Thursday, September 6, 2012

training 9.6.2012

Still very warm and humid here.  Typical gorgeous day, if hot.

Started with B-Ala/creatine mix. No dynamic work.  Wore wrist support for most of it.

Pin press full ROM - 5cm + -9%: 255kg plus one

Pin press full ROM + -9%: 200kg plus one

Incline, ring finger on ring + -9%: 150kg, failed on 155kg and the fatigue set

Hadn't intended to even try 255, but was distracted when I put the last plates on and didn't notice their size.  Wondered why it hurt so bad, and it was all of a 10.

After the full ROM pin presses, threw on a bench shirt and worked on touching.  Couldn't get it off by myself without Mike's videos.  I suspect this had a lot to do with incline sucking.

Triceps are cooked.  Going to add more rowing and shoulder work on assistance/neglected days.

Took my wife to see The Fixx last night at Anthology.  If you live here or ever visit, go see someone there.  Have dinner (at least drinks and dessert) and enjoy yourself.  Great place to see music.

Anyway, the entire crowd was within five years of us -- all around 50, I'd say -- to see a band of 50-something play music we haven't heard in 30 years.  It was awesome, and so were they.  They were honestly fantastic.  If you get a chance, go see them.

On my own this weekend, so it'll be devoted to getting certified.  Nose down, only breaks to eat and train.  Hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow, and thanks for checking in.

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