Saturday, December 31, 2011

training 12.31.2011

It sure is nice to have a long weekend.  Hope everyone's is going well.

Got a lot done today, both in and out of the gym.  I think I'm going to expand the gym a little and buy some more equipment.  I think I have enough weight, but I still need a GHR and a Swiss bar.  I wouldn't mind another El Gordo, either. 

Today was overhead press day.  Started with band work to warm up, including dislocates and hurricanes.  Love that stuff.  Did a number of warm-up sets under the bar too.

Drank water.  Used elbow sleeves and neoprene wrist supports.

Military:  Worked up to a high of 185kg and pressed 12 reps, which blows me away.  It just felt good and kept going up.  Lots of strength progress lately, so I'm not complaining.  I think I had another rep in the tank.  This might be a rep record, though I'll have to dig way back to check.  No shoulder pain at all.  The seat was at 80 degrees.

DB rows
Floor press, narrow grip

When I started to get tired in the last set, my right shoulder started barking under the floor press, so I stopped at 8 reps on the last set.  No sense in hurt heroics.

Did 5 sets of at least 12 reps otherwise.

Pretty quick session today.  If my soreness abates, I may deadlift tomorrow.  I'd like to get an extra training session in before the workweek starts up again, as the next several weeks are likely to be rather tough.

Hope everyone has a safe evening.  Crab legs and champagne for this cowboy -- drop by if you're game.

Take care.


Very sore, even at 36 hours post training.  It's a pressing day, so my hip/quad/adductor soreness shouldn't matter.  Will likely do some soft tissue work and light front squatting to warm up my pathetic muscles.

Have a safe NYEve.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

training 12.29

Haven't eaten much today -- was a little concerned about what that would mean in the rumpus room.  Didn't seem to mean a thing.

Started with some dynamic work and bar work to warm up. 

Worked up to my target weight for today and stood up with it 10 times.  I had another couple in me easily; even ten meant a significant increase over the last time, which was ten fewer kilos and for only 7 reps.  Feel good about this.  I would have finished the last two reps, but I was sucking wind badly by this point and didn't want to just stand in my rack wheezing until I could finish.  Dropped and went on.

Heavy lunges
Hip thrusts
Monster walks with a medium band off a leg of the rack

Got a headache now.  Time to go eat.  Stay safe, all of you.

Monday, December 26, 2011

training 12.26.2011

Gorgeous weekend.  I had to do a lot of cooking and entertaining, so I lost a day of training.

Also, I obliterated carb discipline pretty much all of yesterday.  Yes, I do feel softer today.

Back to it.  I did some band work and a lot of bar work to warm up.  Drank water during.

Still week 1.

Worked up to 220kg and pressed 9 reps.  This is nowhere near a record, but the last rep I was starting to tire significantly and lost the bar out of the groove low.  Yeah, I was raw, but I let the bar drift low.  At that point, rather than hurt myself trying to recover it, and let go and stopped the set.  I'm ok with that.

Low row/incline bench/elbows-out triceps press with the 150# stone.  Did sets of at least 20, sometimes 30.

Pretty cooked.  Time to shower and eat.  Hope to hear from Big Mike T next week and get started on some serious work.  Time to pick another comp to do, too.

Have a safe short week, all.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

training 12/21/2011

Cool day today, but very warm in the room once the work started.

Knee sleeves, water, chalk, Spud belt, loose briefs.

Some dynamic work and a lot of bar work to warm up.  I need to start rolling my hips and flexors as well prior to training.

Worked up to 270kg and pulled ten reps.  I think that is a personal best for reps at this weight -- maybe by a lot.  Not sure how I pulled that much that many.  Just felt good today.

Did a bunch of RDLs and Lunges after DL to get the work in.

Signed up with Mike Tuchscherer for an 8-week program at the first of the year.  Looking forward to seeing how much I progress under his tutelage. 

In the meantime, I will keep working hard at what I am doing.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

training 12.18.2011

I've been off-air because it's been a deload week, and nothing worth reporting happens in deload.

Kiefer finally published the carb backloading bible, and I have identified a couple of things I've been doing wrong.  I don't believe any of them hurt me, really, but may have diminished or limited progress.  One thing I've done wrong is to drink carbs during training, so today it was nothing but water.

I started with band warmups, hurricanes, and some minor dynamic stretching to deal with a pec that wanted to spasm.  Then I got to the weight.

Worked up to 170 kilos and pushed up 11 reps, which may well be a personal record of some sort.  I'll have to check my old journals to see, but I think so.  It's funny, because 150kg felt really heavy to me when I reached it in early work sets, so I wasn't sure I'd rep out so well.  I dropped the bar with maybe one more rep in the tank.

Also, I adjusted the seat attitude a little, moving it closer to vertical.  I'd guess it was about 85 degrees, and my shoulders were fine with it.  Very pleased.  Set up was super-tight today, which I'm sure contributed to the total.

Supersets x 5 sets
Seated DB rows  -- did sets of 12 with heavy skinny DBs (need to move to fat DBs for this)
Inverted rows -- used my long Spud handles; these were a little too much like the seated DB rows, and they suffered as a result
Shrugs -- used my DL bar with some weight
Push-ups with chains  -- strapped on several lengths of chain bandoleer style and did pushups off the floor until my triceps died.

Everything is gassed now, and I'm a little jittery.  Love that feeling.

How about the Chiefs beating the Packers?  And go Denver.

Have lots to do this week at work and have some interesting things going on outside work.  More on that later once I decide what I'm going to do.  Bob, I'll call you or write something substantive soon.

Hope everyone has a great week.  DL is next.  More videos soon -- my foster dog (who I'm going to adopt because he makes me happy -- deal with it) ate my tripod, so I need to figure something out.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

training 12.7.2011

Dark outside by training time, but the rumpus room has bitchin' florescent construction lights.  Very bright.

Wore knee sleeves and briefs with a belt.  Started with dynamic work and MGPM.  When I start these days, it feels like I'm all stimmed up.  Perfect.

Worked up through the warm-up sets and cranked the training weight.  Worked up to 315kg and repped 5 easy reps.  I had at least one more in the tank.  Not a record by any stretch, but I was very pleased by how light everything felt and how easily it all came up.  With the lights on, I can see my depth in the shadow I cast on the wall -- it was plenty good, below parallel.

Supersets of assistance work
Did some.  Not really worth mentioning, though I probably should be more serious about it (or at least reporting it).

I don't feel particularly militant about the assistance work because my lifts are still coming up gradually.  If I start to stall, I will get very serious about it.  Wish I had a GHR.

Next session starts another deload.

Off to eat obscenely.  Hope you have a great night.

Monday, December 5, 2011

training 12.5.2011

Awesome evening -- very calm, cool, windless.  Good night for a walk on the beach.

Was very excited about training tonight.  I love that, particularly since I'm still in max effort week.

Did some band dislocates and shoulder tornadoes before hitting the bar to warm up.  Very effective for me and they tend to keep me from pain, but I have to remember to do them.  You'd think it would be easy, but I'm getting old.

Wore elbow sleeves and shorty wrist wraps just tight enough for some support.  More as a safety blanket than anything else.

Started with MGPM and am hitting the Dark Matter now as I type. 

Bench: worked up to 230kg, where I got 7 reps

Incline: 3 sets of 30 reps with some weight
Elbow-out triceps: 3 x 30 with the 120# stone

Still loving the carb backloading.  Kiefer is releasing the book this Friday and it will have everything in it, even down to meal plans and swaps for foods you hate.  Looking forward to getting into it and looking for things I've gotten wrong.  In the meantime, I feel fantastic -- better than in a long time -- have plenty of energy even with intermittent fasting and no carbs before 5:00, and my workouts are as good as ever, if not better.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great evening. Thanks for checking in.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

training 12.3

Still in my week of maxes.  Love that.  Cool day today after a very warm week, and training at dusk.

Started with MGPM and will graduate to Dark Matter here in a few minutes.  Ordered a big order from True Protein today, about which I am very excited.  Several new things I'm looking forward to.

Did some dynamic work and a fair amount of bar work to warm up.  Wore knee sleeves, briefs, and chalk.

DL: worked up to 305kg and pulled three reps.  This time I dropped the bar from the top and went down to get it, and the third was a grind.  Not sure I could have pulled a fourth.

Supersetted RDLs and cleans with some weight on the bar.  Did some -- not quite a lot.

Still backloading carbs and loving it.  Love it.  Got a date night tonight with my wife and can eat what I want.  Love that too.

One of the dogs had ten teeth pulled yesterday.  Both of us left lighter.  She's fine, but any of you considering a greyhound should know that the breed congenitally has terrible teeth.  Today she's right as rain.  Wish I were that resilient.

Have a great day, all.  Thanks for checking in.