Friday, September 21, 2012

training 9.21.2012

Been out all week in Minneapolis (which was gorgeous) and caught a cold, which I'm still fighting.

I had no idea St. Paul was such a nice little town.  I liked it.  Made me nostalgic for the Southeast, with the autumnal snap to the air and trees with actual leaves (instead of fronds).  It was nice.

Still pretty warm here and a lot more humid than usual.

Dynamic warm-up for both squat and shoulders.  B-Ala+creatine mix + a fair amount of Craze.

Pin squat +chain x4@8.5: 315kg incl. chains, estimated.  True RPE=8.  I had more, but was seeing stars pretty badly, so moved on.  This felt like a big jump, even though the numbers don't reflect it.  I felt very strong.

2-count bench +chain x4@8.5: 200kg not incl chain.  Again, felt like a big jump.  True RPE=9.

Snatch grip SLDL x8@9: Did a bunch and did Zercher squats with the weight between sets.  Even did a couple of sets of hanging snatches with the lower weights.

Was sucking wind badly today, but felt great.  Maybe I should catch colds and travel more often.  Or not.

Finished my CPR course last weekend and am now officially certified as a CFT.  Given what I saw and learned to get the CFT, I'd say that makes me dangerous.  It also explains why so many personal trainers are hacks.  At least I can fall back on something if everything else fell apart.

The boy is already deadlifting 125% of bodyweight with good form, which pleases me.  He needs some serious flexibility work and a lot of work on squatting form.  But he's coming along, and he's working hard.  I'm proud of him.

Have a great Friday, all.

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