Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bench, 5/3/1 rep

Gorgeous day. Got the day off, lots of time to train, and maybe even gets some things done if I feel like it. Might just take a nap.

Started with the Shelby mix, Results, and MGs Powdered Muscle. I'm starting to like the stuff, though, like most supps, I can't tell if it's doing anything useful. Most supplements I take I can't tell they're doing anything at all until I run out. AtLarge ETS is like that -- can't tell it's helping until I'm out, and then I'm bumming. The stuff clearly rocks. Wish it weren't so expensive. I suppose it's time I loaded up on it since my shoulder's been unhappy lately.

Wore neoprene wrist support and no other support.

Anyway, did a little dynamic warmup including hand switches using a medicine ball (pretty tough, actually) and a lot of bar work. Lots. Seriously paranoid about the shoulder, if you haven't picked that up lately.

Got to it:


185kg x 5 easy
210kg x 3 still easy
235kg x 1 got 5 reps, probably had another, but not likely more than that

I felt the shoulder, but it didn't feel like anything bad happened. Moving on...

DB snatch
lots with the 60# skinny handle DBs

supersetted with

Band presses
lots, trying to be nice to the shoulder

Frankly, these hurt my shoulder more than the bench. Made a few adjustments to try to at least get some accessory something in, but not sure how successful I was. I feel them in my chest an hour later, so maybe I got something done.

Could have pushed harder today, but didn't for obvious reasons. I'm still happy with the bench progress. Thinking about getting a loose Titan F6 (or something) shirt for shoulder support, but it'd have to be something I can get on and off relatively easily since I'm usually alone. Honestly, I just want something to hold my shoulders together like briefs hold my hips together. Getting too old to take a lot of chances, and I have no desire to be doing a jillion reps. Any advice is welcome.

Have a great day. Take care of yourself.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Deadlift day, 5/3/1 rep

Gorgeous day here finally. Lots and lots of rain this week, which for some bizarre reason totally stupefies San Diegans. They totally forget whatever little bit they knew about driving. I mean, seriously, on the first 12 hours of rain there were 260 accidents in the county. Terrific.

Started with Results and MG's Powdered Muscle, which tastes like expensive protein with powdered oats in it. Tastes a lot like my old blender shakes when I'd put a couple of cups of whirred oats in them -- drinkable oatmeal.

Wore loose briefs, Spud DL belt, neoprene wraps for the chins.

Anyway, did a bit of foam rolling with the knobby roller, dynamic work, and some bar work.

240kg x 5 not bad
275kg x 3 easier
310kg x 1 got two reps, but it sucked

The last two came off the floor pretty easily to about two inches -- you know, just after the bar relief ends, all the bend you're gonna get is bent, and the floor friction is gone. The next ten inches were tough but steady. Still no bad sticking points. Just hard.

Kroc rows, 10 reps each, skinny dumbbells, alternating hands, 50 kilos (I think), 3 sets

supersetted with

Chains/chins, every chain I have (200-something pounds), supine grip, sets of 5 reps, as many as I could get

Good day. I'm pretty blasted and have company coming tonight, but I'm just gonna feed them leftovers -- I've been cooking for the last three days solid. Enough is enough. Love me or go to Wendy's.

Hard work today. Hope yours is great.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Military press, 5/3/1 day

Raining here and has been for a couple of days. Very soporific, but can't take a nap -- gotta play nice all afternoon. Wife's company Christmas party is tonight, too. I'm looking forward to a few days off next weekend.

Downed Results and BCAA+. Warmed up with some dynamic work and a little bar work. Wore elbow sleeves and neoprene wrist wraps.

Military press, fat bar, seated at 85 degrees:

115kg x 5 reps easy
130kg x 3 reps still easy
145kg x 1 rep got 13 reps, pretty good

100kg x 5 x 10 reps supersetted with

Posterior Deltoid fly with 25kg, all done one-armed to full vertical.

My right shoulder has been hurting a lot lately. It feels as though I've torn something or have something floating around in the joint -- the same movements only make it hurt occasionally. It passes the rotator cuff click test in that I can lift my arm medially all the way to overhead without pain, clicking, or adjustment. Something else is wrong.

But today didn't hurt a bit. Can't tell you how happy I am about that. Went back to seated to take some of the pressure off the shoulder. Guess it helped.

Have a great day.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Squat day, 3 rep

Yeah, I waited a week. I tweaked something in my right shoulder benching last session -- feel like I may have torn something, though I pass the rotator cuff tear test. No click just past parallel. Something's not right, though.

So I carried my paranoia with me all week. My left quad hurt like a bastard all the time, despite frequent massage on the scar. No position could be held for long before spasm would start.

After today's training, a couple of things come to mind:

1. I probably need to use it more, because I feel better after training it
2. I still love squat day

Enough of the self-indulgent drivel.

Beautiful day today. Bluebird skies, very warm. Ran the heater in the rumpus room to make sure I sweat like a pig. Mission accomplished. Felt like high school wrestling practice.

I used At Large Results and the Shelby protocol, and I added AtLarge BCAA+. Honestly, the BCAA+ tastes fantastic. Go figure. Wore loose briefs, a belt for the heavier sets, and knee sleeves.

I did a lot of dynamic work and some bar work to warm up, but I got into the weight pretty quickly.

Squat, 3 reps
265kg x 3 not bad
285kg x 3 not bad
305kg x 3 still not bad. Didn't do extras because I was thinking too much about my quad and forgot.

I didn't do Big but Boring because of wanting to mix up quad-specific exercises. I think ballistic lifting is what hurt me last time, frankly. So I moved to:

Step-ups to a 24" platform
Held 40kg DBs in each hand and did three sets of 10 reps (each leg) until I thought I'd suck all the flies in the room into my lungs.

Supersetted the step-ups with:

Low fly using super-duper bands 3x10 and
Hammer curls with big, big, skinny DBs

I'm flippin' huge. Never been this big, though I have weighed more. Body fat is still below 10%, looking rather vascular, and looking big. Works for me.

It was a big week at the office this week -- toughest I've had in a while, though everything went quite well. Big week. So a day like today on the weight feels really, really good. I needed this, particularly after my last squat day.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bench, 3 rep

Gorgeous day today. Good day to get into the rumpus room

Started with Results and Shelby mix. I'm about out of Results, though I have a shipment on the way. My only complaint about AtLarge is their lack of shipping options, because I'd pay more to get mine sooner. Just takes longer than I'd like. As I think I've mentioned before, I love TrueProtein because they're literally 10 miles from my house and I get my orders the next day -- easy to get spoiled that way. AtLarge products work very well and their proteins are the best tasting high-quality proteins I've ever had. And I've tried a lot. TP protein is extraordinary quality, but typically raw with flavors added. The flavors are never as good as the crap proteins out there, so there's give/take. But for blender shakes, they are the only thing that makes sense.


Warmed up with very little dynamic work and a lot of bar work. Used elbow sleeves and my APT neoprene/velcro wrist wraps. My right headphone earbud decided not to work, so I had half my tunes. Not good.

185kg x 3 ez beezy
210kg x 3 still easy
220kg x 3 got 7 reps -- I'll have to check my all-time PRs to see how close I am
130kg x 5 x 10

DB Snatch with skinny DBs and a lot of weight. Love these for some reason. 5 x 8 reps.

My right shoulder started barking in the last heavy set and I had to hold it tight to get the rest. Not happy. Oh well.

Tomorrow I squat, and hopefully not just to poop. High hopes. We'll see.

Have a safe weekend. Keep fighting, Bob.

Deadlift day, 3 rep

I actually trained two days ago, but my internet access at home has been down for two days. For the record, I hate Time/Warner with a passion, but have no choice (except AT&T, which might be the lesser of two evils at this point.) Just getting around to posting.

Body fat has been dropping pretty seriously. Between work stress, training, eating less (I know, I know, but time at the office has made it tough to stick with the eating program), and other stuff, I've lost a fair amount of fat. Body weight has stayed pretty much the same, but BF has dropped like a rock. I'm ok with that, though I might need to eat more ice cream and cheesecake. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Started with the usual Results and Shelby mix. Did a lot of dynamic work, some bar work, wore loose (really loose at this point) briefs for hips, and a Spud DL belt for the hardest sets to keep my briefs from falling down. Nothing else but chalk.

Lots of warmup sets.

240kg x 3 went up easily
265kg x 3 not bad
285kg x 3 ok
175kg x 5 x 8 Easy enough, but boring

I did Kroc rows with 40-something kilos on the skinny handles and didn't bother to count. I did three sets until I had almost nothing in the tank each set, so obviously each set had fewer than the set before. Maybe I should count, but I got lost in my tunes and tried not to think.

Decent day -- moved weight and reminded myself that DL is pretty hard. My 5/3/1 day next time is gonna hurt. I will say, though, that the weight came off the floor quickly, which is historically my sticking point. I felt good about that.

Bench day today and squat tomorrow. Oorah. Someday I'll post vids and tell you about it.