Saturday, December 31, 2011

training 12.31.2011

It sure is nice to have a long weekend.  Hope everyone's is going well.

Got a lot done today, both in and out of the gym.  I think I'm going to expand the gym a little and buy some more equipment.  I think I have enough weight, but I still need a GHR and a Swiss bar.  I wouldn't mind another El Gordo, either. 

Today was overhead press day.  Started with band work to warm up, including dislocates and hurricanes.  Love that stuff.  Did a number of warm-up sets under the bar too.

Drank water.  Used elbow sleeves and neoprene wrist supports.

Military:  Worked up to a high of 185kg and pressed 12 reps, which blows me away.  It just felt good and kept going up.  Lots of strength progress lately, so I'm not complaining.  I think I had another rep in the tank.  This might be a rep record, though I'll have to dig way back to check.  No shoulder pain at all.  The seat was at 80 degrees.

DB rows
Floor press, narrow grip

When I started to get tired in the last set, my right shoulder started barking under the floor press, so I stopped at 8 reps on the last set.  No sense in hurt heroics.

Did 5 sets of at least 12 reps otherwise.

Pretty quick session today.  If my soreness abates, I may deadlift tomorrow.  I'd like to get an extra training session in before the workweek starts up again, as the next several weeks are likely to be rather tough.

Hope everyone has a safe evening.  Crab legs and champagne for this cowboy -- drop by if you're game.

Take care.

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