Sunday, November 27, 2011

training 11.27.2011

Gorgeous day today, and downright hot.

Started with MGPM before and through and finished with Dark Matter.  Used knee sleeves, belt, and the looser of my two pairs of Ace briefs.  Used a belt.

Did some dynamic work and bar work to warm up and got to it.

Squats:  worked up to 285kg and pushed out seven reps.  Felt great, even though it was dark in the rumpus room by this time.  Had the big fluorescent work light on and got it done.  Really felt good, depth was good, no knee pain, nothing bad.  Pushing up toward a new PR, apparently.  When I get over 300kg, I may put on my loose Ace suit as a safety net -- it starts to seem heavy in my head at that point, and that's a good way to get hurt.  Maybe straps down just for security.  We'll see.  At least I don't have to walk it out anymore.  700+ pound walkouts scare me, I admit.

Did a bunch of assistance work -- mostly light, high-rep squats ATG and hip thrusters.  I need a manpon for the thrusters, as the weight is getting high enough to rough up my hips pretty well.  Look like I've been in a fight, but only in my lap.  Do what you will with that.

Hope everyone had a great T'giving.  Still loving the carb backloading, feeling great and missing breakfast a little less.  Loving my afternoons and evenings, though, and sleeping like the dead.

Big shouts out to our Aussie buddie Alli and her monster success in her first strongman comp.  Awesome stuff, particularly given how nervous she was.  She rocks.  If you don't follow her on Twitter, start: G00DYGIRL77

Later, all.

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