Thursday, September 29, 2011

Training 9.29

After all of my whining last time, I was pretty sore.  Hips in particular, which strikes me as surprising.  Nice to be back pushing some relatively serious weight.

Started today the usual way -- Results and flavored malto.  Have some MHP Dark Matter for peri on the way.  If you haven't noticed, I like tinkering with peri- and post-workout nutrition.  I notice a difference with some things, none with others.  What I really miss is MG's Powdered Muscle from True Protein; they back-ordered it a while ago and I haven't heard if it's back in.  It's spendy, but I love it.

Anyway, no real dynamic work to start, but a lot of bar work.  To it:

Military Press: Worked up to 135kg with sets of 3, jumps of roughly 10%, and got 5 reps with 135kg

No pain, very happy.

Supersets, 5x20:
DB Snatch: skinny DBs, 60#
Inverted rows: same as last time, chains, scapular pinch, back arch
Triceps pushdowns: same as last time

All stations to failure last set.  My arms and shoulders are blitzed again.  Love that.

No joy yet on the job front.  Find something to love about your job and work your ass off at it, just like you do in your training.  Give it your best.

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