Wednesday, December 7, 2011

training 12.7.2011

Dark outside by training time, but the rumpus room has bitchin' florescent construction lights.  Very bright.

Wore knee sleeves and briefs with a belt.  Started with dynamic work and MGPM.  When I start these days, it feels like I'm all stimmed up.  Perfect.

Worked up through the warm-up sets and cranked the training weight.  Worked up to 315kg and repped 5 easy reps.  I had at least one more in the tank.  Not a record by any stretch, but I was very pleased by how light everything felt and how easily it all came up.  With the lights on, I can see my depth in the shadow I cast on the wall -- it was plenty good, below parallel.

Supersets of assistance work
Did some.  Not really worth mentioning, though I probably should be more serious about it (or at least reporting it).

I don't feel particularly militant about the assistance work because my lifts are still coming up gradually.  If I start to stall, I will get very serious about it.  Wish I had a GHR.

Next session starts another deload.

Off to eat obscenely.  Hope you have a great night.

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