Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 1 week 7

Week seven of the Shelby experiment. I've never felt so much like a science experiment before, and I've been on seven national teams in two sports. I drank a lot of funny tasting Gatorade back then, but I think I was too ignorant to notice what happened as a result. Now I measure everything -- aches, pains, food, protein, water, mental state, libido, kidney function, back mobility, tendon health, ...everything. Makes me tired thinking of it. Now, to quit the bitching and get to it.

Warm day, fan full on in the rumpus room, chalk dust flying everywhere. Great stuff. I have a concrete stone curing, though I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do about the flat spot. Maybe Bondo? I'll ask Bob -- he'll know.

This was supposed to be an easy day. Hah.

Warmed up with a little dynamic work and a ton of bar work. Downed the usual elixir, put on my elbow sleeves and wrist wraps, and got to it.

No real aches going in. Slept like crap last night; it was a warm night and I fell asleep with Z-12 and half my torso outside the covers. Woke up after my core temp dropped and had hard shaking chills for several minutes. They woke my wife up and she spooned me to warm me up, but that got me sweating. Pretty soon the whole bed was soaked and I was still cold. Nuts. Sometimes I kill me.

Pull-ups, fat grip, wide: 3 x 10 smooth, felt powerful again. All sets were +25kg. Last set got tough at 8 reps and the last two were gutted out and slow. Biceps on both arms were unhappy, though left more than right for some reason.

Floor press, fat bar: 3 x 10 with the same weight. Reps went up a little, but my elbows were barking. My left elbow still isn't happy with me, and I was aching like an old man before I was done. The last set was miserable and felt heavy. Whiner. These were tough enough that my nose bled from the first set. I think my eyes are bloodied too, though I haven't looked. Nuts. These should be getting easier.

Incline bicep curl
: 3 x 10 with 20 kilos on the skinny DBs. These felt great and caused no additional elbow or biceps issues.

Standing calf: I put 50 kilos on the pin again attached to my Ironmind Super Squat belt and did one set of 100 reps. I then bent over 90 degrees and did several sets of 10 reps as if on a straight-leg seated calf machine with toes turned inward. These are coming along, though I felt pretty sorry for myself by this point.

Maybe not my day. I did all my extreme stretches, which weren't too horrible. But my left elbow is still grousing. Time for ice and Advil.

I need to get back on the gain train.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 4 week 6

Another hot day today with a Santa Ana blowing in. The air is super dry and warm, which makes for summer-like days. Great day to be a Saturday.

Felt good going into today. Got a big date with my wife tonight at the symphony and one of our favorite restaurants. I smell a bison ribeye in my future.

In the meantime I started with a lot of dynamic work, elbow sleeves, eventually knee sleeves and briefs, and the usual pre-workout nutrition. I'd eaten maybe 30 minutes prior but was still hungry. Now, afterward, I'm ravenous.

Warmed up after the dynamic work with weight in the usual ways.

All exercises were 3 sets of 5-7 with 180s between.

Military press, seated, fat bar: 3 x 7 reps with weight up 5%. Seat was at 80 degrees (more/less). It was fairly hard today and I started doing these in the rack with pins set low so I at least have a bail-out that's not my lap. This is starting to be a lot of weight now.

Squat: 3 x 7, up another 5% from last time. Three sets of 7 pushed hard. The last set was really pretty easy -- this is officially a whole lot of weight now. I'm nearing PR land for weight for these reps, so I suspect my max might be scary. We'll see.

Tricep extensions: I used handles and a bunch of chains with the bench at 45 degrees. I cared less about numbers than form and clobbering my tris. Pretty much got it done, though will have to tinker with it.

Extreme stretches weren't too bad today -- seldom are with these muscle groups.

Good stuff. Have a great evening.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 3 week 6

Beautiful day. I still find I'm troubled for reasons I can't articulate, but I'm feeling pretty good all around.

Had a pretty good day at work, the nights have been around 70 here this week, and we had a great picnic on the beach a couple of days ago. It's been gorgeous. The rumpus room was warm but not sweltering, so I fanned it once I worked up a good sweat. Spring is here.

Started with the usual workout routine from Shelby. I've eased into each phase of this work with him pretty smoothly thus far and am really pleased. I haven't gained weight like I thought I would, but he's keeping me from lard-dom pretty effectively. I've leaned out and gained a few, which works for me pretty completely. So I down his pre/peri/post regimen without complaint.

Wore elbow sleeves and wrist wraps. Lots of Chevelle on the shuffle today, which also warmed me up. Warmed up with dynamic and bar work until pretty well lathered and set to it.

Each is three sets, 5-7 to positive failure, 180s between (generally -- sometimes I get eager to move on).

Rows: 3 sets x 7 reps easy. I dropped twenty kilos and added a bunch of chains set to leave one link on the ground at the top. Honestly, it might have made a difference in the final measure, but it was hard to tell while I was lifting. It's still pretty stinkin' heavy. I suspect my scapular retraction is incomplete, but less is too easy. Tough to find the sweet spot. Maybe I need a finisher. Maybe not.

Fly fat DB: 3 x 7 with monster weight. I backed off ten kilos total per DB and added JumpStretch Average bands with one twist around my back. I wanted a good squeeze at the top, but I think I just added instability. I've built up to so much weight with these that the DBs I used last week were just a little tough to control. I tried the bands to add pressure at the top and avoid too much potential for injury at the bottom. I think they didn't quite have the effect I was looking for. We'll see. If I'm sore tomorrow, I'll stick with them; otherwise, I may just go back to big weight. All in all, these were kinda easy.

Single-arm Scott curl: 3 x 7 x a bunch. These were too easy, but won't be when I raise the weight a little. It was very interesting how much less endurance my left arm had than my right, which I attribute to all the baseball throwing I've done recently. Not sure that has anything to do with it, but it sounds good to me.

Seated calf: Ironmind super squat belt and did standing calf raises with a bunch of weight on the pin. Legs a little wide to clear the plates, same weight as last time, got all 100 in one set. Bent over to 90-degree hip and did sets with toes in. Painful.

Extreme stretches after each. I might have wept. These are just a cruelty joke, but they work, so I do them.

Thrilled to get it in today. Supposed to have a date with my wife tonight if she's up to it; either way we'll have a nice night together. It sure is a blessing to be so happily married.

Got my concrete stone mold and accoutrement today, so a stone will be birthed this weekend. I'm pretty stoked, particularly after everything I learned from the first attempt.

Great day, all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 2 week 6

Today is my birthday. Today was a bitch for any day, just another day full of trouble and woe for those around me. My wife has a kidney infection, my friend lost her father figure to suicide, and people in my office who need to grow up still act like children. It wasn't my best day.

I went to the gym feeling a little dark. Maybe a good day to lift.

Started with Shelby's nutritional regimen and some dynamic work. Worked with the weights to get up to speed, plugged in the shuffle tunes, and went at it.

Straight-arm anterior/medial/posterior fly: 60 reps per set, 20 each direction, three sets with 15 pounds. Pretty much the same as last week except I added weight to the posterior flys. These felt pretty good today, actually.

Skullcrushers: 3 sets of 10 reps of about the same weight as last week. I added about 5 pounds to each side just to say I made progress. They felt pretty good, though I didn't get the same pump as last time.

Front squat: Tweaked my right knee setting up. It was a sharp pain above the patella, with which I'm quite familiar. I usually feel it if I don't warm up enough and it usually passes quickly after I stop. I didn't feel like pushing into an injury today, so I wimped out and called it. I'm rather disappointed, both in circumstance and in myself.

Anyway, off to have an evening with the family. Hope you all enjoy the day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 1 week 6

In a bit of a funk today, feeling sorry for myself. Isn't that pathetic? I needed to get under some weight.

Days 1 are usually pretty easy for me -- the lifts aren't as comprehensively exhausting as days 4, which have rear squats and military press. I'm a waste after day 4 lifts. But I still figured I could get in some good pain.

Warmed up the usual way after the usual nutrition. Been grumpy all day, so it was a good time for some attitude adjustment. Wore elbow sleeves and wrist wraps. Warmed up slowly, particularly the biceps.

Pull-ups, fat grip, wide: 3 x 10 smooth, felt powerful again. First set was +25, second +10, third +5. Easy, beezy, Japaneezy. Or something like that. Felt good.

Floor press, fat bar: 3 x 10 with the same weight as last time. No change in reps, either, this time. Just no progress at all. In fact, these felt heavy largely because I was fixated on not crushing myself. Not sure why I was so fixated today, but I was.

Incline bicep curl
: 3 x 10 with 20 kilos on the skinny DBs. I decided to go with inclines and strict form this time to alleviate some of the pressure on my elbows and biceps tendons. I've thrown the baseball hard quite a bit the last two days and started to feel it in my right biceps, so I decided that strict form and slow, slow, slow reps would be the order of the day. Turned out to be a good thing. No pain, good sets, felt good, and was tough.

Standing calf: I put 50 kilos on the pin attached to my Ironmind Super Squat belt and did one set of 100 reps. I then bent over 90 degrees and did several sets of 10 reps as if on a straight-leg seated calf machine with toes turned inward. Could hardly walk after these. Maybe these bird legs will respond.

I've hopped around a few exercises to address issues with getting older, and they seem to be working. I continue to think the Super Squat belt from Ironmind is an awesome deal, too, and incredibly versatile. I did have issues with hanging plates from it for pull-ups today as the weights kept banging my knees. I'll have to figure out a way to control that or drop the weight below my feet. That sounds like a pendulum waiting to happen, but we'll see.

A good day. Still in a funk, but a tired one, which makes me considerably more manageable. I'm sure my wife will appreciate that.

Hope all have a great day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 4 week 5

Gorgeous Friday, very warm, and the rumpus room was downright hot. Felt a little gross after downing a piece of pizza this afternoon -- big mistake -- but won't have a shot at the weight until Sunday. So in I went.

Downed the usual Shelby-defined elixir and warmed up. Not enough dynamic work, but some. Hit the weights to warm up as usual. Was kind of excited about lifting by now, so I got to it.

Wore elbow sleeves and wraps for the first two exercises and briefs for squats. Wore EliteFTS knee sleeves too.

All exercises were 3 sets of 5-7 with 180s between.

Military press, seated, fat bar: 3 x 7 reps with same weight as last time. Seat was at 80 degrees (more/less). Torked after one set to go over the top. Not bad, not great. Actually did 8 reps on the last set, so I need to go up next time.

Tricep push-downs: 3 x 7 reps. Used a 2-inch strap over the top to my loading pin and a Spud, Inc. stubby strap handle. These were hard -- lots of friction. Got some engineering to do to make this perfect, but I was pleased.

Squat: 3 x 7, up 5% from last time. Two sets of 7 and dropped the 5% for the last set of 7 reps. Torked again in between two sets. Really pushed hard on these.

All in all a pretty solid bit of work. Took me a long time, had the fan full-blast and still sweat like a dog. Might have trouble recovering for a date with the wife tonight, in fact.

Hope you all have a productive weekend.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 3 week 5

First meeting today is at 12:30 and last starts at 5:00, so I decided to train early.

Gorgeous, warm day. Feel good, though down a pound today after roughly 20,000 (yup) calories over the last four days. Go figure. We're raising my fat intake, but no cheeseburgers yet. Still, everything's working.

Started with the usual nutrition, weight warm-up (no dynamic today), elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, and thoughts of light weight, peanut.

Everything was 180s between, three sets for 5-7.

To it.

Rows: 3 sets x 7 reps with 200kg on the bar. Hit seven reps on all three sets. Felt pretty good, though ground out a couple of last reps.

Fly fat DB: 3 x 7 with monster weight. Used 80kg on the first set and 90 on the last two. Got all 7 on each. I'm right out to the end of the bars, so I'm going to have to get more 15kg plates. I'm a little concerned the fat DB bars are going to break; I'm trying to control the weight on the way to the floor as much as I can, but the collars are slipping with this much weight and it's grating the bars. So it goes. I'll likely have to get solid fat DB bars.

Straight bar bicep curl: 3 x 7 x 90kg. Basic 21 for guns work, same as last time. I'm still a little paranoid about my biceps tendons, so I don't go too hard on these. The extreme stretch for these was awful.

Seated calf: Switched gears here in a big way. I put on my Ironmind super squat belt (well worth the money, by the way -- the thing is awesome) and did standing calf raises with a bunch of weight on the pin. Legs a little wide to clear the plates, I did as many sets as needed to get 100 reps. Just brutal. First set was 50, finished in three sets. I'm going to change up the calf routine a bit using these and some seated work together to try to get rid of my bird legs.

Great start and lots to do. Great day, all.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 2 week 5

Gorgeous day, plenty of time, mega-high carb day. Should be ok.

It's very warm here today, pushing mid-70s to 80s even this close to the beach. It meant the rumpus room was hot going in, so fan went on right away. I love that.

Started with the usual nutrition. I've been very precise today with all my meals simply because the scale isn't budging -- I defy nutritional and physiological science and logic. I'd eaten over 3000 calories before noon and was just getting started. I'm a walking science experiment, even playing with insulin levels to maximize gaining potential. So far, nada. I like to think I'm a challenge for Shelby. Either that or we're graduating to the whole large pizza and double bacon cheeseburger addition to the meal plan pretty soon. Kidding. Kind of.

Warmed up with lots of dynamic work, including shoulders. Added the bar and kept going.

Wore elbow sleeves, light wrist wraps, and added loose briefs when I got to the front squats.

To it:

Straight-arm anterior/medial/posterior fly: 60 reps per set, 20 each direction, three sets with 15 pounds. Not bad at all today. The last few reps were nauseating, but the rest was ok. Form is rock solid -- no bouncing, flinging, swinging, or cheating.

Skullcrushers: 3 sets of 10 reps, 100kg on the bar plus a lot of chains. Left the band off and widened my grip by about six inches. Made all the difference -- slow reps, solid form, no elbow pain at all. Thanks to Tim Hull and Rob Sinnott for the ideas. Now to fix my bicep work...

Nothing was terrible, but all was tough. I felt really good about the work after it was done, as my tris were spent and pumped.

Front squat: 3 sets of 10 reps, 160kg on the bar. Went up a little on the weight and worked to ATG depth. Everything was smooth today -- no knee pain, hips were good, etc. Finished the last two sets with a wicked ugly back pump, though, and my right bicep cramped solidly on the second set. Ah, well, have to have something to complain about, don't I. Otherwise I'd have to make something up.

The back pump and cramps are puzzling to me since I'm drinking a couple of gallons a day. Yesterday the sole of my right foot cramped during my floor press -- in the effort I was contracting the sole of my foot in my shoe and cramped like a bastard. I laughed it off then. It's kind of like a dog fart, though -- it's funny the first time, but never has quite the same charm after that one. I'll talk with Shelby about it.

Great day, good work. Later.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 1 week 5

Gorgeous weekend, but I've had three baseball games I had to practice. Out of a 48 hour weekend, that's about nine hours of baseball. Nuts. Tough to get anything done. I ate a high-carb day yesterday thinking I'd work it in, but I didn't. Six hours of baseball later today and a bunch of errands, I got it done.

Shelby and I keep raising my calories and my weight sits stubbornly in place. I can't imagine what he's gonna say this week. I always knew I was a freak, but this is ridiculous.

Started with dynamic shoulder work and Shelby's nutrition regimen. Wore elbow sleeves and wrist wraps for all but calves. Starting a little elbow tendinitis that I thought was skull-crushers, but the hammer curls today lit them up. May be both. Time to change a couple of things.

Warmed up for pullups with super-strong band pull-downs.

To it:

Pull-ups, fat grip, wide: 3 x 10 smooth, felt powerful again. Weight is going to go up sharply from now on, I guess.

First set was +20, second +10, third +5.

Floor press, fat bar: 3 x 10 with 135 kilos and a bunch of chains on the bar. These felt really strong and smooth today. In the first set, I really tightened my lats and felt my back adjust like a zipper from C5 down to about mid-back. Love that.

I dropped 5% on each set to get pure reps.

Hammer curl: 3 x 10 with 40 kilos on the skinny DBs. Elbows hurt. Puss, puss, puss.

Standing calf: 3 x 10 with 220 kilos on the bar. I figured out a way to do this without having to worry about balance, so it was much easier and more effective to hit my calves. Much better.

My cement ball experiment a la strongman stones failed in a spectacularly entertaining way. The thing is still setting, but it isn't going to be a ball really, unless frankensteinian looks count. Guess I'll have to buy a form and get into the business. Or make a few and sell the form on eBay.

I'm tired from the time change and all the baseball, but glad I got it in.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 4 week 4

Another gorgeous day, though a little cooler than the last couple. Great day to get into the rumpus room and heft something. Had to get my wife's car from the shop since I work nearby, so I wasn't sure if I'd have time. Thankfully, they were done around 3 and I got on it.

Raced home, downed the usual elixir, and finished up a little work before hitting the weight. Wore briefs for the squats, Convict elbow sleeves, and knee braces for paranoia. Not sure why, but I wanted the security blanket. I kept them loose so they only assisted the two axons among the rocks in my head.

Rolled my tunes and headed out. Warmed up with a good amount of dynamic work for shoulders, hips, glutes, etc. Warmed up each exercise with the bar as thoroughly as I could. Second day of high intensity and low volume, so I was determined to hit it hard.

All exercises were three sets to positive failure, 5-7 reps only, 180 seconds between.

Military press, seated, fat bar: 3 x 7 reps with 170 kilos on the bar. Big jump this week -- felt seriously good. Nothing felt heavy until I got to about 165kg, so I added five and pressed seven reps on all three sets. Last set was tough. I'll start here next week and drop if I have to. Maybe five more kilos, the way I felt today. Seat was at 80 degrees (more/less).

Squat: 3 x 7 with 300 kg on the bar. Went back up with the weight and banged them out. Walkouts seriously suck even though I only walk a few inches back. Had my light on full behind me so I could judge depth on the wall without dropping my chin -- depth looked solid. I swear, so much of this is between the ears it's depressing. We'll see what happens next time.

About this time I noticed my left hand was on fire in the meaty part between my thumb and forefinger. Not sure why. Pulling off plates hurt pretty fiercely. Just tweaked something.

Tricep extension roll-outs: 3 x 7 with 35 kilos on the skinny DBs. These were too easy. I'll go up five kg on each next time, I guess. Hand didn't hurt at all. Big baby.

Good stuff today. I wish I was more consistent -- I never know what's going to happen when I go in. Keeps it interesting, I guess.

Great weekend, all.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 3 Week 4

Just a gorgeous day today, but I found I wasn't all pumped up about training. Funny how some days I'm dying to get a sweat on and others I could take it or leave it. Today I was ambivalent, but I simply had to get in -- it's about mental health some days.

I started with a little dynamic work and a lot of weight work. I also have a 2 inch rope and did some rope climbing from laying on the floor up to the rack -- not sure what to call this, so I'll have to check my Ross Enamait book to see what he says. Anyway, I like them.

Started with the Shelby-spec nutrition, elbow sleeves, and wrist wraps.

All exercises were 5-7 reps, three sets, with 180s rest between sets.

Rows: 3 sets x 7 reps. First set was 5 reps with 200 kilos, other two 7 reps with 5% less. Did these in the rack with the straight bar off a 45-degree incline bench. Felt really good, actually. By the last set I think I could have done the 200 without killing form too badly.

Fly fat DB: 3 x 7 with monster weight. Had 70 kilos on the fat bars first set and went up to 80 for the second and third. Getting the weight off my knees killed, but the exercise itself was smooth and strong. How can I be so stuck with my bench and rock these so easily? Maybe Shelby's stuff is working.

Straight bar bicep curl: 3 x 7 x 90kg. Basic 21 for guns work -- should have had Slayer on the iPod in honor of Tate and Wendler. I'm still paranoid about hurting myself, but I felt strong today and pushed it. The extreme stretch for these was awful.

Seated calf: 3 x 7 x whatever I had on the bar. I think it was pretty close to 240 pounds, but I don't remember. What I remember was using Fat Gripz on the bar over my quads and basically rolfing my quad insertions above my knee. I may need a manpon for the bar for these. Still, the basic setup was head/shoulders better than the business I've been doing of putting plates in my lap. I think I can make some progress here, and these felt better and more directed.

All in all a great session. Still forgot abs but did a lot of upper back work. I'm pretty pumped about my rows, too -- that might be a PR, though I'll have to dig through my old books to see.

Anyway, off to entertain my wife and eat like an idiot. I'm still loving this.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 2 week 4

Cloudy, rainy, and I desperately needed to get training in. Felt seriously beaten up yesterday for whatever reason, so today I had to get it in.

Started with the usual nutrition -- anyone wants the formula, let me know. Wore elbow sleeves and wrist wraps. Warmed up with a lot of dynamic work (for once) and bar work. Tried to be careful warming up. Wore my loose Metal Viking Pro briefs for the front squats when I got to them and used my EliteFTS leather belt to hold them up. Everything was pretty loose to make sure I got my butt all the way down.

Gym was cool but the air was still, so halfway through the first set of the first exercise I already had a good sweat on.

All sets had 180 seconds rest between; all exercises were three sets; in all exercises, the intensity was jacked up over last time -- more rest == time to put out more effort.

Straight-arm anterior/medial/posterior fly: 60 reps per set, 20 each direction, three sets with 10 pounds. These were not barfingly hard this time, so next time I'm out of the pink weights. Not sure why I got that much stronger (stronger? really?) here, but I'm not complaining.

Skullcrushers: 3 sets of 10 reps, 90kg on the bar plus a black shorty band (one twist) plus a lot of chains.

I didn't adjust the chains this time, but left everything alone and took the reps slow to make sure form was tight. The first set was ugly hard, though I have no idea why. The rest I seemed to accept it was a bitch and adjust. Not sure what the problem was today. Oh well, some days you got it, some you don't.

Front squat: 3 sets of 10 reps, 150kg on the bar. Pretty much the same as last time, spread my feet a little more with toes a little more out and got even more depth. At the end, these were fairly easy -- time to go up on the weight a little. Besides, watching StrongMan Bob's vid of Warrick Brant pounding over twice this weight in a front squat is a kick in the seat of the pants. Kids.

I forgot the abs, as I'm a little pressed for time. Great to get back in, good stuff came out, ought to be a good day from here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 1 week4

After the last week of high volume, I was a little intimidated by what this week would mean. Lower volume and the rest goes back to 180s between sets can only mean pour on the weight. Less time under tension, so maximize the intensity of the time. That spells pain.

I was a little lethargic while getting dressed, but it went away once I started the pre-workout nutrition routine. Whatever the reason, I was nicely alert going in.

I started with Shelby's nutritional regimen and a little dynamic work. I wore my elbow sleeves and wrist wraps for the first three exercises. I warmed up carefully under weight with everything but the pull-ups.

Three sets each, 180s between, all sets to max at 8-10 reps with good form.

Pull-ups, fat grip, wide: 3 x 10 smooth, felt powerful after the first set. I hate warm-ups for pull-ups, so I tend to just jump in -- it takes me a set to get warm. Lucky I don't get hurt.

First set was +20, second +10, third +5. I'll go up in following weeks.

Floor press, fat bar: 3 x 10 with 120 kilos and a bunch of chains on the bar. Weight stayed the same throughout as I wanted a feel for the chains. I'll either add weight I can take off each set or take off a chain each set next time. I don't use pins and I'm on a pad, so there's no safety net -- I have to get the weight up each time. My only ace in the hole is a bitchin' arch if I have to bail out.

Hammer curl: 3 x 10 with 35 kilos on the skinny DBs. These are tough and I'm really paranoid about my biceps these days, so I don't know how hard I'll push their development. We'll see. I am getting stronger here, so...

Standing calf: 3 x 10 with 220 kilos on the bar. Smooth, though I'm still trying to find an easy way to manage balance on toes with that much free weight. I need to hang some straps from teh rack or something. Not sure.

All in all a good day. I feel it, even though I'm not as wrecked as I was after the five-setters with 90s rest. More intensity, less strain, I guess. Something like that.

Next time is front squats...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 4 week 3

Hot day here, so the gym was really warm. Had the fan going from the beginning. Great day to lift.

I felt a little lethargic going on, though not at all sure why. Today's a high-carb day (all training days are) and my general feeling is quite good. Not sure. My scale weight's not coming up, so Shelby has changed everything, essentially upping the carbs and calories.

Anyway, I knew today would be tough.

Started with Shelby's pre and peri-training nutrition regimen. Wore Convict elbow sleeves, loose briefs, wrist wraps, and leather belt on squats after warm-ups. Warmed up with dynamic work first and weight work after that.

All sets aimed for 10 reps to positive failure with 90 seconds rest between.

Military press, seated, fat bar: 5 x 10 reps with 145 kilos on the bar. These felt good, though the last rep of each set was tough. Next week will be tougher.

Squat: 5 x 10 with 270 kg on the bar. Backed off the weight last time to get good depth on everything. Stance was a bit wider than shoulder width. Felt good, though I was sucking serious wind with 90s rest. Brutal.

Tricep extension roll-outs: 5 x 10 with 35 kilos on the skinny DBs. These felt great, though I was seriously cooked afterward.

I'm looking forward to making the stipulated changes to my diet, though 100g of clean carbs is tough. I'm going to have to bust out my rice cooker.

The next three weeks will all decrease volume and increase weight intensity. The easy day was yesterday.