Sunday, June 30, 2013

training 6.30.2013

Bodybuilding day

B-Ala/creatine, dynamic work, a little bar work to warm up.  Elbow sleeves (loose), Spud wrist.

Warm day again today.  Had a plan to do shoulders and curls, but only hit the shoulders.

Incline, 5x20 reps, heavy, seat at about 50 degrees

Rear delt fly, 5x60 reps (yes, 60) with 20# DBs, thought I might vomit

Meadows shoulder swings, 35# DBs x 3x35 reps -- was pretty sure of it by this point

6-ways for shoulders with 10# plates.  Brutal.

Was quite totally fried, so I called it.  I'll do some extra tomorrow, maybe.


Friday, June 28, 2013

training 6.28.2013

Cube, week 6, day 3 -- squat for reps

Hot day today -- been warm lately.  Humid for around here, too.

B-Ala/creatine, Monster Abs0, some dynamic work, a little bar work.  Loose briefs, knee sleeves, belt.

Squat, 6x2 @85% of max: not bad, easy out of the hole, a little soft at the top

Pause squats, 3 count, 3x10 @65: these were very tough; at this point 3x10 would be bad enough @65%, but a 3-count pause about killed me

Lunges, 3x15 + weight: used chains, left knee sharply hurt occasionally when it was the hind foot, which is odd.  Must have put it in an odd angle, because I lunge super-deep and put all the weight on the front leg.  Whatever.

Olympic squats, 1x50 with 155#, no stops and no pauses, no gear, ATAnkles

Abs, 3x25

Body weight is up nicely, though I jiggle a little more than I want to.  Easily fixed.  Pretty pleased with how things are developing.

I stink.  Off to clean up and eat.  Have a safe weekend, all.

Btw, no job yet and the boys lost Wednesday, so my baseball coaching career is likely over for good now.  I think I'm okay with the latter, at least for now.  The former is definitely not okay.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

training 6.26.2013

Cube, week 6, day 2 -- bench for speed

Warm day today -- quite humid.  B-Ala/creatine mix to start, along with dynamic work and a slow progression with the bar.

Loose elbow sleeves, Spud velcro wrist.

Floor press, 8x3 @80%: don't know about 80%, but did heft 22% more than the 5x5 off the floor I managed a few weeks ago.  So, progress.  Felt good, no shoulder pain.

60/50/40 incline DB x20 reps this time with 40kg fat DBs.  These are brutal.  30s rest between each set, quick transition between each bench degree.  Got three sets at 40 degrees x20, 9 sets total, therefore about 180 reps.  Kaboom.

JM Press, x100 reps in as many sets as it takes, light weight on a curl bar: Brutal, awful, horrible, but effective.  Triceps are total fried at this point.

Band fly, 3x15 with double monster minis: this was kinda unnecessary at this point and put stress on my right shoulder.  I need something simpler to set up.  Wish I had a cable tower.

Abs, lots x lots: need to do more abs, frankly.

Need to eat.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

training 6.25.2013

Cube, week 6, day 1 -- DL max

B-Ala/creatine mix, dynamic work, Monster Absolute Zero, bar work.  Warm, so got a good sweat on before it counted.

DL, 2" block, work up to a single: hit 616 and was done.  Lots of sparkles.  Still, an improvement over last time.  At the previous jump (275), I felt some oddness in my right elbow, but no issues at 280.

Sumo DL, 8x2 @75%: low back started barking, but nothing bad.  Probably a setup problem.

DB Rows, 2x20: used 30kg on the fat DBs, superset with

DB Shrugs, 3x20, used the same DBs.

GHR, 3x12

Felt good, particularly given how little I wanted to deadlift today.  Just not up for it, but it went well.

Right elbow and shoulder aren't happy from so much throwing and hitting fungo for the boys.  If they lose tomorrow, All Stars is over and I can recover.  Just slight tendonitis, so not too concerned.

No job, no bright prospects.  Two weeks from selling big things.


Monday, June 24, 2013

training 6.23.2013

Assistance day

Warm day today and kinda tired from training and the weekend and everything else.

B-Ala/creatine mix, dynamic shoulder work, some light bar work to warm up.  Elbow sleeves and Spud velcro wrist wraps.

Incline, x20, barbell with 200#, lots of sets supersetted with
Rear delt work, x60, 65# fat DBs, lots of sets

Meadows swings, drop sets of 35 reps, started with the 65s and dropped to 30s before I was gassed

6-ways with 10# DBs, 4x10: absolutely brutal by this point

1-arm biceps curl, AMRAP, 3 sets with fat DBs;
Hammer curls, AMRAP with same DBs

Straight to preacher concentration curls until fried.

Pretty well pumped by this point.


Friday, June 21, 2013

training 6.21.2013

Cube, week 5, day 3 -- max squat

Hot day today for around here, which means considerably less than most of you are dealing with.  Had the fan on hard.

B-Ala/creatine mix + Monster Absolute.  Some dynamic work and a fair amount of bar work to warm up.  Loose briefs, knee sleeves, belt for heavies.

Squat, work up to a single: worked up to the high 6s and feel very good about it.  Think I had another 5 or 10kg jump in me, but didn't want to miss.  Much tougher on the descent than coming up, interestingly enough.

Squat, reverse band, x1, 102.5% of max: just added 10kg with average bands, but it was too easy.  Either need to use the light bands or add another 5 or 10.

Olympic squat, raw, 3x12 with 50%: these weren't nearly as bad as I expected

Lunges with weight, 3x20

Reverse hyper, light weight, 3x12

Back raises, 1x60:  seemed a little superfluous after the reverse hypers, but got them done.

Very hungry, heading to eat. 

First All Stars game for the boys is tomorrow.

By the way, I would be very interested in hearing from any of you what you find interesting in a blog -- what makes a blog worth reading to you.  This one, I pretty much am just reporting what I've done and don't expect it to be very exciting.  But in general, I'd like to hear your opinion, whether to effect this blog or others I contribute to.

Still no job.  Great talk yesterday, but not sure if it will become anything.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

training 6.19.2013

Cube, week 5, day 2 -- bench for reps

Run down today for some reason.  Slept an extra hour this morning, which is unheard of for me.  Not feeling my usual intensity in the room, which is why I cut it off at about 45 minutes after warm-ups.  I will pick up the rest tomorrow -- it was a natural stopping point anyway.

B-Ala/creatine mix + Monster Absolute, lots of band work, lots of bar work.  Hot day today for SD, too, so fan was running hard.

Competition bench, 1x3 each at 87.5%, 90%, and 92.5% of max: worked up to an RPE of 9, right around 175kg, or 385#.  All I had, pretty sure another jump would have failed.  Threw on the Slingshot and did another two sets with an additional 10kg.

Military press, 3x10: just got them done

Chins, wide, full down, no added weight, 4x12, superset with

JM Press, 4x15, 30kg on a curling bar: should have had 35 or 40kg, but not going to sweat it.  Got a great pump.

Called it.  Will do shoulders tomorrow.  I feel like I've dropped carbs, which I definitely haven't; hope I'm not coming down with something.

Got an interview tomorrow, though not sure for what.  Guy I worked with a long time ago is a CEO of a couple of companies and wants to talk, which usually means interview.  We'll see.

Have a great day.

Monday, June 17, 2013

training 6.16.2013

Cube, week 4, day 3 -- squats for speed

Failed to enter this one, so unless I figure out how to move the entry, it will be out of sequence.

B-Ala/creatine mix, Monster of some sort.  Dynamic and bar work, loose briefs, knee sleeves.

Squat, 5x2 @80%: went up pretty well

Squat reverse band, 1x2 @90%: 90% was too easy, so I added a bunch of weight and did another set of 2; used average band, I think, which meant it was light at the bottom and gave me a twinge in the back at the top -- it was a lot of weight by this point.  I need to work on thoracic stability, apparently -- more ab work and some oblique work is called for, I guess.

Olympic squats, 5x5, not a whole lot of weight.

Lunges to a 4" platform, 4x12 with a bunch of weight
GHR, 3x12, bodyweight

Had to go to practice.

training 6.17.2013

Cube, week 5, day 1: DL for speed

B-Ala/creatine and a Spike.  Lots of dynamic work, some bar work, good sweat going.  Loose briefs.

DL, 55% with chains, 8x1: comp stance, all the chains I have (about 200#, I think), 110kg on the bar; easy

2" block pull, snatch grip, straight weight, 50%, 1x20: I added another 50kg to the bar and they were pretty easy -- feeling good so far

Olympic squat, 5x6, narrow stance: 175kg, which was not enough, but wanted to take it easy after yesterday (plus baseball practice later today)

Shrugs, 3x15, fat DBs, lots of weight

Back raises x60 on the GHR, so about 170 degrees to 80 or so

Pull-ups, wide, 4x15, no added weight.

Gonna do shoulders and more pull-ups tomorrow, plus abs.  After yesterday, I called it here.  Feel pretty good, though hungry.

Getting there.

No job yet.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

training 6.13.2013

No particular point -- just wanted to work

Admittedly, part of my interest comes from a desire to eat whatever I want.  Given what I have in the house, that can't get me into too much trouble, but it is an incentive to work hard.

B-Ala/creatine mix, dynamic shoulder work, a little weight work to warm up, got to it.

60/50/40 degree fat DB incline:  As I've written about before, I set the seat at 60 degrees and set up with DBs that consider heavy and do sets of 8 reps until I can't get 8, then move to 50 degrees and repeat, and so forth through 40 degrees.  If I can do more than 8 sets through all three seat settings, I move the weight up.  30 seconds rest between each set, strictly observed.

I used 50 kilos on my Freespotter fat DBs.  Got 4 sets at 60, 2 at 50, 2 at 40 and was totally done.

1-arm Meadows row, 3x20 heavy: focus on full lat activation.  Love these.

2-arm row with the loaded barbell, 3x12: upper- and mid-back was pretty fried by the end

Shrugs, just because

1-arm bicep curls with 30kg on my fat DB handles, 3xAMRAP
Hammer curls, 3xAMRAP

Check this out:    extraordinary speed, that.  Impressive.

Stick a fork in me.  I'm hungry.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

training 6.12.2013

Cube week 4, day 2 -- max bench

B-Ala/creatine, dynamic work, a lot of bar work, a scoop of Craze, elbow sleeves (loose) and Spud velcro wrist wraps.

2-board bench, 1x2 or 3 reps, 103% of full comp max: these were tough, but I got three reps of about 400 off a 2-bd stuffed under my shirt

3-board, 3x15, 75%, narrow and slow: these were very hard

Pull-ups, weighted, 3x15, super-set with

JM Press, 4x15, not much weight (200#): really tough -- triceps pretty cooked by now

DB Military, 3x10 with heavy fat DBs, super-set with

DB Shrugs, 4x15

All in all, tough.  Making progress, feel pretty good.

No job yet, but a couple of things percolating that have promise.  Keeping my fingers crossed and prayer bones working.

Hang tough, all.

Monday, June 10, 2013

training two days, 6.10.2013

Cube week 3, day 3 -- squats for reps
Cube week 4, day 1 -- DL for reps

Did both at the same time. The weekend was too busy with my wife's figure comp, so I had to cram it into one day.  Time to suck it up.

Lots of dynamic work and bar work.  B-Ala/creatine mix to start and a Monster Absolute Zero during.

Used loose briefs, knee sleeves, and a Spud DL when it got heavy.

Squat, 5x3 wide, 75%: right about 500#, felt good
GM, wide stance, 3x8 with a straight bar: 100kg on the bar, too easy
Olympic squats, same weight, 50 reps without putting the bar down -- brutal
DL, 3x2 @85%, based on last week's effort: not bad, but started feeling my hams
2" block pull, snatch grip, no straps (protocol called for them), 60% of max, 3x12: started getting seriously tough by the end
GHR, 4x10, no weight and no bands -- hammies and low-back were pretty fried by now, so straight up work was tough enough
Back raises: this was gilding the lily

I'm worn out, but I feel good.  No pain today, no knee trouble, moved some significant weight.  I'm happy, even if not entirely back in business yet.  I'll get there.

For the bodybuilders who check in from time to time, you have my utmost respect.  Every time I go to my wife's figure comps and watch the BB, I'm struck by how hard you've worked and how idiotic the judges are.  I swear, the judging pisses me off so badly, I don't know how you do it.  I'll stick with most points/heaviest lift/fastest/first across the line comps; this subjective crap wears me out.  And the organizers are even bigger idiots -- from first judging to finals was 12 hours for the BBers.  Poor guys were totally exhausted by the final pose-offs after 10:00 at night.  Ridiculous.

Wife took a 2nd and 3rd and was totally robbed.  The winner of both categories is a training partner of one of the judges, and everyone knows it.  She looked awful, but she won.  Great.

Sorry to rant.  Have a great day.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

training 6.6.2013

Cube week 3, day 2 -- speed bench

Started with the usual beta alanine/creatine mix, a bunch of dynamic work, and some bar work to get a good sweat going.  Also threw down a Monster Ultra for a good butt-kicking.  The Ultra doesn't give me the rush that Spike does, but its effect lasts longer.  At least for me.

Used loose elbow sleeves and Spud wrist wraps.

Floor press, 5x5, 70% of max: had 110kg on the bar and it wasn't enough, but my shoulders didn't hurt at all

Incline DB, 3x15, fat DBs loaded with a ton of weight (50-something kg): intent was for 15 reps to be close to max, and it was; lit my chest up at 45 degrees on the bench, interestingly enough

JM Press, 3x20, not much weight at all: triceps were starting to get cooked, so this was good; supersetted these with DB military

DB Military, fat DBs with 20kg, which wasn't enough, 3x15: not much on the traps or shoulders, but triceps were lit up in a big way by now

Fly, fat DBs, 3x15: used the 20 kilo DBs and just got these done

Abs on the GHR x50

Very hungry, so I'm off to eat and then clean up.  Wife has a figure comp this weekend, so we're down to the part where I need to be helpful -- she's pretty exhausted all the time.  Stuff to get done before she gets home.  Call that what you want; I call it smart.

Boys lost their game in extra innings last night, so the playoffs are over.  It's a mix of frustration and relief for me.

No job yet.  Trying to stay sublime about it and treat the search as a job.  I got a call that I might start contract work tomorrow, which would be good.

All of which is to say, strength is coming along, feeling good about it, trying not to let other things get in the way.  Thanks for checking in.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

training 6.4.2013

Cube week 3 day 1, DL max

Warm day.  Had lunch with a good friend and ate a bunch, so I downed half a Monster with the usual mix to start and hoped for the best.

Dynamic work and bar work to warm up.  Spud DL belt for support, but that's all.

Conventional stance DL max from 4" blocks:  worked up to 600-something, which makes me quite happy; low 6s, but 6s nonetheless; worked up in 10% jumps

Sumo stiff-leg DL, 2x6 with 65% of previous amount -- too easy, need to go up

DB Rows, 3x10 heavy, dead-stopped at the bottom without bouncing, fat DB (2")

DB shrugs, 3x20, 45# I think

Abs x50 using the GHR

Felt good today.  Been sleeping horribly since the job loss, and last night was particularly bad, so I'm pretty pleased with this result.  Didn't help that the boys had a late baseball playoff game last night, so I didn't even eat until well past my usual bedtime.  Was pretty massively keyed up, mainly because I quite badly wanted to beat this particular opponent and we crushed them.  Brilliant effort.

Anyway, off to eat again.  Hope you guys are doing well.