Monday, October 24, 2011

training 10.24

Dark and rainy here.  No problem there.

Results, MG's Powdered Muscle, maybe some Dark Matter later.  At a PB/honey/bacon sandwich about an hour before, too.  Sue me.

Deload week still.  Wore nothing supportive today; no briefs, no sleeves, nothing but chalk.  Not even any stims.  A bit of dynamic work to warm up, and several warm-up sets with the bar.

DL: two sets each of 140kg, 170kg, 200kg at 5 reps each, all to the floor.  Concentrated on keeping glutes activated, hams taut, and back arched.  Sumo, in case you haven't picked it up or seen me lift.  My hip flexors were noticing the lack of briefs and will likely be barking tomorrow.  Pretty easy, all told, as it's supposed to be. 

RDL + shrug at the top: 5x12 (shrugged 20)
Side Bends: 5x10 with the same bar loaded for the RDL

Got a job, start next week.  It will be good to get back to it.  I will report in from time to time.

I find I get tired of eating (I know, I know), so I seek out recipes for 100cals/ounce of food.  The bacon/honey/PB sammy is an example -- two of those go down easy and total 1000cals.  That's the way.  Took a recipe off of EliteFTS and have been making burgers between two grilled cheese sandwiches -- pickles, tomato, lettuce, and all -- and find them incredible.  That's got to be about the same re:calories, though I'll have to run the numbers to find out.  Anyway, I'm open to suggestions -- please keep them as unprocessed as possible, as an ice cream sandwich made with Pop Tarts might do it, but I won't want to eat it.

I don't like deloading, I'm afraid.

Have a great week, all.  Thanks for checking in.

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