Tuesday, August 27, 2013

training 8.27.2013

Week 7, day 1 -- max upper

Hot, humid.  One day off -- this was yesterday's work, but I was interviewing all day.

Ndure, wrist support, MGPM during.  Dynamic shoulder work and bar work to get a sweat on.

Low incline press, 8RM + back-off set: worked up to 150kg on the bar and backed down 10kg.  Felt good, strong, and tight.

1-arm DB clean&press, 3x10: used a 50kg fat DB and my right shoulder did not like it.  Pushed through.

Superset, 60s between:
 - neutral grip ring pull-ups, 3x10
 - flat DB press, 3x10 with fat DBs and 50kg each, right shoulder barking deep in the joint capsule

Superset, 60s:
 - EZ curl, 3x10: added some db hammer curls as finishers with each set until exhausted
 - DB shrug, 2x12: did these, but I'm still sore from the high-pulls the other day

Right shoulder limited this session, unfortunately.  Not entirely sure why or what I did to aggravate it.

I think the interview went reasonably well, though my would-be boss was enigmatic.  The first several I talked with, I think I convinced them handily.  Sounds like a great opportunity, and I would be quite happy to get an offer.  Thinking about working up a 30/60/90 day plan to submit; figure it can't hurt.

Diet suffered yesterday.  Interviewing is exhausting, and there is no opportunity to stay hydrated.  Woke up this morning nominally dehydrated and feeling my right kidney.  Packing for the move has also suffered, so the next two days are going to be hectic.

Anyway, got to clean up, eat, and get to a meeting with my contract job at 1:30.  Later.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

training 8.25.2013

Week 6, day 4 -- lower reps

Gorgeous, humid day.  Lots to do today, so got to it.

Dynamic work to warm up.  Used straps on high-pulls; otherwise, no support.

Hurdle jumps, 5x3, 90s between; 24" hurdles, didn't always wait the 90s

Snatch-grip high-pulls, 4x8, 90s between: 70kg on the bar, waited all 90 each time.  These were tough today.

Superset, 60s:
 - L-sits, 4x15s
 - 1-leg DB RDL, 3x8, used 20 pound DBs

The L-sits are still tough.

Bulgarian split squats, 1x12 with a bunch of DB weight.  Could have done more sets, but welcome the respite.  Maybe next time.

Tomorrow is the big interview, so today is a mix of packing and studying/reviewing.

Diet is going well, though last night I went to a birthday party with authentic Mexican (I am 45 minutes from the border, after all) made by a bunch of delightful latinas.  And yeah, I slammed enchiladas and tacos and had a beer.  Felt great.

Keep soldiering on.  Thanks for checking in.

Friday, August 23, 2013

training 8.23.2013

week 6, day 3 -- upper reps

Warm morning.  Super busy, don't feel like I have enough time to do justice to anything, feel guilty anytime I take some time to goof off -- sound neurotic, don't I?  That's a laugh.

Lots of dynamic shoulder work and a fair amount of bar work to warm up.  Wrist support and elbow sleeves.  Ndure prior to.

1-arm 45-degree DB press, 3x10, 60s between: 50kg fat DBs, felt pretty good

Superset, 60s:
 - wide neutral grip chins, 3xAMRAP
 - DB military, 3x10: used 50kg fat DBs here too

Superset, 45s:
 - Hammer curls, strict form and slow, 3x12: 20kg skinny DBs
 - Pullover DB triceps extensions, 2x15, same DBs

Good day.

Wife and I started Athletic Greens a few days ago.  I'll let you know what I think.

Interview all day Monday up in OC, and I need to study up pretty badly.  I've got to get some time this weekend to myself to study.

Packing for the move has slowed to a crawl after a torrid start.  I will have to get a lot done today to feel good about it.  Got a Padres game tonight (Cubs) and a birthday party tomorrow night, so I've got to keep moving.

Hope you are all well.  Bob, thinking about you, brother.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

training 8.21.2013

week 6, day 2 -- max lower

Hot day.  Gorgeous, light breeze, lots to do.

Lots of dynamic work, Spud DL belt, elbow sleeves for Zerchers.

GHR, 2x10, 90s

Trap bar DL, 8RM, Back off set, 120s: beat last time, but not feeling studly
Zercher squats, 2x20, 180s: had a couple hundred pounds on the bar and used elbow sleeves to avoid sand in my shorts over the crook of my elbows screaming.  So call me a wuss.

Superset, 60s:
- t-bar rows, 3x10
- modified dragon flag, 2x8

No time to editorialize.  Move in 9 days, huge interview in 5.  I will likely lift most days between now and Monday to alleviate stress, though I really felt no pop today.  Just powered through.

Off to sweat over lunch.

Monday, August 19, 2013

training 8.19.2013

Week 6, day 1 -- max upper

Ndure, lots of dynamic work, some bar work, wrist support.  Monster Ultra in there somewhere.

Hot, humid for around here.

Military press, 2x8RM + back off set, 90s between: got 110kg, tried 120kg and only got 3 reps, backed down to 100kg for the BO set; no shoulder pain, and felt good about 200+ pounds in general; kept it slow and steady on descent

1-arm DB clean & Press, 2x8, 120s: 40kg fat DB, did much better this time

Superset, 60s between sets:
 - weighted neutral grip pull-ups, 3xAMRAP, got about 15 per set
 - Flat DB Press, 3x10, 60s: used auto-spot fat DBs with 50kg on them -- first was easy, last was very tough

EZ-Curl, 3x10, 90s: probably should do more direct biceps work, but laid off this time because of the pull-ups and because my arms were feeling it.  Reps days or off days, I'll start with shoulder and biceps work, I think.

Big interview is on the 26th, all day, up in Cerritos.  Should be interesting.

We move a couple of miles closer to the boy's school on the 31st, and I'm already living in a sea of boxes.  Piles up fast.

Take care, guys.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

training 8.17.2013

Week 5, day 3 -- upper reps

Got my weeks wrong last time.  Week out was deload week 4.

Sore as stink right now, so getting back in was going to feel good.  Hot day here today, at least for here.

Ndure, dynamic work (a lot of shoulder work), and some bar work to warm up.  Wrist support only.

1-arm 45-degree DB press, 3x10: 40kg DB, these were tough.  60 seconds between sets

 - wide neutral grip weighted chins, 2xAMRAP, 60s: got 15 and 12
 - DB Military press, 2x8, 60s: did these 1-arm with the 80kg fat DB I used above

 - Hammer curl, 2x10, 45s
 - pullover DB tri extension, 2x15, 45s

Used 20kg fat DBs for the last superset, and that was plenty.

Packing for the move week after next, trying to get work done and hold the family together.  Got a dog with skin trouble (keeps rubbing his face on the rug until it bleeds; gave him prednisone, which helped a lot but is hard on his stomach, etc.), working on getting a job while giving my contract value, and trying to find a big perm job.  Made a huge fubar this week when I accidentally copied my would-be boss on a forwarded political piece; thankfully I didn't comment, so my intent remained unclear, but it was just plain stupid.  We'll see what she thinks on the 26th when I wander up to Cerritos for a full-day grilling.

Hang tough, all.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

training 8.15.2013

week 3, day 2 -- max lower

Gorgeous day.

Ndure, knee sleeves, Spud DL belt, dynamic work and bar work.

GHR, 2x10, 90s, a bunch of added weight at the chest
Squat, 8RM + back-off set, 120s between; weight was up significantly from last time
Front squat, 1x20, 120s after; used the SSB reversed so the pad was on my shoulders and clavicles, which I really like; lots of weight, but it was my wind that suffered.

While on the subject of sucking wind, it surprised me to be so badly out of wind.  I can't tell you how many dozens of miles I hiked last week at 12000 feet -- you'd think I would have an easier time for a few days.  Wasn't to be, as I saw stars and worried about what I'd hit on the way down.  Oh well.

 - meadows t-bar row, 2x10 with lots of weight
 - dragon flags, 2x8 -- gotta admit, I like these a lot

Moving in two weeks, packing madly until then.  Contract job is suffering while I pack, etc.  Interview with the big corpo concern is likely to be the week of the 2nd.  A lot has to happen between now and then, and it's a mad rush.  Last thing I'll dismantle and pack is the iron, though.

I bought Athletic Greens and will report once they arrive and I start to use.  All reviews and personal anecdotes suggest it will be worth it.  Going to make some significant dietary adjustments, too, which I will report on in some detail; I've decided to lean out to single digits, so we'll see what happens.  I suspect it'll be relatively easy, actually.  We will find out.

Hold fast, guys.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

training 8.13.2013

week 3, day 1 -- max upper

I'm back.  Wyoming was terrific.

Ndure, elbow sleeves, wrist support, lots of dynamic shoulder work, plenty of bar work.

2-board, work up to 8RM, did the weight twice with about 2 minutes between

1-arm DB clean and press, 1x8 with a really heavy fat DB

Superset, 60s between:
 - pull-ups, neutral grip, 3xAMRAP
 - DB press, did these 1-arm with the heavy DB used earlier, 2x8 each arm

EZ curl bar biceps curls, 2x10 with enough weight I thought my arms might fall off

Moving in three weeks, so the unbundling has begun; Amvets comes for the first load tomorrow.  Packing has begun.

Working the contract job and no word from the big corpo job interview yet, which is both surprising and unsettling.