Monday, April 30, 2012

training 4.30.2012

Max at the end of the week.  With apologies to Baudelaire, I cultivate my maxing hysteria with joy and terror; a 1-rep max day just sounds painful right now.  Need an attitude adjustment, and I have four days.

Started with B-Ala/creatine mix and some dynamic work.  Feeling good today prior to, though very hungry.  Wore knee sleeves and elbow sleeves.  Used my Spud velcro wrist wraps and a ton of chalk.

Squat + 120# chains x3@8.5 + -0%: 285kg plus one fatigue set; felt good
2ct bench x3@8.5 + -0%: 10% increase over last time + one fatigue set; no idea where that came from
DL + 120# chains x3@8.5 + -0%: 310kg seriously ground out -- more like 9.5 -- with one fatigue set that was ugly

Some goodness on the bench and the squat felt as good as ever, but the day doesn't strike me as a victory.  Not sure why.

Tomorrow my boss returns from Australia, breaking up a serene 10 days.  I may be in a little bit of a funk over that, but I don't think so.  I like my boss and my job, even if both have typical shortcomings.  The day was rainy today -- maybe just a little weather dysphoria.

The carb backloading/paleo experiment is going nicely.  Frankly, CBL is the bomb-diggity (can you tell I was around 14-yo boys all day Saturday while having my brain cooked by the sun?), as it is the easiest diet/eating plan/regimen in the world to follow and it yields undeniable results.  If it doesn't work for you, you're doing it wrong.  Don't take my word for it; check out Matt and Julia Ladewski's logs, Brian Carroll's, and a host of others.

Anyway, food is not my problem right now.

Thanks for checking in.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

training 4.28.2012

Have to train this morning because the boys have a double header that will eat my day.  Had to get to it to avoid back-to-back squat days on Sunday/Monday.

It was hot in the rumpus room this morning.  I started very hungry, and my head was pounding for reasons unknown.

Started with dynamic warm-up and got to the bar.  Took the B-Ala/creatine mix and caffeine.  Used knee sleeves and a belt when things got heavy.

Deadlift x3@8.5 + -5%: pulled 330kg and got one fatigue set; quite happy with that
SSB Squat x2@8 + -5%: hit 330kg and one fatigue set; felt heavy on the shoulders but came up well
Good morning x5@9 + -5%: reached 265kg and crapped out, got one fatigue set

By the GMs, I was pretty cooked.  Last two GM sets were serious grinds and not as deep as earlier sets.

Speaking of cooking, 8 hours in the sun today.

Ate something yesterday I must be allergic to, because I blew up like a balloon.  As a result, I had far fewer calories than I needed and woke up very hungry.  I am still eating paleo/warrior/bulletproof until some specific protein arrives, at which point I will get back into the CBL full-steam.  In the meantime, I just need to eat.

I hope everyone has a great day.  Thanks for checking in.

Friday, April 27, 2012

training 4.27.2012

Warm, sunny day here.  Nice Friday.
Did a lot of dynamic work to warm up the shoulders and upper back.  Wore elbow sleeves and Spud velcro wrist wraps.  Downed the B-Ala/creatine mix plus 150mg caffeine and got to it.

Pin press -5cm x2@8 + -5%: got 240kg, though a bit of a grind for RPE=8; hit three fatigue sets
Pin press @chest x2@8 + -5%: got 210kg and one fatigue set
Push press x6@9 + -5%: reached a bunch of weight and did one fatigue set at -5%; dropped the weight by 50% and pressed (military style) from my chin until done

The 1-board pin press ended up more like a 1.5-board.  Just a reality with my rack.

Shoulders are pretty cooked at this point.  Fine with the way the day went -- just doing what I need to. 

By the way, I do GPP and neglected accessory work; I just don't log it.  Anyone wants to know about it, let me know.

No video today.  Tomorrow is a doubleheader, so training will be in the morning before 8 hours of baseball.  I might not log the training until Sunday.  Never know.

Made the pumpkin chicken chili (used chuck instead of chicken) that I dropped the recipe link for a few days ago.  Pretty darn good, though needs some tweaking (unlike the lime chicken recipe, which was freaking awesome from the get-go).  A little too much chili powder.  Still has a great taste, but the heat was distracting.

Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

training 4.25.2012

Started with the B-Ala/creatine mix and a bunch of dynamic work.  Bar warm-up was in 50kg jumps.  I wore knee sleeves (EFS hardcore) and ran the fan hard.

Was very hungry going in.  Had plenty of time, and didn't watch the clock much.

Squat x3@8.5 + -5%: 330kg plus one fatigue set; weight went up easily, but the 8.5 is legit
2ct DL x2@8 + -5%: 310kg plus one fatigue set; wasn't bad, though strangely tough off the floor this time
Good Morning x6@9 + -5%: 240kg plus one pathetic fatigue set; really didn't want to do these, but my DL is sucking enough that I needed to; felt surprisingly good, all told

Got to go eat a ton before baseball practice in 75 minutes.

By the way, the lime chicken from two days ago (recipe link is embedded there) was awesomely good.  Seriously, wicked good from a guy who gets chickened out easily.  I ate almost a pound of it, along with a couple of cups of broccoli and about the same amount of mashed potatoes.

I love doing GMs, but pretty much suck at them.  For some reason, they went well today -- I think my form was pretty good.  I will get back to posting vids this weekend, I think, and we can all make fun of me.

Wish I could chat.  Sorry to keep it short.

Monday, April 23, 2012

training 4.23.2012

I am still pretty obliterated from Saturday.  Low-back is very tired, so tomorrow should be interesting if I can make it.  I have to be in LA all day and will train if I can get back at a reasonable hour.  I hate LA, and driving to the north side is a special slice of heaven.

Started today with the B-Ala/creatine mix and a bunch of dynamic work.  For the first movement, I walked up the weight very slowly, taking 20kg jumps to get to working weight.  Used Spud velcro wrist wraps and EFS elbow sleeves.

Comp bench x3@8.5 +-5%: got to 240kg and really ground it out; did one fatigue set and was cooked
Bench+chains x3@8.5 +-5%: got to 180kg + a ton of chain and took a big crap -- just pooped all the way through the movement; did one fatigue set and moved on
Elbows-out extensions x6@9 +-5%: got up to the 50kg fat DBs (110#) and pretty much crapped out; did another set with the same, hefted the 110# round stone and pressed it until entirely fatigued

Triceps are not my problem anymore.  Bench isn't moving much, though -- not much progress all of a sudden.  Like I said last time, full ROM work makes me nervous, but that's apparently what I need.

No pain in the shoulder today.  Everything felt pretty good, if admittedly entirely gassed.  I can't get over how wiped I am.  To add to that effect, I downed 3/4 serving of Somatomax before bed last night and woke up with a sleep hangover.  I swear that stuff is the most awesome soporific I've ever used.

I guess I shouldn't say soporific -- I never noticed that it made falling asleep easier, but once asleep I sleep super-hard.  I mean, don't move all night kind of hard.  If I down too much, I wake up feeling drugged, much like today.  Drank a ton of coffee and never entirely got over feeling fuzzy in the head.  If you decide to try it, titer up to an effective dose -- don't just take a crapload because you always struggle with sleep.  Your wife/partner/girlfriend might think you're dead and run off with the mailman.  I love the stuff, but I love anything that actually works.

Bought a ton of food yesterday and have been cooking some of it.  Trying some of the Civilized Caveman's lime grilled chicken tonight with the boy, and have some of his pumpkin chicken chili cooking, though I subbed grass-fed chuck roast for the chicken.  I will let you know what the 13-yo thinks (though he's a fan of anything with pumpkin in it.)

Time to get back to eating everything in sight.  By the way, King Arthur's gluten-free brownie mix rocks with some grass-fed whole milk.  Wonder how many calories are in the whole box?

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sore, tired, and hungry this morning, predictably.  Low back is barking, but just sore -- no structural or sharp discomfort.  Just tired.

Don't think I'll repeat that anytime soon, but wanted to get it all in.

Too bad my wife's not around to rub on me.  Yep.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

training 4.21.2012

I gorged yesterday -- tons of calories, and I felt good about it.  Totally blew my diet programming and really don't care.  Figured I might feel it today in the rumpus room, for better or worse.  Didn't really.

To add to that, I actually ate breakfast this morning -- about a dozen eggs and a bowl of the boy's cereal.  I was hungry, oddly enough.  I'll get back to the CBL tomorrow, and I'll do a bunch of shopping and cooking to support it.  As I was telling Strongman Bob, I've put together this frankensteinian combo of modified warrior/carb backloading/bulletproof diet that I'm pretty excited about.  Or at least I will be once it starts tomorrow -- yesterday there was Pizza Port pizza to be had, along with an incredible IPA that was one of the best I've had in months.  I will post info about the diet when I get it sorted tomorrow.

My wife is out of town on business as of oh-dark-thirty this morning, so I'm on my own for the diet figuring.  That's probably best.  I'm curious about what gluten-free will mean for me, because I've started noticing things when I eat certain foods -- interested to see if any of that changes, or if it's just in my head.

My days got out of sequence this week (Tuesdays are sometimes tough to train on, and this week was one of those weeks), so I entered the room thinking I might combine two days and drop a couple of the assistance movements.  I didn't.  Sorry, Mike. 

I did two days in one session by taking no more than about 90 seconds between sets.  I climbed to work weights very quickly and kept the complete session to about 75 minutes.  Sucked wind the whole time, which wasn't pretty, I admit.

Started with a lot of dynamic work and a little bar work.  Wore elbow sleeves and knee sleeves, used a belt for the heaviest lower body sets, and Spud velcro wrist wraps.

Drank half a Spike before going in.  Man, I love that stuff.  Also downed the two TN products, so I had the B-Ala tingle going.  Love that too -- it tells me the time has come.

Pin press -5cm x4@8.5 + -5% fatigue: 230kg  not great, not bad; one set to fatigue
Pin press @chest x4@8.5 + -5%: 200kg, sucked; last work set and fatigue set were a grind
Push press x8@9 + -5%: 150kg, really hard; one fatigue set that was more like RPE=10
DL x3@8 + -5%: 290kg; may have had more, but had started thinking.  Also, didn't add my Spud DL belt until about 250kg, so I started having some low-back spasms; one fatigue set; all in all, pretty strong

SSB squat x4@8.5 + -5%: 310kg on the bar, one fatigue set; very strong -- felt unburstable -- weight just kept going up; last work set was a RPE=9; spasms abated after the weight got heavy
Good morning x6@9 + -5%: toast at this point, crapped at 150kg on SSB with very strict form; fatigue set was a drive-by -- not serious, as I was pretty well done at this point

Not ideal, but a good result.  Squat is improving, DL is progressing at a snail's pace, and bench is pretty well stagnant for the moment. 

Some of my shoulder trouble from throwing and general full-ROM paranoia are contributing to my benching issues.  I might work with Mike on some full-range lighter DB work until more confidence arrives.  My top half is very solid -- triceps are as strong as ever, but I'm not handling heavy weights well despite a great setup and consistent tightness.  I need to find a way to work on bottom-half without worrying about the shoulders and elbows.  Ideas are welcome.

Anyway, enough of a novel for today.  Thanks for checking in.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

training 4.19.2012

Gorgeous day today.  Got to train in the afternoon, like I like it, with no hurry.  Going to the Padres game later, which I love even though the Pads suck.  Life is pretty good.

Started with a fair amount of dynamic work and the usual bar work.  Downed the B-Ala/creatine stuff and TN's Rockitfuel, which is basically an energy drink without sugar.  Got to it.

Wore knee sleeves and used a Spud DL belt when the time came.

Squat x3@8 + 5% fatigue: reached 750# feeling pretty good -- might have had another small jump, but knew I had paused DLs coming, so I didn't get too ambitious.  Got two sets 10kg down for my fatigue.  Legs are very tired now, but I felt very strong today (after all my bitching last time.  Go figure.)

2ct paused DL x4@8.5 + 5% fatigue: got 310kg and stopped, took one set to -5% fatigue.  Feel pretty good about this -- I might have had another very small jump, but I was already seeing stars and was supposed to stop at RPE=8.5.  I think 8.5 is fair.

Snatch SLDL x8@9 + 5% fatigue: Got to 200kg and took a crap (legit 9), so backed off 5% and only got one set.  I feel okay about it, though it would be fun to do these on an off day and really see what I can do.  Honestly, this was the best I've felt doing these this cycle, though I may have just been happy to have gotten past the paused DLs.

Though the protocol didn't call for it, I did some high pulls between SLDL sets, just because I love rows.

All in all, a good day.  Made some progress, apparently, despite how unhappy I was about it all a couple of days ago.  And I hate paused DLs, which means I probably should do more of them; I'd rather do deficits any day.  Four rep paused just makes for a very long valsalva maneuver.

Been doing some research on paleo diets and the Bulletproof Diet as a buying reference for Carb Backloading.  Essentially CBL is about when to eat and what, as far as fats and carbs.  It actually accommodates eating guidelines like paleo/paleo-plus quite well.  Kiefer stipulates lots of carbs in CBL after training, and BD allows for it just fine so long as I stay away from the processed crap.  Frankly, I'm looking forward to it, as I have started noticed how differently I feel depending on what I've eaten. 

Anyway, I will post impressions and maybe even what I'm eating, if anyone cares.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

training 4.17.2012

Performed yesterday.

Warmed up with bar work -- spaced on dynamic work because I felt pressed for time.  Turned out not to be an issue.

Wore elbow sleeves and Spud wrist wraps.  Used only water -- out of Beta-Alanine/creatine crap, but got more via UPS yesterday.

Competition Bench x3@8 + 6% fatigue sets: crapped at 220kg, took one fatigue set to 5%; not sure what the problem was
Bench + chain x3@8 + 6%: reached 180kg + 6 chains total at 20# each, so a little better; took 1 fatigue set after I backed off 10kg/side.

DB extensions x8@9 + 6%: fat DBs, 120#, got two sets to fatigue with same weight

All in all, not bad, but not great.  Head wasn't in it that day, I guess.

Not worried about it, but a little frustrated that the rapid progress I've seen has stalled a little.  Plus bench was never my best, and I'm stagnating a little.  It's frustrating.  I will have to do some extra work on shoulders and pecs, because my triceps are coming along well.  Trouble is, full ROM work at my age is problematic.

We'll see.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

training 4.14.2012

Nice, cool day today after a couple of days of thunder storms.  I miss t-storms, being from the South; most San Diegans are terrified of them.  Wimps.

Not in a good mood today, but not pissed off enough to use it.  Not sure what the problem is.

Did a bit of dynamic work and the usual bar work to warm up.  Wore my loosest briefs and knee sleeves.  Used water and chalk, and ran the fan.

2ct DL x3@8.5 plus 6% fatigue set: got to 290kg pretty easily, backed off 5% and got one set to RPE=8.5
SSB Squat x2@8 plus 6%: got to 265kg on the bar (the bar is 60#) and took a crap, backed off 5kg and got 5 sets to RPE=8
Lunges w/ SSB x5@9 plus 6%: only reached 160kg on the bar before everything started cramping; did two more sets at 160kg

Not my finest day, but not my worst either.  Probably the three most humbling movements I do.  Mike didn't ask for the SSB on the lunges, but I used it because it was out and loaded.  Color me lazy.  Made me stand up straight.

Paintball tomorrow.  Should be great.

I might start working out at the Crossfit gym across the street from my office on my GPP days.  Please tell me that's a terrible idea.  Surely one day a week won't infect me with idiocy and weakness.  Every woman in my office is a crossfitter, which ought to say something.  On the other hand, a friend (can I say that, Carrie?) of mine named Carrie Fitzgerald is a crossfitter and she could kick most of our asses into tomorrow.  Could be worse.  Any of you losers come to SD and train with me, I'll ask her along.  It'd be great.

Thinking of blogging food for people like us, even if just linking to stuff I like.  If you think that's the worst idea you ever heard, leave a comment and I won't.

I hate lunges, but I hate walkouts worse.  The SSB walkouts were interesting today. 

If you use Firefox, get the Ghostery and Collusion add-ons.

Going back on Carb Back-loading Monday.

Friday, April 13, 2012

training 4.13.2012

Started with bar warm-up -- not the usual dynamic work, mostly because it's raining cats/dogs here.
Wore elbow sleeves and Spud wrist wraps.

My right shoulder has been balky now for a couple of days. I suspect it's just from so much throwing this week, so no worry yet.  Still not happy with it, and I should have done a bunch of dynamic work to warm it up.  I will do some tomorrow before squatting.

Downed some B-Ala before and went in tingling.  Hard rain here today, so worked with the heat blasting in the rumpus room, the door closed, and a sweatshirt on.

Pin press - 1bd x2@8 + 6% fatigue: 250kg felt okay, backed off 10 and got 4 sets to RPE=8

Pin press to chest x2@8 + 6%: 220kg, backed off 10 and got 2 sets to =8; right shoulder barking

Incline, pinky on ring, x6@9 + 6%: only got to 170kg and my right shoulder was barking hard (rotator), so I called it.

No sense in playing the hero.  Big squat/DL day tomorrow and paintball with the baseball team Sunday.  I suspect I'll be seriously sore Monday.  Love that.

Have a safe weekend, all.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

training 4.11.2012

GPP work yesterday, as well as throwing batting practice and hitting about 300 pops at full swing with a 36 ounce bat.

Dynamic warm-up, knee sleeves, and chalk throughout.  Not much else.  Started with the two TN supps.

Squat: x3@8.5 + 6% fatigue:  got to 290kg and felt a twinge in my left knee; decided that was good enough, backed off 5%, and hit three sets to 8.5; more like 8, I think 700# is a pretty good work weight at 3 reps right now, which puts my max in range for the desired elite total at the end of this cycle

2ct DL: x2@8 + 6% fatigue: got to 285kg remarkably easily, but 285 kilos made me feel like I was going to explode.  I think I must have ruptured a bunch of capillaries in my neck and face; haven't looked yet, but I still have that bloated, burning feeling.  Hurts.  Backed off 10kg each side and got two sets to fatigue.

Snatch grip SLDL: x6@9 + 6% fatigue: only got 180kg before I gave in to the discomfort in my neck/face.  Yeah, I know.  Felt good, had a good bit more, didn't get RPE=9.  Sue me.  Next time.  I need some ice.

All in all, I feel very good about this, even though I wimped on two movements.  My total continues to climb, I continue to progress in each movement, and I'm feeling pretty good.  I will return to carb backloading in two weeks, after a couple more weeks of gaining.  I suspect I will look a little soft when I get back to it, but I'm not concerned.  Body weight and work weight are both climbing, even if by only a little bit.

I like the way this is going, unlike the situation in Florida.  Once again, the media circus makes certain someone will get screwed in this deal -- no way Zimmerman gets a fair trial, and no way the DA could do anything except put him on trial.  Sounds like he's losing his mud, which just makes the circus worse.  Still can't figure out why the DA didn't let it go the Grand Jury, which would have absolved her of blame when it all falls apart.  Either way, no one gets justice in this fiasco.  Nuts.

Have a great evening.

Monday, April 9, 2012

training 4.9.2012

Week 2.  Gorgeous day.  Work getting tough, though boss it out for the next two weeks in Australia, so I will get some good stuff done before she gets back.  And that's my professional boss, not the real boss (partner boss).

Wore elbow sleeves, used TN Ndure prior to (love the B-Ala tingle), Dark Matter after.  Wore Spud wrist wraps.

Warm day in the rumpus room, so ran the fan the whole time pretty hard.  Was ready for this one.

2ct bench X3@9, 6% fatigue:  up to 210kg; dropped 5kg/11# off each side and took one set to REP=9.  Index on the ring.  Seemed pretty easy right up to near-failure.  Interesting.

Bench +90# monster minis x3@9, 6%: up to 190kg; dropped 5kg off each side and did three sets to 9.  As always, speed is not my problem.  Fired the weight up hard and got close to my 2ct score.

DB Exts, x6@9, 6%: used fat DBs up to 80#, dropped 10# each (yeah, I know), two sets to 9.  Love the fatties, but may have to use the stones as these weights climb.  Bumping DBs over 150 gets really hard on my shoulders.

Had a huge pump when done today.  Love that, and, unlike Bob, don't care who knows.  (Gotta keep you humble, Bob).

Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Sore today, likely very sore tomorrow.  I love that.

Happy Easter everyone.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week of 4.1.2012

Was on the road much of the week, so I'm bubbling all the notes into one entry.

Started the usual way.  Downed the two True Nutrition products to hop up, get creatine, get beta-alanine.  About to run out -- time to order.  They have an Easter special going -- ping me if you want the 10% code.

Wore my loosest briefs as a security blanket.  Used knee sleeves and elbow sleeves (both elitefts), and used my Spud velcro wrist wraps.  Love these things, but need to deal with the melted ends that cut my wrists.  I look like some kind of cutter with parallel lines running up the inside of my wrists.

Downed a ton of water before training.  Spent the morning coaching baseball and have been nominally dehydrated all week.  Very stressful week, so I know I'm behind.  Feeling a little fat -- too jiggly, but it'll changed.  Everything else is going great.

Warmed up with some dynamic work (not enough) and a bunch of bar work.  On the squats and DL starters (first sets of the day), I came up to work weight very fast -- Tuesday, for instance, my squat progression was to make 100kg jumps from empty bar to 300kg and then go up in 10kg increments.  Felt okay, so I ran with it.  Besides, I get tired of loading plates when I know I have a long way to go.  Lot to be said for 50kg plates.

The sessions.

Squat, x3@8, 3% fatigue                  330 kg, drop to 310kg, two sets to 3% (may have had a third)

2ct paused DL, x4@8.5, 3%              285kg, one set to 3% (tough)

Pendlay rows, x8@9, 3%                   175kg, one set to 3%

Pin press, full ROM-5cm (1-board), x4@8.5, 3%        220kg, two sets to 3%

Pin press, at chest, x4@8.5, 3%                             200kg, one set to 3%

Incline (pinky on ring), x8@9, 3%                           165kg, drop to 155kg and two sets to 3%

2ct paused DL, x3@8, 3%                                     285kg, one set to 3%

SSB Squat, x4@8.5, 3%                                        310kg, one set to 3% (brutal)

Lunges, x6@9, 3%               Bunch of weight; glutes cramped way before I reached an RPE=9, so called it

Thanks for checking in.  This week should be a bit more sane, so I will make regular updates.

Have a great Easter.  Hug someone in your family -- life is shorter than you think.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

day 1, week 1 4.1.2012

Only fool here is me.  New sequence with Big Mike.  Busy day today, particularly this afternoon, so getting to it early.

Did a fair amount of dynamic work and bar work to warm up, plus a bunch of sets up to work weight.  Just don't log them... never have.

Used the usual pair of True Nutrition products and 4oz of Spike.  Feeling it afterward, too.  I'm going to be sore.

Used elbow sleeves and mild wrist support.

2-count paused bench: x3@8 + 3% fatigue; worked up to 220kg, index finger on the ring
bench + 90#mm: x3@8 + 3%; used about 150# in two average short bands; 175kg, middle finger on the ring
floor press: x8@9 + 3%; 175kg, middle on the ring, ground out the last work weight rep

Feels great to be back.