Friday, November 25, 2011

training 11.25.2011

Gorgeous day today.

Started with creatine and MGPM.  Did some band hurricanes and bar work to warm up.

Used elbow sleeves and 18" wrist wraps.

Bench: worked up to my work sets, closing with 220kg; pushed out 10 reps and had some left.  Not sure why, but the diet is making a big difference in my lifting.  More about that later.

Incline bench and elbow out triceps extensions, 5x20    These were brutal by the end.

Still knee-deep in carb backloading and loving it.  In fact, it's had a significant effect on my training.  I know Kiefer wrote about the Hulk Effect or some such nonsense, and I make no claims of feeling green or super-heroic.  But I do feel as if I've had a huge caffeine boost when I've had none.  My training session intensity has risen when I didn't think it could, and I can only attribute it to the backloading.  I'm still figuring a lot of it out on my own until he publishes his book (and I find out I'm doing it all wrong), but it's not particularly complicated.  And while I have an emotional struggle with no breakfast, it's been easy to adapt to.  I haven't seen any huge body comp changes in all of a week, but there are noticeable differences elsewhere.  And I think I am losing some fat.  What I'm sure of is that I feel huge, tighter in my skin, and my weight is staying very stable even though I'm having carb orgies every night.  And I don't eat any differently on training days and non -- always the same.  My cooking has gotten more inventive (don't want Oreos all the time), and Thanksgiving yesterday was an absolute blast after 5:00.

Anyway, I encourage you to try it, any of you interested in body comp change that involves losing some fat.  Let me know if you need info sources.

Hope you have a great weekend.

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