week, which is fantastic.  For one thing, income is awesome; for another, it's a HIPAA compliance audit, which should take months.  I have weeks.  Crunch time.  I know I'll work more than 20 hours a week to deliver it, but I'm fine with that.  Better to shine now and walk away with a bigger contract.

Also interviewing with a company in Tennessee very near my parents' home.  That would be awesome too, though tough for commuting, since the boy has to stay here.

So, maybe things are looking up.  At least I know I'm stone-free, and I have a little bit of income coming in.

Hang tough, guys.  Welcome back.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

got some work in

Or something like it.

I have another kidney stone, roughly 15 months after passing the last one.  This one is about 1cm by 5mm -- rather large.  I have a ureteroscopy procedure tomorrow to blast it via laser lithotripsy, but I'd rather not have that procedure if I can help it.

So I ran hills, about 60 yards on a steep incline (at least 10% grade, likely a lot steeper) on a local power line grade.  Gravel, sunshine, tunes, and sweating out opiates.

A standard KUB makes it appear this is the only stone I'm packing, so maybe this will be it for a while.  Next week, after getting the #*!($! stent removed, I will start a 24 hour urinalysis to change whatever needs to change.  I hate stents, and I feel for those who have to endure them chronically.  Really, really feel for them.

Been weeks since I was in the gym, between my wife's cancer treatments and my stone.  There may be some hope on the employment horizon, but I have little time to devote to worrying about it.  Next week's problems, I guess.

Prayers to Bob.  Hoping for you, brother.