Sunday, December 18, 2011

training 12.18.2011

I've been off-air because it's been a deload week, and nothing worth reporting happens in deload.

Kiefer finally published the carb backloading bible, and I have identified a couple of things I've been doing wrong.  I don't believe any of them hurt me, really, but may have diminished or limited progress.  One thing I've done wrong is to drink carbs during training, so today it was nothing but water.

I started with band warmups, hurricanes, and some minor dynamic stretching to deal with a pec that wanted to spasm.  Then I got to the weight.

Worked up to 170 kilos and pushed up 11 reps, which may well be a personal record of some sort.  I'll have to check my old journals to see, but I think so.  It's funny, because 150kg felt really heavy to me when I reached it in early work sets, so I wasn't sure I'd rep out so well.  I dropped the bar with maybe one more rep in the tank.

Also, I adjusted the seat attitude a little, moving it closer to vertical.  I'd guess it was about 85 degrees, and my shoulders were fine with it.  Very pleased.  Set up was super-tight today, which I'm sure contributed to the total.

Supersets x 5 sets
Seated DB rows  -- did sets of 12 with heavy skinny DBs (need to move to fat DBs for this)
Inverted rows -- used my long Spud handles; these were a little too much like the seated DB rows, and they suffered as a result
Shrugs -- used my DL bar with some weight
Push-ups with chains  -- strapped on several lengths of chain bandoleer style and did pushups off the floor until my triceps died.

Everything is gassed now, and I'm a little jittery.  Love that feeling.

How about the Chiefs beating the Packers?  And go Denver.

Have lots to do this week at work and have some interesting things going on outside work.  More on that later once I decide what I'm going to do.  Bob, I'll call you or write something substantive soon.

Hope everyone has a great week.  DL is next.  More videos soon -- my foster dog (who I'm going to adopt because he makes me happy -- deal with it) ate my tripod, so I need to figure something out.


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