Friday, October 14, 2011

training 10.14.2011

There is a Santa Ana blowing through, so the past two days have been hot.  As in 85 at 8 p.m. hot.  So the rumpus room was pretty warm today, and I had a good sweat on early.

Started with Results and used Dark Matter during.  Tried the new blue raspberry Results flavor, which was stunningly sweet.  Smelled awesome, hardly tasted it.  Doesn't matter, as fast as I down it.  The DM is somewhat tart, actually, which I like a lot.  Had to down some protein before training due to hunger.  Took two AtLarge Axcel, which is a thermogenic, with the Results.  The result was that I was already jazzed like I'd Spiked before lifting, and I was hungry enough to eat a full meal.  Great feeling, though.  I will let you know how I like it over time.

Warmed up with a fair amount of dynamic work and a lot of bar work.  Wore knee sleeves and briefs, and used a Spud DL belt for everything.

Deadlift: Worked up the usual way to 270kg and pulled three reps cleanly, full from the floor, no pause between.  That represents at least a personal record match, which thrills me no end. 

I have to say, I love seeing that many wheels on the bar.  Unmounting the 50kg plates is a bitch, but it's nice to feel the bar flex under load.

RDL: 5x10 with some weight and added a shrug at the end.  Concentrated on hams for this one -- took it slow, despite desperately wanting to be done.
Step-ups: nothing special.  Feeling protective of my left knee, which has started giving me sharp grief going up stairs (but none going down them.)

Added a bunch of standing bent-over rows at the end just for some extra yoke work.  Not much weight, high-rep, scaps pinched hard.

Great day.  Off to eat that big meal.

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