Thursday, September 13, 2012

training 9.13.2012

Been dragging badly for several days, but feel better today.  Been carb-free for a week and adjusted quickly, I guess.

No craze, no dynamic work, no fun.  Just B-Ala/creatine and a little caffeine.

Pin press -5cm x3@9 + -5%: 260kg, felt great.  Go figure.
Pin press full ROM x3@9 +-5%: 200kg, same as last time
Incline, ring finger on ring, x6@9 +-5%: more than last time.  Felt good, but shoulders are cooked afterward.

Still making small progress.  I'm happy with that -- the gas has to run out eventually, but I like the idea of seeing how far down the road we get.

Passed my CFT exam.  All that remains is a CPR card, which I will get Saturday.  At least one thing is now off the plate.

Hope you are all doing well.  Bob, you're always in our thoughts.  Thanks for all your encouragement with this cert.

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