Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Rather than bore you with all of what I did yesterday, a couple of anecdotes that stand out for me:

First, I did heavy two-board and three-board work, which in and of itself isn't particularly notable.  My right pec has felt for the last two training sessions like it's about to tear; I think I need to get after it with a lacrosse ball.  The interesting thing is that I've been thinking about serious soft tissue work for my shoulders, specifically pecs, for a couple of weeks now without acting.  Take-home: listen to your body and act accordingly.

Second, I was training the boy yesterday and had him doing pull-up and chin-up variations.  I decided that it had been too long, so I suited up with my Ironmind belt and did weighted pull-ups with a wide grip.  To get to the point, without having done any direct pull-up work in well over a year, my pull-up strength is greater than it has ever been.  Much better.  Enough that I am curious to try a 3rm or 1rm weighted, just to see what I can do.  Take-home: most work has other benefits, so don't stress too much about the assistance work you aren't doing -- just keep on with working on weaknesses and the big stuff.

Hope you all have a great day.  I will be traveling again tomorrow and Friday, but I will hit it hard this weekend.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am not dead and I have been training.  I will log the training once I get around to it; between being sick and travel (and traveling again this week), it needs to fester a bit before becoming worthy of relating.

In other words, I'm somewhat dabbling in assistance work, shoulder girdle strengthening, and associated things.  I will get back to lifting in the usual style very soon.

In the meantime, work is just as stressful for me as it likely is for you, my wife caught my cold and is miserable (and she's leaving town this week too), and there's an election coming up.  So my financial and political writing has taken a bit more time in the past couple of weeks than my strength writing.

I need about two days and a kick in the seat of the pants to get a bunch of things done that, well, need doing.  Isn't that always the way?  And I spend way too much time envying guys like Eric Cressey for having a really nice gym and knowing what they are doing, allowing them the opportunity to do what they love and train regularly in their own place.  Wouldn't that be great?  Any of you wants to start a business, let me know; I've incorporated and sold three businesses of my own and run several others, including publicly traded companies.  Happy to send you my resume if it translates to something good.

Enough rambling.  Get back to work.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

training 10.25.2012

Still sick and feeling it.  Not up to writing much now -- maybe more later.

Bench + chains x3@8.5, did a bunch of reps at 70% for polish
Lunges, did a bunch of front squats to the ground with heels on a plate
Incline x6@9, did a few sets of 9 reps for polish at the end

Right shoulder wasn't happy, has been barking at simple movement for about a week or two.  Not horrible, but occasional pain deep in the joint capsule.  Certainly not anything good, but so what?

Hope everyone else is good.  Off to snot on myself.  Ugh.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

training 10.23.2012

Bad cold, trained anyway.  Not optimal.  (Where have I heard that?)

Dynamic work, B-Ala/creatine, a little Craze to keep moving.  Coughing a lot.

Squat +chains x3@8.5 + -0%

2-count bench x3@8.5 + -0%

DL +chains x3@8.5 + -0%

Honestly, after a week off and a crap cold, the weights don't really matter.  Squat was light (felt heavy) and a full 9, bench was right on prediction and the fatigue set was a full 9.5, and DL was right on.  So, all in all, I did better than expected.  It was just to get a sweat on, anyway.

Work up to 1RM at the end of the week.  Hope I'm done coughing by then.

You can't buy cold medicine in Cali (the US?) without an ID (had to show mine today with a mostly bald, grey head), but you can vote, because requiring an ID to vote would be racist.  Who knew Safeway and CVS and every other place that sells aspirin was racist?  Guys, if that makes sense to you, you've been sucking on too much cold medicine.  Vote in November, regardless of what you believe.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

training 10.12.2012

B-Ala/creatine mix, some dynamic low-end work, and less than one scoop Craze.

2" deficit DL x2@9 + -5%: 275kg; failed first time I tried 275 kilos -- didn't break the ground by more than an inch.  Returned a minute later and ground it out.  Easily a 9.5, but I got it.

3-count bench x2@9 + -5%: 225kg; this was not progress.  Right shoulder was balky -- hurt sharply deep for just a moment.  Given my pitching history, it's like something like a meniscus flap that re-seats but hurts when it's up.  either way, I'm sure it parked itself in the back of my mind.  225 kilos was a grind.

Pendlay rows x5@9 + -5%: got these done and did some chest-supported rows after, high rep.

Haven't eaten nearly enough in the last 24 hours.  I will do what I can to make up for it tonight, you can be sure.  I really want to get this sorted, because I feel like I'm holding myself back.
Traveling this week.  I may train tomorrow if the DL didn't hurt my back, but otherwise won't be logging until 10/22 at least.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

training 10.10.2012

B-Ala/creatine mix, dynamic shoulder work, no support.

comp bench x4@9.5 + -5%: 240kg; this was really hard

pin squat +chain x2@9 + -5%: 305kg plus all my chains; one link on the ground at the top

JM Press x5@9 + -5%: did them and added some incline bench @45 degrees, just for polish

Might have had another small jump on the squats -- maybe 5 more kilos?  They were surprisingly easy over the last little bit, but getting the bar off the pins sucked.

One of the bigger deals I've been working on fell through today.  Would have pretty much made my year, so I'm very disappointed.  Puts some considerable strain on me to bring in revenue from the other monster I have cooking.  I remain hopeful, but will have to get a bit more aggressive.  Otherwise, I could be looking for a job by the end of the year.  In this economy, that's not comforting, but I'm sure many of you are dealing with worse.

I'm tired.

Thanks for checking in.

Monday, October 8, 2012

training 10.8.2012

Went ahead and trained today knowing I can't tomorrow.  I should have waited.

Dynamic work, B-Ala/creatine mix, wrist support.

DL x4@9.5 + -5%: 270kg; felt okay, tried another 10kg and failed miserably on the first rep

Bench +chain x3@8.5 + -5%: 215kg; never felt good.  Went up 5kg per side and failed on the second rep

SSB squat x4@9 + -5%: got them done, did some front squats for quad polish

Slept incredibly hard last night and dragged all day.  Next time.

I had some visitors to the blog from a bodybuilding site everyone would know, and so I followed the link that sent them here to see what started it.  The comments from the originating thread (on the BB site) convinced me of why the more time I spend with people, the more I like my dogs.  We can all be turds in the punchbowl from time to time, but whatever happened to basic politeness and etiquette?  This Southern boy doesn't get it.  Whatever the case, I log so I can track my progress and work -- I have amassed a fair amount of data about my own experiment.  I officially and publicly hereby say that I appreciate you all for not filling my site with the kind of crap the bro-tocracy spams these other sites with.  Talk is cheap, people.  As my mother would say, say something meaningful and uplifting or keep your mouth shut.  Seriously, thank you, folks.  Always feel free to comment, please, and even critique.  But value other people, even when they may not deserve it.  That's called grace. 

I can't lift tomorrow because I'm cooking dinner for several hundred soldiers -- people who needed a job and for whatever reason chose one that not only could cost them their lives or limbs, but also one that makes it possible for us to say anything we darn well please.  Bless them.  I'm going to do something for them for once.  I encourage you to do the same.  Either way, it will be at least Wednesday before you hear from me again.  I suspect that's a relief.

Take care.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

training 10.7.2012

Warm day here again.  Beautiful.

B-Ala/creatine mix, a couple of protein gels, and straight to it.  A fair amount of dynamic work to warm up.  Used belt, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, and wrist support.

Squat x4@9.5 + -5%: 325kg, saw stars, talked with my shoes a bit.  Very tough.

2-count bench +chain x2@9 + -5%: 220kg; left elbow still barking, but this was a significant gain
Floor press x5@9 + -5%: left elbow was okay with these, but left shoulder barked.  Still burned my triceps, so was good with it.

Squats take forever with all the sets to work weight.  I'm a bit worn by the time the bench came around.

Bench went very well -- was very pleased with this.

To all of you that wrote about the finances whining I let loose yesterday, thanks.  As I told Bob, I'm not in any trouble, but I am preparing as if I were.  If everything comes together, even then at least I will be in solid shape.  I'm just ill prepared for any disasters right now, and the car addition equates to greater exposure.  It's just the prudent thing to do.

Anyway, hope all have a great start to the week.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

training 10.6.2012

A lot going on right now -- some good, some not so good.  But a lot, so still distracted.

Craze + B-Ala/creatine.  Felt great.  Lots of dynamic work to warm up shoulders, and a little for hips, glutes, and legs.  Need more for low back before days like this, as my back has been a little tender for a week now.

2" deficit DL x4@9 + -10%: 270kg -- same as 9/29 when 2@9, so very happy with this.  Weight came up fast.

3-count bench x4@9 + -10%: 225kg.  Couldn't crack 500#.  This was hard, and the last set was closer to a 9.5 or 10.  Don't think I had another rep and pretty much ground out what I did.

GM x7@9 + -10%: Got them done.  Did some rack pulls with chains and some front squats just for polish, low weight.  Didn't have much, as my low back was barking pretty hard at this point.

After deadlifting, pretty much everything was cramping.  It all calmed down before benching, which was merciful.
Tough day.

Had to buy a car.  Pretty much had to, as the old one was 15 years old, had close to 200k on it, and was starting to have not-so-small things go wrong on it.  I feel guilty over spending the money on the car, but it has forced us to entirely revamp our budget, which is very much welcome.  It's actually been a great, liberating experience. 

Unfortunately it also means I am going to have to sell some stuff.  Between California (the land of fruits and nuts) and the direction of the federal government these days, I have no faith that the economy is going to go anywhere but farther down.  Chance favors the prepared mind, so I'm preparing by simplifying massively.  That will mean the motorcycle and Blazer are going to be sold, along with practically everything else that doesn't have a pulse.  It also means that I'm likely going to have to discontinue my coaching from Big Mike Tuchscherer, which is a crying shame -- things are going very well right now on that front.  It doesn't mean I won't be back, and the next big deal I close will change that outlook entirely I'm sure.  But for now, the prudent thing is to kill cable, coaching, and pretty much everything I can live without.  Sounds kind of crazy when writing it down, but it makes sense when you put it on paper.  Guess I better close that big deal.  Besides, if I don't close the deals, I'll probably be looking for a job along with some 25 million other Americans.

Anyway, enough editorializing.  Thanks for checking in.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

training 10.4.2012

Late start.  B-Ala/creatine and nothing else.  Belt with squats.

Cut back on my caffeine today by half to manage anxiety.  I wasn't anxious, but I was yawning all afternoon too.  Didn't seem to hurt my training much, I guess.

No real dynamic work, which was stupid.  Went at the warm-up sets.

comp bench x2@9 + -10%: 245kg, no complete fatigue sets; excuses below

pin squat +chains x4@9 + -10%: 300kg, several fatigue sets

JM press x7@9 + -10%: climbed until I ran out of gas.  Don't care what the poundage was.  Left elbow aches now.

I decided I need to break in a set of elbow sleeves I've had forever that, even though they are XXL, are way too tight.  Honestly, they squeeze so hard my biceps and triceps hurt.  By the time I ripped them off, which was a couple of sets before the work set, I was seriously tired.  I started very strong and have no doubt I had more than 245 kilos.  Next time.

I did a few front squats and skull-crushers at the end for polish. 

Also, I'm loving having the extra chains, and the new hangers make using all my chains a lot easier.

Take care.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

training 10.2.2012

Started with B-Ala/creatine and sweating like a pig.

DL x2@9 + -10%: 275kg + some sets.  Worked with the hex/trap bar again; will go back to a DL bar next time

bench +chain x2@9 + -10%: 215kg plus all my chains.  Last rep was a legit 9 or 9.5.  Elbows ached.

SSB squat x5@9 + -10%: same weight as last time with the SSB.  Low back was pretty tender by this point.

Elbows still ache.

Sorry this is about as interesting as watching grass grow, but thanks for checking in.

Monday, October 1, 2012

training 10.1.2012

Started with B-Ala/creatine mix.  Was a little distracted because my boy was training with me, though doing different exercises.  I had to keep an eye on him while he did his thing, and it kept me from being entirely focused.

Knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist support.

Squat x2@9 + -10%: 320kg plus a few -- felt great, might have had more

2-count bench +chain x4@9 + -10%: 200kg and several fatigue sets; bought more chain over the weekend, so this was significant.

Elbows-out extensions x7@9 + -10%: didn't get them done because of the distraction and time.  I will make them up tomorrow with assistance work.  Triceps are a little tired today anyway due to yesterday's work (unlogged here, but at my other blog).

Feel really good about this, regardless of the numbers.  Felt strong and moved up quickly -- big jumps today.  Getting stronger.  Squat PR is going down next day to work up.

I've been struggling with some anxiety the last few days -- work, money, the usual.  I'm surprised it didn't have greater effect on numbers today.  I'm likely to buy a car tomorrow and it will overextend me a bit, so I will have to make room in the monthly expenses.   That's the way it goes.  I haven't had a car note in many, many years -- I usually just write a check.  So I'm dealing with a kind of odd guilt over the idea of doing it.  Maybe I should just buy a truck that will get me around, or a Civic, or something equally mundane.  Probably should, but probably won't.

Anyway, thanks for checking in.