Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Training 11.16.2011

Back at it.  Welcome back.

Started carb backloading today.  I'll check in from time to time to let you know how it's going.  Short version for today, day one, is that I didn't eat anything but almonds and coffee until 3:00 when I started prepping for training.  I will let you know what happens after the carb-fest later.  More importantly, what happens after a month of this.

Interestingly, I was no more worthless this afternoon than usual.  I felt lightheaded, but that could just be the lead-in to the punchline of a joke.

Used Results to prep and MGPM during, as usual.  Once done typing, I'll hit some protein and leucine and get to cooking.  I've got some American chop suey, pumpkin spice bread, and ice cream in my immediate future.

Used knee sleeves and loose briefs during.  Did a fair amount of dynamic work to warm up before starting the warm-up on the bar.

Squat:  Worked up my work sets in fives; did 7 reps with 265kg; finished with a drop set of 20.

Did some glute/hip thrusts for assistance work and called it.

I'm too hungry to chat much.  I hope everyone has a great evening.

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