Saturday, September 15, 2012

training 09.15.2012

Very hot today.  97 in Solana Beach -- I live a mile from an ocean that only spends a couple of days a year over 70 degrees.  It's hot for around here.

Started with Craze + B-Ala/creatine mix.  Had a 4 hour CPR training this morning, so not enough calories prior to lifting.

DL x3@9 + -5%: 270kg.  Heavy, but managed same as a few days ago.

SSB squat x3@9 + -5%: 200kg.  Pitched forward on last two reps; maybe have had another 5kg, but wasn't going to risk hurting myself.

Lunges x5@9 + -5%: Got it done.  Will do hip thrusters tomorrow with some rows and shoulder work.

I'm 7 or 8 days into ketosis.  Haven't had more than 30g carbs in over a week.  Still suffering a bit from difficulty thinking, but feel okay.  Just no pop in the hot rumpus room today.  My warm-ups were very crisp, and I thought it would be a better day.  About 70 minutes in the room.

Have to travel this week to St. Paul to deliver a talk.  Hope I'm thinking more clearly by then, or it'll be an awkward trip.  Have to meet with the Feds on Tuesday and need to impress them, so... I can start eating carbs this week late in the day, but I won't be able to train at all, more than likely.

Hope all have a safe weekend.

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