Thursday, December 29, 2011

training 12.29

Haven't eaten much today -- was a little concerned about what that would mean in the rumpus room.  Didn't seem to mean a thing.

Started with some dynamic work and bar work to warm up. 

Worked up to my target weight for today and stood up with it 10 times.  I had another couple in me easily; even ten meant a significant increase over the last time, which was ten fewer kilos and for only 7 reps.  Feel good about this.  I would have finished the last two reps, but I was sucking wind badly by this point and didn't want to just stand in my rack wheezing until I could finish.  Dropped and went on.

Heavy lunges
Hip thrusts
Monster walks with a medium band off a leg of the rack

Got a headache now.  Time to go eat.  Stay safe, all of you.

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