Monday, December 31, 2012

training 12.31.2012

Cube week 8, day 1 -- deads for speed

B-Ala/creatine mix, half scoop Craze, loose briefs and shin guards.

Dynamic warm-up and bar work to get moving.

DL @65% + doubled monster minis, 8x1: 215kg, not particularly fast until about the 5th set

DL off 4" blocks, snatch grip, straight weight, 2x8 @75%: 250kg; these were absolutely brutal, primarily because I did them essentially stiff-legged.  Didn't realize it until the second set, and my hamstrings are paying for it.  Idiot.

3s paused DL, 3x6 @40%: more like 45% because of how the plates added up.  These weren't bad.

Barbell shrugs, 2x20 with bodyweight

Band lat pulldowns, 4x15 with average bands

All in all, okay.  Hope I didn't hurt my hams. 

I hope everyone has a safe evening.  I have a house full of 14yo boys yelling at some Madden PS3 game at the top of their lungs, so I'll be content if the house is still standing tomorrow.  It could be much worse.

My wife returned today after several days in Seattle, so life is getting closer to normal.

Hope everyone's 2013 is fruitful.  Later.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

training 12.30.2012

Cube week 7, day 4 -- assistance

Rainy day today with occasional bouts of brilliant sunshine.  The inside of the house is quite chilly for SD, and therefore so is the rumpus room.  Ran the heater hard today and got a good sweat on.

B-Ala/creatine mix, some extra coffee, no support.  Wore my Yale sweatshirt for the first half in honor of Milda's alma mater.  Had that thing for almost 30 years now.

Shoulders felt fine during dynamic warm-up.  Did dyn for lower half too and got to it.

Step-ups again with a lot of weight, just because
Bat wings, 4x20    a la Dan John
Suspension Y-lift, 4x10 a la Eric Cressey
Suspension rows, 4x20
Curls, 4x12
Shoulder work for rotator cuff

Felt sluggish today, though not sure why.  Had enough calories yesterday for two people, though they weren't all clean.  Literally ate a third of a homemade 9" cheesecake mid-afternoon.  Loved it.  Maybe that's it.  Hah.

My reader stats are sucking wind -- I must be getting more boring.  Hard to imagine.  Thanks to those that stick it out.

Check out Strongman Bob in the latest Power mag.  His is a very compelling story of his fight against an advanced case of DISH and well worth the read.  No pity -- just respect.  Keep fighting, Bob.

I've had a subscription to Power since the first issue and love it -- highly recommend it.  You can get an e-version now for your iPad or whatever, so no excuses.  Besides, it reeks of Smelly Bell's sense of humor, which is reason enough to get it.  Love him or hate him, you have to respect Mark for what he's accomplished.

Off to eat half a cow in some chili.  Got to clean this place up before my wife returns from Seattle tomorrow.  Hope all have a safe New Year.

Friday, December 28, 2012

training 12.28.2012

Cube week 7, day 3 -- squats for speed

B-Ala/creatine, dynamic work, knee sleeves and briefs for first and second movement.

Pressed for time due to a business dinner meeting at 7:00 that I called, so conscious of the time a little too much.

Squat, 6x3, briefs only @80%: 275kg, nothing speedy about them

Squat, reverse band, 1x2 @85%: too easy with light bands

Olympic squat, paused for 3 in the hole, 5x5

Superset these with ...

Light GM, 3x12 and
SLDL DB, 3x15

Need to go back for step-ups, 4x20 weighted.

I hate feeling pressed for time.  It's my own fault, but there it is.

Have a safe Friday.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

training 12.26.2012

Cube week 7, day 2 -- bench for raw max, 1 board

B-Ala/creatine mix, lots of dynamic shoulder work, lots of bar work for warming up.  Wore elbow sleeves to the bitter end, used Spud velcro wrist support throughout.

Bench, 1bd, 85% x2: 212kg, came up alarmingly fast
                      90% x1: 225 kilos, easy
                      95% x1: 238kg, tougher
                      100% x1: 250kg, changed setup -- feet farther out and wider, came up pretty fast
                      105% x1: 260kg, was not a grind

I was only supposed to hit 105% if 100% was quick, and it was.  I made some adjustments to setup that leaves me tighter across the lats, particularly if I leave my grip wide.  Very pleased with this.  Shoulder was fine.  I now have about a month before a full ROM 1rm is in the offing.  Should be interesting to see if a PR is coming, because it sure feels like it is.

Narrow grip bench, 3x3 @80%: pushed them out, pinky inside the ring; shoulders hate these because it is harder to engage traps
Lat pulldown, 3x15, heavy
Triceps pushdown, 4x15, heavy -- last reps were a grind
DB Mil, 3x10: took it light on these, though protocol called for heavy; right shoulder is still balky
BB Shrugs, 4x15 with bodyweight on the bar -- love these

Felt great today, probably due to tens of thousands of calories yesterday.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Lots of rain around here lately.  Hope you are all okay.


Monday, December 24, 2012

training 12.24.2012

Cube week 7, day 1 -- Deads for reps

B-Ala/creatine mix, one scoop Craze, dynamic warm up.

DL, sumo with briefs, 5x3 @80%: 275kg, first couple of sets felt really heavy, but loosened up eventually

DL off 4" blocks, sumo, with straps and snatch-grip, 2x15

Olympic squats, down to calves, raw, 3x12 -- these are brutal by this point

I supersetted the Olys with...

GHR, 4x10, full layout

Back raise x30

Feels good to have worked through it, but this one was really tough from the get-go.  Not sure why I was dragging so badly going in, but that's the way it is sometimes.  Felt good by the end.

Merry Christmas all.  I hope you and your families have a peaceful day tomorrow.  Please, by all means, eat too much.

I appreciate you all.

training 12.23.2012

Cube week 6, day 4 -- assistance day

Started the usual ways.  Only wore wrist support today.

Rhomboid-specific rowing with a bunch of weight, 4x15
Buchberger should pre-hab day 1, x10
Suspension kit Y-raises, 4x10, strict form
Suspension rows, 3x20
Band fly, low, 3x15 with light band through the rack
Curls x a bunch, 21s for guns

Happy Christmas Adam.

Friday, December 21, 2012

training 12.21.2012

Cube week 6, day 3 -- squats for reps

B-Ala/creatine mix and a Spike.  Didn't eat enough last night and paid for it.

Used a pair of Jack briefs that are easy on, but pretty tight by the end of warm-ups.  Tough to get off at this point, as I am gradually gaining mass.  Knee sleeves and a belt for the first two movements.

Dynamic work to warm up and gradual bar work.

Squat, 6x2 @85% of 1rm: 290kg, felt heavy but hit depth and got them done

Squat, straight bar and wide stance, 3x10 @65% with a 3sec pause in the hole: felt these

Lunges, no support (kept knee sleeves), 3x15 with heavy DBs: last set I was on fire

Olympic squats, full depth, no gear, no sleeves, down until butt hit calves, 155# x50 reps: pretty much killed me, though interestingly it was my back cramping at this point


Work is done for a few days.  Family in two days, so tomorrow will be shopping for food, a lot of baking, and cleaning the place from top to bottom.  The cleaning lady will wonder why I'm doing her job.

Got the official notice that I will be coaching a bunch of 14yo boys this Spring.  Many, many thanks to Strongman Bob for the Buchberger program for shoulder rehab.  Love what few friends I have, and Bob's a first tier guy.

Thanks for checking in.  Off to eat -- I'm starving.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

training 12.19.2012

Cube week 6, day 2 -- Bench for speed

Gorgeous, crisp day today.  Chilly this morning for SD -- in the 30s, which is worse than most SoCal sheep can handle.

B-Ala/creatine mix, very little dynamic work (like an idiot), and a lot of bar work to warm up.

Floor press, 8x3 @80% of comp bench single: 200kg, wasn't bad.  Still feel my right shoulder, unfortunately.

Incline DB, 3x15: used 50kg fat DBs, which wasn't enough; trying to take it easy on the shoulder, though.

Band pressdown, average band, 100 reps

Standing DB military, 4x6 heavy: skipped them.  More below.

Band fly, band under the bench, 3x15 with an average band

Abs, heavy, x50: still cramping from these -- worked them hard

If I sit normally, raise my right arm in front of me, no pain.  If I then bend the arm at the elbow to 90 degrees, elbow still straight out in front, hand straight up, I think my arm might fall off at the shoulder.  The heavy incline DBs that I gutted out a couple of weeks ago are still taking account.  Guess I'll have to get serious with the soft tissue work and ice.  Baseball starts in a couple of months, and I'll be back to throwing (easily, though not softly) 300 times a practice over 70mph.  I need to start throwing work to strengthen my arm for it, so I need this fixed.  It doesn't hurt every time, either, so I likely have a meniscus tear that flaps open from time to time.  So it goes -- sucks to get old.

I feel strong otherwise, and am happy with the way things are progressing.  Just need to fix this one thing.  Isn't that always the way?


Monday, December 17, 2012

training 12.17.2012

Cube week 6, day 1 -- DL for max

B-Ala/creatine mix, a fair amount of dynamic work, some loose briefs, and the heater on full.  Sweating like an oinker by the time work started in earnest.

Used a Spud DL belt when it got heavy.

DL off 2" blocks (bar mid-shin, more like 3" on me), work up to a single @95% of floor max: 95% of my most recent single is about 330kg, which felt super easy -- really fast.  Stretch goal was 102.5%, but only if sure you could get it.  Hit that easily, so I decided to go for 105%; to make loading plates easier, I went up to 360kg, and that came up pretty well too.  Stopped there.  Guess my problem is off the floor, huh?  Grip never was an issue, or anything else for that matter.

Sumo DL off the floor, 8x2 @ 75%: 250kg, pretty easy

DB Rows, 2x20
BB Shrug, 3x15
GHR, 3x15 (no bands this time)
up/down planks x50

Got it all done but the planks, which I will do in front of the football game.

Very pleased with this.  I think I can finally get over 700 in a meet.  I don't have a comp planned for the end of this cycle in, what, five weeks, but I will go in and go through the routine as if I did.  We'll see what I can do.  I have to say, this pull today did wonders for my confidence, and I should be able to crush it when the time comes.  Maybe a comp in Spring, then, assuming I don't get hurt.  The question is raw or equipped.  We'll see.

All in all, feeling pretty good, if a bit run down.  After this, my legs are rubber.

Still hoping for a camera for Christmas to offer up proof.

Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

training 11.16.2012

Cube week 5, day 4 -- assistance work

B-Ala/creatine mix, dynamic warm-up with a light (1&1/8")band, and wore 12" APT convict wrist wraps.

Landmines with a bunch of weight, 3x10: these were tougher than I expected
Curls, 4x12 with a bunch of weight: yeah, vanity
Cuban rotations with a monster mini band, 3x15
Dumbbell fly with 20kg DBs, 3x50

I'll do some planks with scapular retraction later in front of the idiot box.  Low-back is a little tender and quads are still pretty sore from Friday's work, so I took it pretty easy today.  I think I can afford to, as discretion is the better part of valor; better to be fresh for tomorrow's max dead day.  I had written down a bunch of other things, but think it wise to take it a little easy.

Rainy day here again, and a bit chilly.  It would be a good day to have a fire in the fireplace, even in SoCal.

Hope everyone has a nice start to the week.

Friday, December 14, 2012

training 12.14.2012

Cube week 5, day 3 -- squat max

B-Ala, creatine, knee sleeves, relatively loose briefs (60s to fully on), dynamic work to warm up.  Used a belt on the heavy squats.

Squat x1 @85%: 290kg, flew up
           x1 @92.5%: 315kg, easy but not fast
           x1 @97.5%: 330kg, felt pretty heavy, but came out of the hole smoothly
           x1 @102.5% + reverse band: 350kg with an average band -- too easy, felt quicker than 330kilos

Squats, 3x12 @50% rawdog: very easy, though I was a little wobbly by this point

Step-ups, 3x20 with a ton of weight on my shoulders -- sucked wind

GHR, 3x12 with a monster mini band just to hit the hams a little extra

Back raises x60

Raining here again.  Big wins at work this week, but it isn't real until the check arrives; nevertheless, should help.

Just to editorialize a little (feel free to tune out now -- thanks for checking in), the gun didn't kill the kids.  Blaming the guns is a cowardly act, people, as it absolves the whack-job of responsibility.  80k people die every year from alcohol related incidents -- almost 10k from drunk driving -- but no one is calling for bans of cars or booze.  Take and insist on personal responsibility for actions.  It was a horrible, unspeakable thing that happened, but it was a human being that did it.  And, I might add, in a location that bans guns.

Enough of that.  Go hug someone important to you, turn off the television, and listen to each other for a while.  And eat a lot.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

training 12.12.2012

Cube week 5, day2 -- bench for reps

B-Ala/creatine mix, lots of dynamic work, and a slow progression to work weight.  Used Spud velcro wrist support.  Ran the heater like a rental car.

Competition bench, 1x3 @87.5%: 205kg, felt heavy for some reason

Comp bench, 1x3 @90%: 210kg

Comp bench, 1x3 @ 92.5: 215kg  really tough, like seeing stars tough

Military press, 3x10 @RPE=9: backed down to 90kg to take it easy on my right shoulder, which still isn't happy

Band pulldown, 4x15 with average bands

Triceps pushdown x100 without stopping

Lateral raise with 5# x100 without stopping

I'd been thinking about that finisher all day, but it wasn't as puke-worthy as I thought it would be.  I will go to 10# next time.

Very hungry throughout this session.  Off to eat like someone's gonna take it away from me.

Have a great evening.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Off day today.

I'm sore and tired in all kinds of places, so it will be good to take a day and do pre-hab stuff.

Really enjoying the volume.  Don't mind being tired, either.

Stress is ratcheting up at work -- trying to manage it swiftly.  Hope yours is smooth going into the holidays and year's end.

Nothing I'd change so far as the Cube method goes.  Very pleased with the way it works, the lay-out, and the programming.  I think the results will follow.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Monday, December 10, 2012

training 12.10.2012

Cube week 5, day 1 -- Deads for speed

B-Ala/creatine mix, dynamic work, no support.

Deadlift, 8x1 @70% (straight weight): 240kg, popped up easily though not fast

Pull off 2" blocks,  1x20 straight weight, snatch grip: 155kg, too easy -- whipped up like I was yanking

Squat, straight bar, close stance, deep, 5x6: 200kg; love these

Barbell shrug with bodyweight on the bar (incl bar), 3x15, tight squeeze to pause at the top

Back raise, 1x60 -- no added weight this time, as I was cramping pretty well by now

Lat pulldown, 4x15

Done.  Sweat like a pig.

Feeling pretty good, though maybe a little run down.  Brandon wants me to back off the weight on the accessory work a little, but I'm not sure how.  Always competing with myself, which is in no way something begging congratulations.  It has gotten in the way of excellence more than once.

Shoulder is feeling better.  Painted a complex ceiling yesterday for a couple of hours, so I'm a bit surprised that hours of looking up didn't bother me today.  Didn't.

Crested 400 posts a couple of days ago -- years of effort.  My current log book goes back to 2009... and counting.  Thanks for being a part.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

training 12.9.2012

Cube week 4, day 4 -- accessory day

B-Ala/creatine mix and a Spike.  Dynamic work before warm-ups, particularly for shoulders.

Military press, 4x20
V-Bar shoulder press, 3x12 with a whole lot of weight
Posterior fly, 4x20 with some big DBs
Planks with scap retraction

Seems like there was something else, but I didn't write it down apparently.

Bodyweight is up.  Hit Costco hard today and will do more cooking tomorrow.  Another big week at work, and some big weights in the rumpus room too.

The boy is coming along nicely -- doing some quality work.  He's asking for a max day, so maybe the end of the week.  We'll see.  Wouldn't hurt to work up once, and he'd then know where he was.  Might help me know what to work him on, too, though at this point he needs everything.

Anyway, have a good week, folks.

Friday, December 7, 2012

training 12.7.2012

Cube week 4, day 3 -- Squats for speed

B-Ala/creatine mix and a lot of dynamic work to start, particularly for the hips and hams.

Wore my loosest Jack briefs and knee sleeves and suited in a loose Ace where noted.

Squat with suit, 5x2 @80%: 275kg with the straps down, came up easy.  Tried one with the straps up, but it's been so long that I had trouble with setup; rather than risk hurting myself, I took the straps down

Squat reverse band, 1x2 @90%: 305kg with a light band, came up fast; still had straps down for this set

Olympic squats, paused in the hole against the calves, 5x5: 200kg, felt surprisingly good, no suit for these; I expected to have to drop weight, but they felt good

Step-ups, weighted, 4x12: these were supposed to be leg press, but I was improvising; took all the support gear off before doing these (and remaining movements)

GHR with bands, 3x12: strict and slow with two monster minis -- I'll be lucky if I can walk tomorrow

DB Swings: used a heavy DB and made quick good mornings out of them, doing strict, hard KB swings out of them

I think I'm getting a GoPro Hero for Christmas, though not sure.  If so, video evidence will accompany the new year.

I'm tired.  Off to eat.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

training 12.5.2012

Cube week 4, day 2 -- max bench

Traveled to LA today and didn't get back until fairly late, so in a bit of a rush to get this in so I can eat.  Tried to keep it smart.

Blue heat on shoulders, B-Ala/creatine mix, lots of water.  Dynamic warm-up and a ton of bar work -- took 30 minutes to get to the first work sets.

2 board 1x3 @103% of 1RM comp bench: 260kg, went up too easily; probably need to assume a little higher 1RM

3 board 3x12 @80% of 1RM comp bench, narrow grip: 200kg, and these were significantly harder; wasn't as explosive as they were supposed to be.

Lat pulldown 3x15
Triceps pushdown 4x15 heavy
DB military 3x10 -- took it pretty easy on these because of my right shoulder being balky the last week
Barbell shrugs with >100% bodyweight on the bar, 4x15 with a tight squeeze

All in all, pretty good.  Getting stronger, maybe making some gains on the bench.  We'll see.  Whole upper body is pumped right now like it's going to pop.

In the meantime, I need to get this shoulder back in business.  Baseball tryouts are mid-January, which is closer than you think.

Feeling great.  Body weight is up a little and my replacement blender part arrived today, so back in supershake form.  Now just need to make it through Christmas in good financial shape. 

Later, all.

Monday, December 3, 2012

training 12.3.2012

Cube week 4, day 1 -- DL for reps

Dragging today.  I spent some time cleaning out a bunch of mold this weekend, and I think I'm paying for it.  So be it; sometimes things need to get done.

B-Ala/creatine mix, some dynamic back and lower-bod work, and to it.

Loose briefs and a Spud DL belt for the DLs.

DL, 3x2 @85%: 285kg sumo, moved pretty well

DL off a 2" block @60%, 3x12, snatch grip with straps: 200kg

Olympic squat, raw, ATG, 4x10: I love these.  100kg on the bar in the rack, heels on a plate, cheeks to calves.

GHR, 4x10

Back raise, x50

I'm pretty cooked.  Loving this volume.  Right shoulder still giving me some grief, so I will do some serious ART on it tonight.

If you have someone, give them a hug they don't expect.  Seriously, surprise them.  Even if they don't appreciate it, you've taken the high road and made yourself vulnerable.  Our muscles aren't the only thing that needs to grow.

And if they don't appreciate it, go spend time with your dogs -- the more time I spend with people, the more I like my dogs.

Good start to the week so far -- keep momentum.  Have a great night. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

training 12.2.2012

Cube week 3, day 4 -- BB day

Three weeks to Christmas.  Where'd this year go?

Lots of dynamic shoulder work, B-Ala/creatine mix, scoop of Craze.  Needed it -- yawning all day.

Military press, 5x10 with 100kg -- dropped weight a little to take it easy on my right shoulder; no pain at all

Chest supported row, 5x15, took the weight up from last time
Posterior fly, 3x20, whatever skinny DB was close (45#, I think)
Front trap raise, no swinging, 3x15 with same DBs
Chins, bunches x 10

Threw in some curls with the 45s just because.

Need to include some lower body BB work on these days, but I'm a little afraid to with the big lower body days I have during the week.  Guess that's silly, so I'll likely throw in some Oly squats or cleans or something.  Cleans sound fun, particularly since I Oly squat on most squat days.  Need to shock the bird legs into growth.

Need to eat more and need to drink a lot more water.  Easily drinking a gallon and still showing signs of nominal dehydration.  No, I'm not diabetic.  Making a meatloaf and pot of chili tonight (house smells awesome), so maybe I can pack a bit more in.

Shoulders felt great today -- no lingering pain.  Skin feels tight, I feel big, and everything seems to be growing.  Going great so far.

By the way, Big B apparently has gotten some flack about the Cube method from trolls and posted this -- check it out.  Not sure what it proves except that he's seriously strong, gonna do huge things next year, and that the Cube works for him.  Works for me too, and I look forward to telling people about it.

Also, one of his Berea athletes (and an all-around cutie) totally rocked a comp this weekend -- check that out too.  Seriously, a lot of the internet trolls need to get a good bit more serious when this chicklet steps up in a singlet and pretty easily cranks nearly three wheels with a mid-lift adjustment.  Ah, well, I guess that's the beauty of internet anonymity. 

By the way, she's pretty much a noob -- check out Brandon's site for a write-up on her.  Strong noob.

Gonna be a tough week for me -- hope yours is smooth.