Monday, October 3, 2011

training 10.3

Gorgeous day here.  The ocean water temp is dropping precipitously, as you would expect, but it's still beautiful.

Started with Results and used MHP Dark Matter during.  More on that later.

Did a bit of dynamic warm-up work and a lot of bar work.  Used a Spud DL belt for the heavy sets, but was otherwise gear-less.

185kg x 3  Not bad after the first rep
220kg x 3  Same
255kg x 3+ Got 4 reps.  Had a fifth, but pitched forward onto my toes and ditched rather than try to save it.

DL strength is a lot more solid than I expected after a long lay off.  Pretty happy with this.  My neck aches after each set, though, from grimacing.  Haven't looked to see if I popped anything in my eyes or face.

Heavy step-ups: 5 x 10
DB Side Bends:5 x 10

I have to start doing the assistance work first and the primary work set last.  By the time I get through squatting or deadlifting, I don't want to do anything else but die.  I should use the assistance as an advanced warm-up or something and accept that the weight will likely drop a little bit.  The assistance work is miserable, and I'm sure I could do better.

No unexpected pain today, which is great.

Started the Dark Matter today.  Using blue raspberry flavor, which is fine if a little sweet.  Used about 24oz water.  It has a thickener in it, whether protein or cornstarch or who knows what, so it ends up as a bit of a slurry.  Pushes all my ice into my teeth, making it hard to drink any faster than a sip.  I like using post-workout drinks peri-workout, so the slow drinking is a bit of an issue.  I like my drinks cold.

Anyway, I will try this for a few weeks and let you know.  I will still get some MG's Powdered Muscle from True Protein, so we'll see what happens if I do both.  Needed a Spike today, but decided to only try one thing at a time to see if the DM upset my stomach.  No problems so far.  Still tingling from the B-Alanine in the Results, so I can't tell you if I can feel the DM at all.

Anyway, more to come.  Have a great day.

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