Monday, September 19, 2011

training 9.19

Downing a super-shake while I type -- I'm incredibly hungry after this session.  Love these things -- 100 grams protein, couple of bananas, coffee, milk, even a little chocolate sauce.  Ends up about 1000 calories and I can drink them in one gulp, though I take a little time to avoid bloat.  Gotta eat again in about an hour.  Body weight is up about 9 pounds, which makes me happier than I can convey.  Back on the gaining train.

Going back to military press today.  Shoulders need more work.

Started with AtLarge Results and used Hawaiian punch-flavored maltodextrin in water during, spiked with an orange Spike.  Awesome.  I think the SWF makes me feel a bit too funky later, but I could be wrong.  Shoot, it might be why my weight is up, but I doubt it.  Might try MHP Dark Matter for giggles next.

Used APT solid wrist wraps and EliteFTS elbow sleeves for the overhead work.  Dropped both for the assistance work.

Lots of bar work for warm up.

130kg x 5
150kg x 5
170kg x 5 -- got 7 reps

Nowhere near a record, but solid enough for the first time back in a while.  Happy enough.  No pain anywhere.  Seat at 80 degrees.

DB Snatch: 5 sets x 20 reps with a fairly light DB (I think it was 45#)
Inverted rows: 5 x 20 with chains bandoliered, using a Spud long ab strap to pull myself up; concentrate on back arch, scap retraction, and pulling the elbows down -- love these
Triceps pushdowns: 5 x 20 with a bunch on the pin

My upper back, arms, and shoulders are simply blasted.  Love that feeling.

Check out Shawn Bellon's blog for his latest comp at the Mr. Olympia Invitational:

Some great work there from a guy worth following.

Hope everyone's doing okay.  Hold fast.

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