Wednesday, October 30, 2013

training 10.30.2013

week 2, day 2 -- chest and shoulders

Elbow sleeves, Ndure + Athletic Greens and some extra creatine before.  Dynamic warm-up.

Incline press: 3 warm-up sets to pyramid up to a heavy weight, and then 4 sets of 12/10/8/6 reps, increasing the weight each set.  I like these.  Shoulders felt fine.

Decline DB press: 2x6 to pyramid up to work weight, 3x8 with deep stretch at the bottom and squeeze for a second at the top

Incline BB bench: 4x8, no pause and no lock; these were really hard and with a seriously small amount of weight.  Just gassed. 

In between each of the incline sets, I did 10 reps of over-and-back sets with a monster-mini, keeping the arms straight at all times.  So 4x10 at this point.

Machine side laterals: I was supposed to have assisted eccentric load on the first 8 reps of each set, but I work alone.  So I did 8 reps + another 8 reps with dropped weight + 10 over/backs with the band x4 work sets.  Brutal.

Machine rear delt work: 4x20, 90s between, + 10 reps of over/back band work between sets.  So 4 work sets and 4 band sets.

Rainbow presses, 2x12: I was so gassed at this point, all I could do was the bar.

Weight is up another pound.

Be safe tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

training 10.28.2013

Rainy, cool day.  Rather liked it.

NDure, Athletic Greens, a little dynamic work, etc.  Nothing but knee sleeves.

Hamstring curls on a machine: 3 warm-up sets of about 10 reps.  Each sets was 10 full reps + 10 partials out of the stretch, and 3 sets of that.

Squats: some dweeb was camping in the only squat rack the gym has doing something inane on a swiss ball, so I did leg press first.  Yes, I'm serious -- no gym is exempt from stupid.  He did occasionally squat, though he had the pussy pad on the bar and a 25 on each end.  Yes, he needed the manpon for 90-something pounds.  And he was there for a good 20 minutes doing whatever it was he thought he was doing, occasionally wiping with his pink towel.  I kid you not.  I'm sure he was supporting breast cancer something or other.

And before anyone lectures me about BRCA, I've lost family members to the cancer and assisted the scientist who first discovered the BRCA1 gene while she was doing the research.  This gym display had nothing to do with science.

Leg press with bands: 2 sets with low weight + bands and low reps to warm up.  3x8 with six wheels each side and the same doubled average bands from last time.  Kaboom.  Thought I'd vomit about now.

Curls: filling time while, well, you know.  Lots of sets of straight curls to hammer curls with 25# DBs at very high reps, staring at the floor the whole time to avoid being infected.

Squats: neo-super-maxi-zoondweebie (name the movie) had left the rack by now, so to the rack I went.  Worked up to a very tough 10, which was not as high as it should have been after the leg press.  Squatted wide and maintained form.  Weight was around 405, and no manpon was used -- I threw it across the room so that everyone could see how manly I am.  Okay, not really, but I did set it aside, even if I couldn't set aside my other issues.  Worked up to that 10, added weight and did 8, added weight and did 6.  3 work sets.  Dying about now.

Heavy DB lunge: used straps and 65s, did 2x10 one leg at a time.  Thought I might cry.  Seriously wondering if I was going to vomit.  Eyeballed the trashcan, which kept me from looking at my ugly mug in the mirror.  Didn't yack just yet.

DB SLDL with the same DBs, 2x20.  Might have wept.  Low back wasn't happy, and I kept an eye on depth in the mirror to stop once my hips stopped on the descent and low back started compensating.

Everything is sore, I'm seriously tired, and I like it.  Body weight is up about 4 pounds over the last two weeks and I am eating like a nutter.  Don't think I'm getting any fatter, so legs are the next most likely option.  I've ditched pretty much any diet plan outside of high protein and semi-paleo.  I'm just eating.  Still skipping breakfast, eating first meal around 10, sticking with about 3/4 pound of meat (or eggs) each meal, and only rice for carbs.  I have been known to hit the Halloween candy for a mini-bar from time to time, but haven't started crushing it yet.

Downed some Somatomax for sleep last night before bed.  Worked like it always does.  Slept super-hard.  When I take that stuff, I wonder if I'd wake for a fire.

Anyway, love you guys.  Really, I do, until you camp in my rack with pink towels and swiss balls and manpons...

Monday, October 28, 2013

training 10.26.2013

Back day

Started with Ndure and Athletic Greens and a bunch of Advil.  Warmed up with weight and some dynamic work.

DB Rows, worked up to heavy and then 3x8 with big stretch at the bottom
Meadows rows, 3x10 with a hard weight
DL off the floor, worked up with triples, did 10x1 with 10s rest between reps -- this was tough
Stretchers, 3x10 with a lot on the stack:

Good day.  That gym is really hot, which is fine.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

training 10.24.2013

Gorgeous day today.  I would normally bask in it, but it's a leg day.

Ndure, Athletic Greens, some dynamic work, and a fair amount of bar work to warm up.  Knee sleeves for most.

Went to a different gym today, but went at noon and it's right across the street from a hospital.  Nevertheless, it wasn't bad and it has things the tiny place I went two days ago doesn't.  Nice to have options.  Plus it is no farther than the cavalcade of stupid I went to the past two weeks.  Good.

To it:

Barbell SLDL: 3 warm-up sets, continuous tension, work up to a good weight for 6 reps and do 3x6 with that weight.  Liked this, though felt odd doing them first.  Guess it's not that different than doing the GHR first before squatting.  Worked up to three wheels plus a little.

Leg press with bands:  I really don't like leg press machines just because they are hard on the lower back.  I will have to find either a different apparatus or tinker with the back angle until it is okay.  Each rep today, particularly if high-force, made my lower back tingle, which I assume to be a bad sign.  No lingering pain, but not the kind of thing I really like.  I used doubled average bands and a few wheels, concentrated on getting as deep as I could without lifting my back off the pad, and gutted them out.  I could hardly walk afterward, which is unusual for me on the LP.  The bands make life tough.

Hack squat: Couple of sets to warm up the knees, put the feet where I like them, and did a set with a good work weight that was rock bottom deep with a pause at the bottom of each rep.  Then did another set, followed immediately by two drop sets, both 8 reps.  Wow.  I didn't drop much weight -- maybe 5% -- and these clobbered me.  24 reps total, two work sets.

Step-ups, used a barbell over the shoulders, and made sure each rep got a good glute stretch.  Came down under control -- no ballistic steps, no ruptured Achilles tendons.  Did one leg at a time, 2x10.

Hamstring curls: used a machine (not sure which vendor), 2x25 with moderate weight, and stumbled out of the gym.

Great session, totally fried, expect soreness.  Wow, this was pretty tough and it is a low volume week.  Yikes.

Have a good week, all.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

training 10.22.2013

Partly cloudy, blustery, and a little cooler today.  Love this kind of weather.

I went by the gym on the 19th and 21st and couldn't even get close to it -- overflowing with stupid, so much so that the parking lot was beyond full.  People were parked in illegal spots, just to share in the stupid.  I guess I'm not that, well, stupid.

Went north back to the old hood to see if the microscopic 24hr Fatness there was a) any less full of stupid, and b) capable of sustaining one of my sessions.  I seemed to remember that they had a rack (they don't anymore), lots of dumbbells that are ALWAYS in the storage racks (bet it's the only commie gym in America that can make that boast), and a smattering of ways to inflict pain.  It'll do, at least for the most part.

I had downed Ndure and did a bunch of dynamic work for shoulders.  I had decided to mix it up a bit, particularly since I was venturing into this largely unknown space.  So today was a chest and shoulders day.

Incline Press: I did 3 warm-up sets of 10 to get up to a work weight and did 4 work sets of 12, 10, 8, and 6 reps.  I wanted each to be close to failure, so heavy, and with a good stretch at the bottom.  Had to use a machine for this in this gym, which was fine.  I had a few reps left in the tank, but it was still pretty tough.

Incline DB press, very low angle: 2 sets of 6 to pyramid up to a heavy weight; then 2x8 at work weight, deep stretch at the bottom.  I was getting a little toasty at this point.

Bench press, 2x15 with relatively light weight, no pause and no lock -- touch chest, partial, 15 reps.  Ouch.

Meadows stretch pushups, 2 x failure: used DBs on end to stretch way deep, hardly got any reps at all on these, did ten banded over-and-backs after each set.  Wow.

Heavy side laterals, 4x8: used a weight that was right at my limit, requiring a little swing to get the weight going

Machine rear delts, 4 work sets: 30 reps on the first set, 120s rest, 25 reps, 120s, 20 reps, 120s, 15 reps; weight was fairly mild, and this was absolutely brutal

Wide grip barbell presses: technically this is military press, but the hands are way out at the bar ends, so it ends up being from just below the chin to the top of the head with light weight.  3 sets of 12 reps, right to failure.

My shoulders felt okay when I left, but now I'm having trouble doing simple things.  Just turning the steering wheel to drive out of the parking lot was difficult, and now I'm cooked.  I'm gonna be sore.  Can't wait for legs.

I think tomorrow is back.  I'll eat a ton tonight.  Yesterday was our anniversary, and I couldn't be any happier with that part of life.  Nothing new on the job front.

Thanks for checking in.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

training 10.17.2013

It's late and I'm tired, so this will be short.

Started with Ndure, a Monster, and dynamic work.  Wore loose briefs today for chuckles and old times' sake.

Hamstring curls on a machine, 3x a lot

DL, straight bar, sumo, 8RM: worked up to quite a bit, actually; I'll go back and figure out how much and report at some point

 - lunges with DBs, 3x12, rather tough
 - modified dragon flags, 3x8, very tough

Rows of various types, still not to exhaustion.  The rowing machine choices suck, and the bars were taken for Pendlays.  Plus, my lower back was tired by this point, so a machine was okay with me.  No low-to-high to be found, so I spent most of my time on some Hoist mid machine.  Rather expensive machines to be so hokey, but it worked well enough.

Hope all are well.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

training 10.15.2013

Gorgeous, warm day.  The mornings are getting cooler, too, which is nice.

Started with Ndure and a Monster Ultra 0.  Wore elbow sleeves and did a fair amount of dynamic shoulder work.

I went mid-afternoon, too, in hopes of missing out on some of the crowd/stupid.  There was considerably less crowd and considerably less stupid -- the guys in there were serious types, with several legitimate gronks.  Felt a little better.

Trouble was, a walking stick was using the military press and all the racks were taken.  So I had to use machines today.  Oh, the horror.  Also, because of the crowds, supersets are nearly impossible anymore.  I do what I can, but adjustments are inevitable.

Military, 8RM + back off set, used a Hammer machine with a ton of weight, went until I failed at 4 reps and backed down to 8.  So I hit my 8RM twice.

Chins, neutral grip, no added weight

Hammer Iso-bench, rather little weight, 3x10 -- shoulders were starting to wear out

Cable face-pulls, 70-something off a stack, 3x12 with very strict form

Cross-body hammer curls, 3x10

Gironda swings with pink weight, 3x10   just wanted to hit the shoulders again, though they were toast by this point

Getting there.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

training 10.13.2013

Gorgeous, breezy, warm Fall day.

Week one, day three: upper reps

Started with Ndure and a Monster.  Dynamic shoulder work and some bar work, and wore sleeves for heat.

Military press, 2x8, 60s between.  Worked up and back down.

Superset, 60s:
 - Dips, no extra weight
 - Neutral chins

Dips usually aggravate my AC joint, but didn't today.  At least not yet noticeably.  Chins were neutral and narrow -- not a lot of options for neutral and wide.  None, in fact.

Gironda swings, very strict, with 25# DBs, 2 work sets with about 60s between

60-degree DB curl, 2x12 after working up to about 45#

Triceps pushdown, 2x15 with a little weight on a crappy cable stack

Did some extra sets of low fly chest work just for good measure.

The idiots were stinky today -- doesn't anyone wash their kit?  Gee whiz.  Soap and deo, boys.  And there were still a lot of them in there at 2:00 on a Sunday.  Thought maybe they would all be watching football or something equivalent.  As bad as several of them reeked, I'm shocked they don't have various rashes from unwashed clothing.  Maybe they do, and now they are sharing.  Didn't learn much from that raging case of jock itch you had in high school wrestling, huh?

Shoulders are pretty toasty.  Lower half is still pretty sore, too, so tomorrow's max upper day should be rather interesting.  Not sure what time I will try -- maybe 2:00 on a weekday won't be so bad.  We'll see.

In the meantime, I've had a headache for five days now, on and off.  Interestingly, it seems to go away when I'm straining in the weight room.  Maybe I'll just move there.  It has succeeded in making me about as unpleasant as I can be and not be disowned by all who know me (or at least have to live with me).

Hope all are having a good weekend.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

training 10.10.2013

Cloudy, blustery.  Actually rained most of yesterday -- wet for more than ten minutes is rather unlike SD.

Day two of week 1 -- back to the beginning.

Dynamic work, forgot my Ndure/B-Ala/creatine stuff, did some bar work, got to it.

Hamstring work, 2x a bunch on a machine, rest-paused, 60s between sets and several warm-up sets

Squat, 8RM + back off set, knee sleeves only.  Had a couple of college kid curlers pressing up on my rack.  They'd loaded up the bar with way, way too much weight, were using straps (for supine grip curls?), and helping each other rep out.  Only way they could get that much stupid through any range of motion.

Oh, yeah, and I lifted some weight too.  I did a couple of extra sets of lighter weight and worked on depth, because my 8RM set depth sucked badly.  Hams too tight, even after direct ham work.  And my weight was pathetic -- 400-something -- but I got it done and had a hard time walking afterward.

Superset, 60s:
 - DB lunges, 3x12 with a bunch of weight
 - Modified dragon flags, 2x8

I was sucking wind pretty badly throughout that superset.

Superset, 60s:
 - Kroc rows with a crap-ton of weight, focus on pulling from the elbow up, no jerking, squeeze at the top, 2x a lot
 - DB clean hi-pulls, same DBs, about ripped one nipple off, 2x10

Felt good, wore my sorry butt out, gonna be as sore in the lower half as I am in the upper.  If I can tolerate all the stupid floating around the gym, I should be okay.  Now to find a time of day that isn't packed with that same stupid...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

training 10.8.2013

Warm, partly cloudy day.  Looked like rain this morning (as much as it ever does), but didn't come through.

I am moved, mostly out of boxes, and still can't get into the garage.  I re-upped with 24HR Fatness, despite all my better sense, just so I could return.  That and to remind myself why I hate commercial gyms.

Max upper day

Bench, comp grip, 8RM + back off set, 90s between sets: worked up to 185kg for 8 reps and did another set at that weight with a Slingshot for my back off set

Superset, 60s between:
 - neutral chins, 3xAMRAP, no added weight
 - DB press, 40kg DBs using 1.5 reps (half up, down, full up = 1 rep), 2x8

Superset, 60s:
 - Cable face pull, a bunch, 2x10
 - Cross-body hammer curl, very strict, 45# DB, 2x10

Added 3 sets of rows on a low-row machine just to hit my upper back some more.

Got lots of looks, feel very weak.  The place was full of wanna-bes, but I'm so weak I have nothing to say.

I'm going to start another blog full of worthless opinion.  I'll link to it here.  I'm sure you can't wait.  I'm also sure commercial gym stories will figure in.  I can't believe how busy the place was at 10-something -- doesn't anyone work?