Saturday, August 6, 2011

Training 8.6.2011

Welcome to your AA+ credit rating, America. By the time you wake up, it will be too late. Shoot, it's probably too late already.

Anyone that actually cares about my political thoughts, I blog them too elsewhere. Happy to share.

Gorgeous morning in Sandy Eggo today. Back from a week of closing up shop at the office after a week in Baltimore. Took the boy to Cal Ripken's baseball academy for a week -- what an incredible, awesome experience that was for him. Happy to share details of that too. Just amazing.

I played golf every day with my cousin's wife in 100 degree heat and loved it. It was seriously awesome. Had a great time.

Anyone heads to Baltimore or Towson, check out Dumbarton Barbell. Great, great guys, lots of chalk, cranking metal, and sweaty rust in the basement of a middle school. Wish they were in my neighborhood here. Can't endorse them enough.

Now finally back to work.

Started with Results, protein, Spike, and a lot of bar work. Left knee had a sharp twinge but I worked through it. No shoulder pain. Just irritation with myself -- getting soft. Now that work is done for a while, I can finally get serious about carving a new me out of wood. Frankly, I wish I could get a doc that would help me manage my hormones more aggressively, but they are hard to find. I'm getting old, or at least feeling it.

Started by pushing to a 2-rep max in Bench Press. Talk about weak, I ran out of gas at 200kg. Not anywhere close to my record for 5 reps, much less two. I'm ashamed.

Did my bat wings, holding five reps for ten seconds with 100 pound DBs. Brutal. I think I got a decent scapular pinch.

1-arm press, 2/3/5 reps with a 30kg DB, rested the DB on my shoulder between for a 10-count, switched hands after each set and did three 2/3/5 sets each side

Front squatx5
Military pressx5
Curlsx5 (wasn't in the squat rack, so it counts)
High rowx5

Did them with 50kg on the 45# bar, which I know seems wimpy but is brutally hard. Try it. Don't put the bar down between each exercise. Horrible.


Started with 100kg for a set of 10 and went up 20kg each set (x10 reps) until I reached 200kg; did three sets of 5 reps

Not too hard, honestly. Felt good.

Shelby Starnes once told me to always do the hardest exercise last or you'll never do anything after it. Frankly, the complexes are hardest, harder by far than even the high-rep squats. I want to die after them, and end up sitting for ten minutes until I can muster the nut to do the squats. I may have to start doing them last.

Work is over -- now my job is finding a job. Finding a C-level (or even VP-level) job in this economy should be quite a challenge. Honestly, I'm excited. Ask me again in a few weeks and see if I still am so excited.

Have a great day, all.

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