Sunday, March 31, 2013

training 3.31.2013

Happy Easter, folks.

More work to get back into the groove.  Bastardized day 3 of week 1 of Cube.

B-Ala/creatine to start.  Wore very loose briefs (everything is very loose right now) and that's it for support.  Did a fair amount of dynamic and bar work to warm up.

Squats, 3x3 at what is about 50% of my most recent work weight; felt good, if embarrassingly heavy

Reverse band squat, 1x2 with another 20% added on, went to 5 reps

Olympic squats, raw, 5x5 with a fair amount of weight

Lunges with a ton of chains over the shoulders, 4x15
Back raises, 3x12, no added weight
DB swings, 3x15

Felt much better today.  Had a huge, carby breakfast, so I was a little sluggo anyway, but felt good about it.  Sucked serious wind, but the lungs didn't hurt and I didn't cough.  Much better.

Time to cook.  Have a great day, all.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

training 3.28.2013

Today is my boy's birthday.  Happy 14th, kiddo -- hang on tight, because the roller coaster only goes faster from here.  I've done what I can to prepare you for the storm, and I'll be here to help weather it.

Started with B-Ala/creatine mix and a lot of dynamic shoulder work.  Warmed up a little with the bar, wore only loose elbow sleeves.

This is a bastardization of day 2 from week 1 of the Cube Method.  I will likely continue abridged or modified versions until I get back to regular work weights.

Incline at 60 degrees, 50 degrees, and 40 degrees, 30s rest between sets of 8; if I believe I can get another set of 8 clean reps at the current seat setting, I go for it; if not, I drop the angle and keep going.  Same weight throughout, which is typically a bit humbling at 30s.  I keep the 30s rest religiously.  This is a brutal progression that is a lot easier on my shoulders than typical benching.

Bench, comp setup, 2x15: I was pretty toasty by this time, so I took 2 minutes between and the weight was pathetic.

Pullovers with a huge DB, 3x12, very strict form and slow reps

DB shrugs, 3x15 with a hard squeeze at the top

Still coughing a lot in the rumpus room, but less so outside of it.  Got my annual review tomorrow, so I'll be drinking tomorrow night either way.  In-laws will be in town tomorrow for the kid's birthday and for Easter, so I won't be drinking alone.

I'm inching back.  I've lost so much weight, it will likely take a while to get my mojo back.  But it'll come.  I'll probably be sore for a while.

On the baseball front, after annihilating everyone for five games, the boys have lost the last two to badly inferior teams.  It's up to them to decide to show up.

Hope all have a great day.

Monday, March 25, 2013

training 3.25.2013

Started with B-Ala/creatine mix and dynamic work to warm up.

DL, 3x3, not much weight (really very light)
DL off 4" block, 2x3, not much weight
Olympic squats, 3x8, a fair amount of weight, heels on a plate
GHR, 4x10
Back raise x50

Went well, didn't suck wind as much today.  Improving each day.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

training 3.24.2013

Just trying to get back in.

Started with B-Ala/creatine mix and a scoop of Craze.  Lots of dynamic work for shoulders, no real warm-up sets under the bar.

Rows, lots of lots with little weight, 45 degrees to low grip
Lunges with all my big chains, 3 x lots
Curls, lots of lots with little, used the barbell, did 'em in the squat rack because I could

Time under tension was only about 45 minutes.  Lungs were screaming, coughed a lot, generally did not feel happy.  Glad to be back in the room, though.

Heart rate is obscenely high.  I have lost 20 pounds in the last six weeks.  No idea how long this cough will linger.

By the way, as much as it sounds like Cali hoodoo, oregano oil does seem to help my cough.  I'm taking a capsule of it every few hours and it seems to make the cough more productive.

Anyway, best thing seems to be to not catch the crud in the first place.

Hope all are well.

Friday, March 15, 2013


In case you were wondering...

I've had the flu all week.  Today is the first day since Sunday I didn't wake with a fever.

I will get back to it this weekend.  Hope you are all well.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

training 3.10.2013

Nothing special -- just getting back to it.

Okay, so, back after a week in New Orleans, having returned with a cold.  Time to get back at it.

Decided to do a typical Sunday, essentially bodybuilding movements to get a sweat on.  Which I did.

Started with band work and dynamic work for my shoulders, which were happy with it.

Did several rowing movements including incline barbell rows at about 40 degrees, rhomboid rows on the bench, etc.  Also did DB shrugs and barbell curls at the end.  I will be sore tomorrow.

After my odd strains and passing another kidney stone, which might have been at the center of everything, I'm glad to be back.  I feel fat and skinny at the same time -- three weeks off have left me feeling atrophied, but I clearly have some softness around the middle to deal with.

So I'm back to CBL with a vengeance.  I will spend the rest of today cooking for this week.  Looking forward to it, frankly.  Some discipline will be good.

I won't be able to DL until Tuesday, as we have our second game tomorrow.  My boys annihilated their first opponent a week ago, and yesterday was rained out.  We know the team we play tomorrow, and I really want to beat them badly.  We'll see.

Glad to be back.  Hope all are well.  Thanks for checking in.