Monday, September 12, 2011

Training 9.12.2011

Gorgeous day today, sunny from the start.  A little warm, but not much, and very little humidity.  Good day to start with training.

My wife had her first figure comp this weekend -- placed first in 35+ and second in 45+ (a political mess).  I'll post links to her pics later.  The point is that I spent the weekend in LA supporting her.  Last night was funny, because she ate brownies and drank wine and acted like a kid after weeks of tilapia and asparagus.  So we drank a bottle of Turley Old Vines Zin, which might have affected my training today (cough).

Started with Results and SWF and a lot of dynamic work.  Wore knee sleeves and a belt for the work sets.

Box squat: 10 sets of 2 with 245kg, parallel box, wide stance, 2 seconds on the box, 60s rest between.

These felt heavy for some unimaginable reason, particularly out of the hole (off the box).  Top half was pretty smooth.

Deadlift:10 sets of 1 with 200kg off the deck.  Sumo, 60s between.  These were oddly easy, actually. 

Reverse hypers: 4 sets of 10

Side bends with DBs: 3 sets of 10 per side

Hanging leg raises: skipped 'em.  Sue me.  Did DB snatches instead, which I love.

Accessory work on a squat AND DL day sucks, period.  Tough to be up for it, particularly when I'm dragging a little.

My wife:

Just stunning.

The politics of bodybuilding shows seriously sucks.  I saw several examples of this, not the least was my wife taking second when she was clearly superior to the winner.  Yeah, I'm biased, but the winner did things that are outside the rules -- things the judges tell you not to do -- and won because it was my wife's first and she is a veteran of these shows.  I saw a super heavy bodybuilder clearly superior take second to a guy who had been out for five years and this was his triumphant return -- they threw him a bone.  He wasn't bad, but 2nd was clearly superior.  I prefer powerlifting and sports where the winner is indisputable; lift more, cross the line first, you win.  No question, no semantics, no favoritism.  Not to say powerlifting doesn't have its judging issues, but they are (in my humble opinion) fewer -- depth is a fine line, whereas choosing one physique over another is (I believe) even more subjective and a much broader grey area.  Anyway,...

By the way, Bob, got some deer antlers from a local store -- the foster pup is loving them.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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