Sunday, October 16, 2011

training 10.16.2011

Gray morning this morning.  The air is very still and a little humid, which is odd.  Ran the heater in the rumpus room until I had a good pig sweat on.

Started with Results and took Dark Matter during.  Also took two Axcel before the workout; they didn't leave me nearly as juiced as last time, which likely had to do with how sleepy I am this morning.  Dragging for some reason, likely between my ears.

Wore elbow sleeves and wrist wraps during.

Fair amount of bar work to warm up; no appreciable dynamic work today for some reason.  I need to change that.

Bench Press: Worked up to 235kg for a max effort.  Used the Slingshot and got 4 reps -- had at least one more in the tank.  The 210kg work set prior to the last jump was raw and felt very heavy for some reason, but the 235s didn't.  I'm always fascinated by that -- the adaptation.  It's probably mental, knowing I have the slingshot and whatever else.  It just didn't feel as heavy.

Incline bench with some weight, 5x20, emphasis at the bottom
Incline row with some DBs, emphasis at the top
Elbow-out extensions with the same DBs

My triceps are blasted.  Only unexpected pain was a slight tightness in my left shoulder during the incline benches.  Very odd.  My right shoulder was fine the whole way.  Really concentrating on form and a tight setup, which has made a big difference not only in how these shoulder-intensive workouts feel, but the results as well.

Not a bad day, all told.  I think I'm still progressing here.

Have a great day, folks.

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