Wednesday, October 5, 2011

training 10.5.2011

Cloudy day today.  Supposed to rain, but I don't think it will.  It was a little cool in the rumpus room, so I put on a sweatshirt and turned on the heater.  It got hot quickly enough.

Started with Results and used Dark Matter during.  No Spike, though I could use it.  Back on AtLarge ETS because of my SI annoyance (and other basic aches/pains).  ETS is one of those supps that I notice not when I take it, but when I stop (if that makes sense), so I return to it when needed.

Fair amount of bar work to warm up.

Bench: 10 kg up from last time for each of the three work sets, 3 reps each set.  Got 7 reps on the final heavy set.  Happy with that.  No shoulder pain.  Ring finger on the ring.

Incline bench:  bench about 40 degrees  5 sets of 20 with some weight on the bar.  Middle finger on the ring.
Incline chest supported row: 5 of 20 with heavy DBs
Triceps: 5 of 20

The assistance work was good.  Feel pretty good afterward.

Still without a job; everything has fallen through for odd reasons.  So it goes.

Have a great day, all.  Work hard.

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