Wednesday, November 30, 2011

training 11.30

Tough week for training, but got in my time today.  Necessary for sanity.

Started with MGPM, sipping Dark Matter afterward.

Totally forgot dynamic work to start -- too eager.  Did a fair amount of bar work.

Used elbow sleeves and wrist wraps.  Didn't eat enough today, but was nothing more than hungry at training time.  I'm still amazed how good my training has been even without any carbs before.  Many days I'm borderline fasted prior to training.  I make up for it afterward.

Military: Seat at 80 degrees, worked up to 190kg and pushed out 5 reps.  While not a record, everything felt so good and so light that I'm still very happy with it.  No pain anywhere.

Supersets of light, ultra-wide-grip military, pushups, and reverse rows hanging from a Spud long ab handle.

Great work today -- very pleased.  Hope everyone is doing well, and thanks for checking in.  More interesting posts are forthcoming.

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