Sunday, October 9, 2011

Training 10.9.2011

Gorgeous day today, though a little chilly when I started.

Started with Results and Dark Matter during/after.  Wore loose briefs and knee sleeves for the squatting.

Lots of dynamic work and some bar work to warm up.

Did the accessory work first.

DB Side bends: 5x20 reps
1-leg RDL: 5x20

Not much weight for the RDLs, as I was trying to get used to the motion and form without falling over.  Proved tougher than I expected.

Squat: same weight as last time all the way.  Got 5 reps on the final set and had maybe one more in the tank.

I feel really good about this whole workout, actually.  I passed a kidney stone Friday, so I'm all of 28 hours since heavy narcotics.  Still taking a little Flomax to make sure everything wanders through.  Didn't need the ER this time -- last time was only three years ago, so I still had the meds and protocol.  Going to have to visit my Uro to get a 24hr urinalysis to figure out what it's made of.  Suspect either creatine (hate to say that) or Vitamin D supps, given the incredibly short time since lithotripsy annihilated everything in that kidney.  From dead clear to passing a stone in three years does not make me happy -- something is up.  Time to find out what.

Anyway, I felt great today and moved weight for more reps than last time I squatted.  Very pleased.  No residual narc hangover, either, which is also great.

Have a great day.

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